Win Both Halves Betting Explained

Win Both Halves Betting Explained

Every punter is familiar with the simple conventional match outcome bet. That is, predicting an outright win, draw, or loss. However, the “win both halves” option allows you to take things up a notch. Although this option adds extra complexity, it offers higher odds and more excitement compared to the conventional match result wager.

This guide explores the win both halves betting market, covering the following key points:

  • Basics of the win both halves option
  • The best bookies for betting win both halves
  • Tips for betting on the win both halves option
  • Pros and cons of the “win both halves wager,” etc.

To Win Both Halves – The Basics

As the name implies, “To Win Both Halves” means backing a team to beat its opponents in a match’s first and second half. In this case, the scoreline from the first half is not carried over to the second half. Each half is considered independently to win both halves rules, which means your selection must outscore their opponents in both halves.

For example, in a match where Manchester City lead 1-0 at halftime and then go on to win the game 3-1, it means they won in the first half (1-0) and the second half (2-1), resulting in a final score of 3-1. In this case, betting on Manchester City to win both halves is a winning bet. Conversely, if Manchester City had won the match with a 2-1 scoreline, the second half ended in a draw (1-1). The team did not win both halves, so the bet to win both halves would be a loser.

How Often Do Teams Win Both Halves?

The frequency with which teams win both halves in a match can vary based on several factors. These include the teams playing, the players involved, the competition level, the game flow, etc. 

For example, teams may adopt different strategies for each half, and circumstances like changes in tactics and substitutions at halftime can influence a game’s dynamics. Also, football is full of surprises; unexpected events like red cards or injuries can make a big difference in how a match plays out. 

Regardless, win both halves predictions tend to win less frequently than traditional match outcome bets due to their increased specificity.

Hungary Vs. England – SkyBet Example

You are placing a “to win both halves” wager on a match between Hungary and England on Skybet. Let’s say England won the first half with a scoreline of 2-0 and finished with a final scoreline of 4-1. It means England won the first half (2-0) and the second half (2-1). If you bet $10 on England to win both halves at 3.5 odds, you would receive a $35 return.

Italy Vs. Germany – William Hill Example

Let’s consider another soccer bet to win both halves in a match between Italy and Germany on William Hill. Suppose Italy leads the first half with a scoreline of 1-0 and finishes with a final score of 3-2; it means they won the first half (1-0), and the second half ended in a draw (2-2). If you bet on Italy to win both halves in this scenario, the bet loses.

Croatia Vs. Austria – SkyBet Example

As we proceed with our win both halves examples, let’s examine another match between Croatia and Austria. Let’s say Croatia is ahead 2-1 at halftime and concludes the game with a final score of 4-2. It implies that Croatia won the first half (2-1) and the second half (2-1). If you bet on Croatia to win both halves at 4.0 odds, as listed on SkyBet, a $10 bet would yield a $40 return.

Premier League Teams Winning Both Halves: 2020-21

Looking back at the 2020-21 Premier League season, the top teams to consider to win both halves market were Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham. Liverpool stood out with the most victories in both halves, achieving this feat nine times. Chelsea and Manchester City were close behind, with eight occurrences each. At the same time, Arsenal and Tottenham secured this outcome seven times each. Conversely, Fulham, Sheffield United, and Wolves did not register any wins in both halves during that season.

Using these statistics combined with other seasons down the line, you can identify patterns of teams that are likely to win both halves in the league.

Premier League Teams Winning Both Halves: 2018-19 & 2019-20

Let’s expand the scope of our analysis by examining Premier League seasons from 2018-19 and 2019-20. A win both halves bet on Manchester City and Liverpool would be a good choice, as they both achieved double-digit wins in both halves. Also, Manchester United and Chelsea reached double figures in at least one of these seasons. Again, analyzing data like this and comparing it with other seasons leading up to your wager is an excellent way to improve the quality of your predictions.

Best Bookies for Win Both Halves Betting

Choosing the right bookmaker is crucial for a smooth experience when placing win both-halves bets or any other bets. Before making a choice, you must consider essential factors like licensing and regulation, reputation, odds and betting markets, bonuses and promotions, payment options, customer support, etc.

Below are some of our top picks of best bookies for “win both halves” bets:

SkyBet: Known for its innovative features and promotions, SkyBet is a favorite among sports bettors. It offers “win both halves betting” alongside similar markets like the “both teams to score in both halves” option.

bet365: bet365 is renowned for its extensive market coverage and user-friendly interface. They also provide a versatile platform for players who prefer the win-both-halves option, covering various sports and leagues.

bet365 Review

William Hill: William Hill is also ideal for both halves’ enthusiasts. They offer comprehensive football market coverage, competitive odds, and a user-friendly interface.

William Hill Review

Stake: Stake also provides a diverse range of markets for winning both halves of betting, along with enhanced odds, special promotions, and exciting features like live betting, cash out, etc.

Stake Review

To Win Both Halves Betting Tips

“Win Both Halves” betting is a challenging prediction, but there are certain strategies to increase your chances of winning. Below are some practical to win both halves tips that can help you place more winning wagers in this market.

Tips Explanation
Study the Two Teams Involved in the Match

Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and playing styles of the teams you’re betting on is essential in this market. Remember, you are predicting a team winning in the first half and the second. So, analyze their recent performances, head-to-head records, and any data influencing their current form. This knowledge is the foundation for making well-thought-out predictions.

Consider the Players Involved

Players significantly impact how well a team performs. So, evaluating the players participating in the match you’re betting on is essential. For example, if the home team is missing a star player, it might be impractical to bet on the home team to win both halves. Missing a star player or having a key player in top form can significantly impact the likelihood of winning both halves. 

Assess Team Performance Across Both Halves of the Match

Check if a team consistently performs well or struggles in specific halves. This information will help you identify matches where a win in both halves is more likely.

Analyze Team Performance for Both Home and Away Matches

Teams often exhibit different behaviors when playing at home versus away. For example, suppose a team constantly struggles when not playing at home or has a poor away record. In that case, it might be unwise to bet on the away team to win both halves. So, always check if a team performs better or worse in specific halves depending on the venue. 

Pros and Cons of the to Win Both Halves Bet

Like every other bet market, the win-halves market has both benefits and drawbacks. Let’s discuss its pros and cons below.

  • Higher odds: Win both halves wagers typically offer higher odds than traditional match outcome bets.
  • Potential for high returns: The high odds it offers means it has potential for high returns.
  • Higher risk: Based on the dynamics of win both halves explained earlier, it is riskier to correctly predict both halves of a game compared to the overall game result.
  • Complexity for novice bettors: This type of bet may be more complex for novice bettors who are still learning about teams and their dynamics.

Betting Markets Similar to the to Win Both Halves Bet

If you decide that the “to win both halves” bet is not for you, there are some similar markets you can explore. Let’s discuss some alternative options to win both halves of wagering.

To Win Both Halves Vs. Halftime/Full-Time Bet

The win in halves and halftime/fulltime (HT/FT) bets are similar markets. However, unlike the win both halves meaning, the first-half score line is carried over to the second half in the HT/FT bet. The HT/FT bet has nine outcomes: WW, WD, WL, DW, DD, DL, LW, LD, and LL. You can bet on a team to win the first half and at the end of the game, or win in the first half and draw or lose at the end, etc.

For example, If a team wins 2-0 in the first half and finishes with a 2-1 score, a bet on a win in both halves is lost because the team lost in the second half (0-1). Conversely, based on HT/FT betting rules, the team is considered to have won at halftime and full-time in an HT/FT bet. So, if you predict a Win/Win, your bet is successful.

To Win Both Halves Vs. Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is a type of wager where one team (favorite) or participant is given a virtual disadvantage (handicap) and the other (underdog) a virtual advantage. Let’s take a handicap bet between Liverpool (-1) and Wolves (+1) for instance. If you bet on Liverpool, they must win by at least two goals for the bet to succeed, as they are already down one goal by handicap. Conversely, a wager on Wolves wins if they avoid defeat or lose by one goal.

So, rather than betting a win in both halves, you can opt for a handicap bet. You can even lay to win both halves with a handicap bet as insurance. It still allows you to win your bet, even if your selected team is level or behind at either half of the game.

Is “to Win Both Halves” a Smart Bet?

Whether the “win in both halves” wager is a good choice depends on your decision. If you consistently place value bets based on adequate research, then you are making a wise choice that will likely result in success in the long run. The ‘Win Both Halves’ bet offers higher odds but comes with increased risk. So, success requires careful analysis of teams, players, and match dynamics. 

If you decide the bet type isn’t for you, you can try other alternatives like the BTTS in both halves, handicap, or HT/FT bets. Regardless of any option or betting strategy you employ, intelligent decision-making, thorough research, and solid bankroll management are vital to making winning bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does ‘To Win Both Halves’ mean?
    For a team to win both halves, they must outscore their opponents in the first half and outscore them in the second half of the match. Each half is treated independently, so the goals from the first half do not count in the second half.
  • What is the meaning of ‘Away Win in Both Halves’?
    Choosing an ‘Away Win in Both Halves’ means you are predicting that the team playing away from home will win in the first and second halves. Each half is treated independently, so they must outscore their opponents in both halves.
  • Is the score reset at halftime in a ‘Win Both Halves’ bet?
    Yes, the goals scored in the first half are not counted in the second half. For example, if a team wins 1-0 in the first half and wins the match with a 3-1 scoreline, they also win the second half with a 2-1 scoreline.
  • What happens if the first half ends in a draw with a ‘Win Both Halves’ bet?
    The ‘Win Both Halves’ bet is unsuccessful if the first half ends in a draw. Your selected team must win in both halves of the game to win. That is, they must outscored their opponents in the first half and also in the second half.
  • What happens if the first half and the match end in 1-0 in a ‘Win Both Halves’ bet?
    If the first half and the match end in 1-0, your ‘Win Both Halves’ bet is still unsuccessful. This 1-0 win means your selection won only in the first half, and they played a 0-0 draw in the second half. They must outscore their opponent in both halves to win.
  • Can I get better odds in the ‘Win Both Halves’ betting market?
    Yes, ‘Win Both Halves’ bets often offer higher odds than traditional full-time result bets, which provides the potential for increased returns. Generally, the lesser the chances of an outcome, the higher the odds. So you can also have lesser odds of winning both halves if the outcome is highly probable.
  • Can I bet on both teams to win on bet365?
    Yes, like on most sportsbooks, you can bet on both teams to win on bet365. However, regardless of the sportsbook you use, always ensure they are legitimate and reliable. Also, read the terms and conditions attached to payments, bonuses, etc.
  • How do you win both half home teams?
    To win both half bets on home teams, you must correctly predict that the home team will lead at halftime and full-time. That is, the home team will outscore their opponents in the first and second half of the game.
  • What is an example of ‘Win Both Halves’?
    Let’s say a match between Arsenal and Liverpool ended in a 4-1 win for Arsenal. If Arsenal wins 2-0 in the first half, it means they won the first and second half with a scoreline of 2-1. Betting a win in both halves on Arsenal would be a successful bet.
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