Superfecta Bet Explained

Superfecta Bet

If you’ve ever bet on horse racing, you know some wild bets are available. Among them are all the -fectas – great and unique wagers that involve tying several into a single stake. Superfecta betting is among the most popular exotic horse race bets, and just like the name suggests, it’s the most super of them all.

The potential return of a Superfecta makes it a much better choice than a trifecta bet or any other exotic horse racing bet. Punters love it, although it’s fair to be said it’s not for the faint of heart. This guide will tell you all you need and the best way to bet a Superfecta.

What Is a Superfecta Bet?

Unlike the Trifecta, which lets you pick three finisher runners, the Superfecta supersedes it with an extra pick. You get to select the first 4 finishers in a race. By adding a different choice, the Superfecta chart shows even bigger wins, but of course, the number of combinations also makes it a highly risky bet.

The minimum Superfecta bet is as low as $0.10, but most tracks will have a minimum of $1. You must pick the first four horses to pass the finish line in the exact order to place it. Aside from the Straight superfecta bet, other permutations allow you to box your chosen runners and win even bigger money.

How Does Superfecta Bet Work?

The Superfecta bet is an exotic type typically used in horse race betting. It allows you to pick the first 4 runners at the end of the race. You’re picking four horses to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the correct order.

Correctly predicting the winner of any race is hard enough, but the Superfecta is 4 times more challenging. Of course, its reward trumps any evens betting slip and beats many accumulators. The record Kentucky Derby Superfecta payout occurred in 2009 when a lucky bettor hit almost $300,000 on a bet of $1.

How to Bet a Superfecta?

Placing a Superfecta couldn’t be easier. Most sportsbooks nowadays will let you pick 4 horses to finish the race in the correct order, and you can choose the spots yourself. With 4 picks, it automatically becomes a Superfecta bet.

Once you enter your stake, the system will calculate how much you might win if your predictions are correct.

How to Calculate Superfecta Bets and Payouts?

It’s easy to calculate the Superfecta max bet returns if you know the odds. You can put them all together and multiply them by your stake. However, instead of doing that on your own, you can use the bookie’s system for the same purpose.

There are also Superfecta calculators on the Internet that you can use to see how much you might win.

Superfecta Bet Example

A straight Superfecta bet example would be something like this:

  • 3-4-1-7

Those are the numbers of the runners you’ve picked to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. They must finish in those spots with a straight Superfecta, with no other combinations. The good news is that Superfectas can add different varieties to the mix for a bit more cost.

Types of Superfecta Bets

There are 5 different variants of the Superfecta bet, each with its advantage. They add more combinations and cost more per bet.

Straight Superfecta

It is the standard variant of the bet. With it, you’re picking 4 horses, like in the example above, to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Superfecta Key

A Superfecta Key bet allows you to pick a pivotal horse to win the race and any combination of 3 or more horses to finish in the top 4. In short, these horses can end on any other spots, and you’ll win your bet as long as they do, and your crucial horse wins.

Superfecta Full Wheel

If you’re particularly confident about a runner’s chances to win but don’t know how the other horses will fare, you should bet on the Superfecta wheel. It covers all possible combinations involving the winning runner. The cost for this bet goes up the more horses you pick.

Superfecta Part Wheel

It is a partial version of the Superfecta complete wheel. With it, you’re covering all the possible combinations of a winning runner and combinations that involve any selected horses to finish in the top 4.

Superfecta Box

A Superfecta box bet allows you to box your horses like a trifecta box. Contrary to the Straight Superfecta, it enables you to pick 4 horses to finish in the top 4, but in any order. It’s the easiest Superfecta to understand and still has excellent winning potential.

How Does Superfecta Betting Work in Horse Racing?

The Superfecta was originally a horse racing bet. It works best for this sport and is commonly placed on race tracks and online sportsbooks. Depending on the type, you select 4 or more horses to finish in the correct order (1st-2nd-3rd-4th) or any order in the top 4 spots.

Features of a Superfecta Bet

The Superfecta is a 4-part bet that enables bettors to pick the 4 horses to pass the finish line in the correct order. Like other exotic horse racing bets, the Superfecta can be wheeled or boxed, adding more combinations to the mix for an extra cost.

Why Place a Superfecta Bet?

The Superfecta doesn’t cost as much as Lucky 63 and drastically reduces the number of combinations. A $1 Superfecta box costs only $4, and the winning potential is as enormous as you think. The top Superfecta Preakness bets or those placed on the Kentucky Derby have won thousands with a tiny investment.

Sure, it’s a risky bet, but if you’ve mastered horse racing, you should be able to get it right.

Does a Superfecta Bet Have Any Drawbacks?

The difficulty of predicting the first 4 horses is the most apparent disadvantage of Superfecta wagering. It’s not a perfect bet, but if you get your predictions right, it pays well. More than well if you see the biggest Superfectas in history.

Biggest Superfecta Bets in History

The best Superfecta bet by a mile came in 2013, when a lucky lady bet 120 $1-Superfectas on the top 4 finishers. She won nearly $30,000. Call it a first-time charm, as it was her first bet on horse races.

Why Should You Place a Superfecta Bet?

Because it’s fun – certainly more entertaining than betting on winning runners or 2, it costs a bit more, and getting the first 4 finishers the right way isn’t easy, but hey, accumulators are not specific.

It upends the Trifecta bet and many other exotics, so it’s worth investing in.

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