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Canadian Bet

Canadian Bet Explained

The ever-expanding online sports betting industry is home to several exciting wagering options. One of these that has become a favorite among punters is the Canadian bet, thanks to its potential for big wins. Also known as Super Yankee, the Canadian bet is a form of multiple combination bets that backs five selections to form 26 equal bets.
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1 2 Betting

1X2 Betting Explained

One of the biggest attractions of online sports betting is the availability of various markets. One of the most popular bet types you will find online is the 1x2 betting market, which involves predicting the outcome of a match or event.
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Grand Salami Bet

Grand Salami Betting Explained

There are several ways to wager on sporting events, from single wagers to parleys, totals, prop bets, and many others. One of the more innovative online betting approaches is the Grand Salami bet. Grand salami is a different type of totals (i.e., over/under) bet that allows punters to bet across multiple games with a single wager.
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Betting Rollover

Rollover Betting Explained

One of the biggest attractions of online sports betting today is the wide range of bonuses and offers available to punters online. While these bonuses are generally generous, they usually come with strings attached in the form of rollover requirements. Understanding rollover betting is key to taking advantage of sports betting bonuses and offers.
How To Find Bookies

How to Find a Bookie

The sports betting industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, leading to the availability of many betting sites online. With the exponential growth comes the problem of how to find a bookie. Picking the right sportsbook to place bets on can be overwhelming for many bettors, especially inexperienced ones.
Ante Post

Ante-Post Betting Explained

Since the advent of sports betting centuries ago, bookmakers have offered different forms of betting to punters. One of the classics that remains a go-to option in the sports betting market is ante-post betting, a popular bet offering punters better odds and value than others.
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Expected Value

Expected Value Betting Explained

One of the fundamental ways to become a successful bettor is to understand the principle behind sports betting, and a concept that can help in doing that is Expected Value (EV). EV is the concept that shows the profitability of a bet in the long run.