Same-Game Parlays Explained

Same-Game Parlays Explained

As the popularity of sports betting increases worldwide, sports betting sites are finding more ways to stand out from their competition. While some rely on their generous bonuses and promotions, others offer players unbeatable betting odds and wagering options. However, some sportsbooks have embraced the once-shunned same-game parlay betting technique.

As a result, same-game parlay betting sites have grown in popularity. At the end of this expert guide, you will know everything you need to know about same-game parlays, including:
  • The definition of same-game parlays
  • Same-game parlay bet types
  • How to bet using the same-game parlays
  • Sports where you can use the same-game parlay bets

What Are Same-Game Parlays?

Also referred to as one-game parlays or bet builders, same-game parlays refer to when a bettor combines bets from different markets in a single game to win larger payouts. However, all the bet outcomes, popularly known as legs, must be correct for the bettor to win the parlay. In other words, when one wager wins, it increases the potential outcome of the different bets and vice versa.

Same-Game Parlay Math

Here is an example to understand better how the same-game parlays work. Let’s say that a bettor decides to bet on three different scenarios in a game. If all three legs are correct, the odds on your three wagers are combined, earning you a substantial profit.

In other words, if your parlay bet slip wins, you win your initial bet plus the odds of the first, second, and third bet. However, your entire parlay bet is lost if one of your 3 legs loses. Thus, if your bet A wins, bet B wins, but you lose on bet C, your total bet cancels.

Note that same-game parlay bets depend on the events included in the bet slip and the odds offered. Sportsbooks have already calculated the probability of winning or losing bets before releasing them to the general public. Thus, although you may win massive payouts, the provider has already factored in the win and cushioned themselves appropriately. So, if your first bet is correct, the probability of winning your second bet is higher.

SGP Examples

Below is a same-game parlay example of a betting slip based on a theoretical three–leg college football same-game parlay bet.

Game Bet Type Odds
Tigers vs Bulls Prop Teddy Blake over 1.0 Passing Bas (+120)
Tigers vs Bulls Spread Tigers  – 7-8 (-110)
Tigers vs Bulls Total Over 50.0 total points (-110)

From the example above, the total odds on the betting slip is +702. Instead of betting on these 3 different betting markets individually, a bettor can combine them on one bet slip for a higher chance of winning bigger payouts.

Same-Game Parlays Types

Although bettors enjoy placing popular same-game parlay bets, it is worth noting that there are different types.

Correlated Same-Game Parlays

Correlated same-game parlay odds refer to when a sportsbook provides lines where two or more legs are related. In other words, if one outcome in the same line is correct, the second is highly probable, followed by the third, fourth, and so on.

For instance, let us say you place NBA odds of

  • Los Angeles Lakers +7.5 (-112) @ Dallas Mavericks
  • Anthony Davis Over 34.5 points (-112)
  • LeBron James, under 5.0, made threes (+116)

As you can see, this same-game parlay bet is related because if the Lakers lose or win by +7.5 points, there is a higher chance that Anthony Davis will score more than 35 points, as stated in the second leg. Consequently, if these outcomes are correct, it is more likely that if LeBron James makes under 5 three-pointers, it will help the Lakers stay within their +7.5-point margin. Thus, you would win your parlay bet on the same game if the results are similar to those below.

  • Anthony Davis scores 40 points
  • LeBron makes one three-pointer
  • The Lakers beat Mavericks by 100 – 92

Note that if any of your legs lose, you will lose the entire parlay bet. While this type of parlay bet on same-game can earn you a huge win, it isn’t easy to land a success on all outcomes. Thus, it is advisable to thoroughly evaluate your parlay bet slip before placing a wager to determine whether your bets are worth the risk.

Uncorrelated Same-Game Parlays

These refer to same-game parlays less linked than those in correlated same-game parlay bets. Let’s look at the same example parlay slip provided above but with uncorrelated events. For instance, if

  • Los Angeles Lakers +7.5 (-112) @Dallas Mavericks
  • Anthony Davis under 34.5 points (-104)
  • LeBron James Over 5.0 made threes (126)

In this example, the Lakers still need to win or lose by less than 8 points. Nonetheless, Anthony Davis will still have to score less than 34 points, while LeBron still has to score more than 5 three-pointers in a single game. As you can see, the stellar performance of Lebron, Davis’s poor performance, and the Laker’s coverings do not go hand in hand. No event is connected to the other. However, some same-game parlay sportsbooks allow bettors to place these bets. Such providers are likely to offer longer odds than those in traditional parlays since they understand the uncorrelated nature of such events, which means they are unlikely to happen.

5 Leg Same Game Parlay

It is where a bettor places 5 different bets on the same game to increase the size of their payouts. All legs in this parlay must be correct for the bettor to win. Thus, each bet that wins adds to the odds of the next leg.

For instance, if you use $100 and place -110 wagers, a 5-leg same-game parlay bet will give you odds of 22 to 1. Such stakes are more lucrative than 3 or 4 legs same-game parlay. However, you must carefully select the legs that are most likely to win.

4 Leg Same-Game parlay

Similar to 5 legs same-game parlay, 4 leg parlay in the same game refers to when a bettor places bets on 4 events within a single game. For example, let’s assume you are betting on the NFL at the following odds:

  • Arizona Cardinals (+115)
  • New York Giants (+140)
  • Carolina Panthers ( -105)
  • Houston Texans (-105)

Once the first 3 legs payout, you win a whopping $814. If you have placed a bet worth $100, you will have earned $914 by the time the first 3 legs are correct. If all the legs turn out right, you will win $1966, giving such bets lucrative odds of 12 to 1.

What Sports Can I Bet on SGPs?

SGPs are available in several sports, depending on the sportsbook. The most popular same-game parlay bets are available in major sports competitions and leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and many more.

NFL Same-Game Parlays

Depending on the sports betting site, the best same-game parlay NFL bets often feature touchdown scorer, total, moneyline, and spread. Some top sportsbooks like FanDuel allow bettors to pick leading receivers, passers, and rushers.

In a game of Arizona Cardinals vs. Atlanta Falcons, an example of an NFL same-game parlay is:

  • Cardinals moneyline (-160)
  • Kyler Murray has 300+ passing yards
  • Cordarelle Patterson has 100+ rushing yards

You can get the best same-game parlay Super Bowl odds on top sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, Bet365, William Hill, and many others.

NBA Parlays

NBA parlays are a favorite among bettors due to their vast array of options. Popular NBA same-game parlay bets include assists, rebounds, props, three-pointers, and free throws.

An example of NBA same game parlays bets include:

Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks

  • Knicks -170
  • Julius Randle 40+ points
  • Alex Caruso has 10+ rebounds
  • Julius Randle has 3+ steals

MLB Same Game Parlays

Like NBA parlays, MLB SGPs also provide many options. The best MLB same-game parlay bets usually involve strikeouts, home runs, moneylines, and RBIs.

An example of MLB parlays include:

Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees

  • Aaron Judge scores a home run
  • Randy Arozarena has over 4.5 strikeouts
  • Daniel Robertson will hit RBI

NHL Same-Game Parlays

The NHL is another popular sports league where you can place SGPs. Hockey same-game parlay bets allow bettors to place wagers on scorers, moneylines, assists, puck lines, and many more.

Below is an example of an NHL parlay:

Arizona Coyotes vs. Carolina Hurricanes

  • Brent Burns requires an assist
  • Andrei Igorevich scores at least one point
  • Hurricanes moneyline (-240)
  • Matias Macelli scores a goal

SGPs in Other Sports

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many other sports where you can place SGPs. Whether you prefer college football same-game parlay bets or college basketball same-game parlay bets, you can find favorable odds on the most popular sportsbooks.

Other common sports where you can place SGPs include:

  • Mixed martial arts
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • UFC
  • Cricket
  • Rugby

How to Bet Same-Game Parlays: Tips & Advice

Now that you understand what same-game parlays are and the different types available on the market let us look at some tips to help to win same-game parlay and potentially win more significant payouts.

Find Usage Changes Before They Change

Generally, sports bets are based on chance and the distribution of opportunities. Thus, to maximize their profits, sports bettors have to predict the outcomes of games accurately and simulate whether there would be any changes in game or player statistics during a game or event. For example, if LeBron James sits out of an NBA game, the game statistics are bound to change, and the same applies to the betting odds. Thus, a sports enthusiast who considers this is more likely to earn substantial same-game parlay cash out.

Form a Narrative But Add a Contrarian Element

As mentioned earlier, betting is merely a game of luck. Players and online sportsbooks create a narrative of how the game will happen and place bets supporting this narrative. A way to increase your winning odds while betting on the same-game parlay apps is to add a contrarian element. However, the contrarian element should be related to the original narrative.

Look for Games with Asymmetric Upside (or Downside, More Often)

As you bet on your favorite games, select SGPs where failing is downright guaranteed or wins are highly probable. It decreases the chances of your SGP bets falling. Thus, bettors must research and accurately predict game outcomes to find games with an asymmetric upside or downside.

Think About the Distribution of Stats in a Single Game

Based on various factors, like player statistics, over/under, and spreads, most college football same-game parlay bets fall within a specific range of outcomes. These factors help us predict how many yards and touchdowns will take place in a game. Given that these stats usually depend on predictions, it is impossible to guarantee wins. Thus, always factor in the stats distribution in a single game to get the most out of your investment.

Chase Opportunities, Not Results

A general rule of thumb in sports betting is always considered the opportunities rather than the previous game outcomes. Game stats are random, but when you think about the player stats of earlier games, like who gets targets and touchdowns in a football game, you are more likely to predict accurate opportunities in the next game.

Dig Deep for Inefficiencies

As a sports bettor and enthusiast, you must analyze games and find any possible inefficiencies. Such inefficiencies can land you huge payouts, especially when betting using SGPs.

Make Use of Our Parlay Calculator

You can use our parlay calculator if you are unsure whether an SGP is correlated or uncorrelated. This tool will help you determine whether your preferred SGP sportsbook offers short or long odds, which will also help you estimate your potential profits.

Do Your Research and Write a Story to Gain an Edge

A basic same-game parlay plus tip is always to research your games and create a narrative that will give you an edge to earn a generous payout. Although such an edge is not guaranteed, find one that is highly likely and is worth your time. It is also vital to understand that betting has no risk-free same-game parlay. Wagering is all about taking risks.

Look Out for Voided Legs

While placing parlay bets, reading your preferred sportsbook terms and conditions is vital to understand what will happen when a scenario fails or does not happen. Some providers might void an outcome that does not take place and refund the bet, while others will view it as a loss and keep your investment.

Always Shop Around for Favorable Odds

Different sportsbooks provide different odds for parlaying multiple bets same game. Therefore, finding an ideal betting site that offers favorable odds to increase your payout potential is vital. As a general rule of thumb in sports betting, shopping for the platform that provides the best odds and bonuses is always the best.

Do Longer Parlays with Worse Odds

Sportsbooks provide the worse odds on outcomes that are more likely to happen. Although it is not a guaranteed win, such outcomes are more probable. As a result, a way to increase your chances is to bet on longer parlays with bad odds.

Pros and Cons of a Same-Game Parlay Bet

There are several benefits and drawbacks of same-game parlay bets. They include:

  • Generous payout potential
  • Place multiple bets with a small bet amount
  • Most same-game parlay sportsbooks provide attractive bonuses and promotions
  • Most providers offer favorable odds
  • All your outcomes must be correct to win the same-game parlay
  • The edge increases with SGPs than other bet types on most betting sites

Are Same-Game Parlays Worth It?

Whether you enjoy same-game parlay college football betting or any other form of parlay wagering, you are likely to increase your potential payout, primarily if you conduct thorough research. Your biggest advantage is getting an edge that your sportsbook did not consider when considering the available opportunities. Nonetheless, SGPs are perfect for players earning huge payouts from a small investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a same-game parlay?
    Same-game parlay is a betting technique where bettors place multiple bets in a single game in one bet slip.
  • Is a same-game parlay better than a single bet?
    Depending on your preferences, you may prefer SGPs better than single bets due to their higher payout potential. However, single wagers are easier to win.
  • Where can I make same-game parlay bets?
    Many reputable sportsbooks, like FanDuel, Bet365, WilliamHill, Caesars, and DraftKings, offer the same game parlay bets.
  • How are same-game parlay odds calculated?
    The math behind same-game parlay odds depends on the correlation between the bets and the expected outcome. The more correlated your SGP bets are, the worse the odds you will receive.
  • Do you have to win every game on the same-game parlay?
    Yes. All your outcomes must be correct to win the same-game parlay.
  • How to make the same-game parlay on DraftKings?
    Visit the DraftKings website, log in or sign up for your betting account, and go to the games section. Start choosing your bets, choose your bet amount, and select submit. Once you like your preferred game, toggle the same game parlay option before you start placing your bets.
  • How to make the same-game parlay on Fanduel?
    Go to the official FanDuel site, log in/sign up to your betting account, and select your preferred sports betting option. You will find the same-game parlay tab at the top of the game page and begin placing your bets. Decide your bet amount and hit the submit button.
  • Can you cash out a same-game parlay?
    You win if all your outcomes are in a parlay bet, meaning you can perform your preferred same-game cashout option.
  • What is a 3+ leg same-game parlay?
    A 3+ leg same-game parlay is where a player bets on at least three outcomes within the same game.
  • Why are some games no same-game parlay?
    There are several reasons why some sportsbooks do not offer the same-game parlay for some sports. One common sense is that some outcomes are too correlated to provide feasible SGP betting options.
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