Micro Betting Explained

Micro Betting Explained

As technology advances daily, so do the innovations developed in the sports betting industry. One such innovation that has quickly become a popular form of sports wagering is micro-betting, which allows punters to place live bets on certain elements during sporting events.

This guide will cover everything a punter needs to know before engaging in this exciting form of betting, including:

  • What is micro betting
  • What sports can you use to place micro bets
  • Where to find micro bets
  • Pros and cons of micro betting

What Is Micro-Betting?

Essentially, micro-betting is a combination of live wagering and prop betting. Live betting involves placing wagers on outcomes while the game is already underway, i.e., live. Meanwhile, prop betting involves placing stakes on certain events that are not necessarily related to the game’s outcome. Hence, micro sports betting involves prop bets while the events occur live. These micro-bets pop up throughout the game with virtually endless possibilities.

One of the unique things about micro-betting is that your wagers get quickly settled. Due to the nature of the micro bets, you don’t necessarily have to wait until the end of the game to know if your wagers won or lost.

Typical examples of micro-bet options in baseball include wagering on batting results, individual pitches, or specific innings during live games. For example, “Will the next pitch be a ball, strike, or in play?” “How fast will the next pitch be?” “Will the next at-bat be a single, double, home run, or perhaps a walk or out?”

It is important to note that micro bets often depend on luck since the action is usually face-paced.

How to Read Micro Bets Odds

Understanding odds and how it works is the first step in making any form of bet, and micro sports odds betting is no exception. Understanding how micro bet odds work can help make informed betting decisions, as it shows the implied probabilities and potential payouts.

That said, odds in micro sports betting work like any other form of betting. The odds can display in American (moneyline), decimal, or fractional format, depending on the sportsbook and your preference. 

You can see micro-bet odds in an NBA game as follows: Will the next play be a run or a pass?

Play American (Moneyline) Decimal Fractional Implied probabilities











The odds show that the “Run” play has a slightly higher chance of occurring, and a $100 bet on it will yield a profit of $78. On the other hand, the “Pass” play has a slightly lower chance, and $100 will bring in a profit of $120.

One thing to note is that, like any other betting options, sportsbooks will offer varying odds on their micro-betting markets, with some having more competitive odds than others. Hence, comparing odds from different bookmakers to find the best odds when you engage micro bets is important. It will help maximize your potential winnings.

What Sports Can You Use Micro Betting?

The advent of prop and live betting in recent years opened doors to many exciting new markets at online sportsbooks. Micro-betting introduced things to a new level, offering a much wider range of options to sports betting enthusiasts.

That said, micro bets are available in most major sports that punters place wagers on.

You can find microtransaction betting in sports like:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Tennis 
  • and much more.

One interesting thing to note about micro sports odds provider betting is that as long as a sport, league, and sporting event has enough popularity and public interest, sportsbooks will likely offer some micro bet options.

Now, let’s look at some major sports where you will find micro-betting and what it looks like in each.


With so many soccer leagues globally, there are plenty of soccer micro-betting opportunities for sports punters. These opportunities are available in the popular English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and many others.

Some of the most popular micro bets that soccer betting enthusiasts can engage in include:

  • Next goal: Involves choosing a team to score next or that a team would not score before the end of half-time.
  • Corners: Involves betting on whether or not a corner kick will occur during different time frames.

Depending on your micro-betting site, you can also place wagers on penalty possibilities, individual player performances, and other prop bets.

Experienced punters keep track of team statistics, player form, previous head-to-head encounters, and other important statistics to succeed in soccer micro-betting. Doing this can give you a competitive edge over your micro bets.


Golf is another sport that is popular and practical for micro bets. One of the major reasons is how the game plays out. Unlike most other sports, golf is not a fast-paced game, and there is usually quite some time between every shot made on the course. It leaves plenty of time for punters to place micro bets between holes or swings, making it quite practical for this form of betting.

Punters will usually find micro bets on golf events like the PGA Tour, covering different scenarios throughout the game. For instance, punters will find micro bets on outcomes like a “Hole Winner” between two partners and a three-way money line for the winner of a specific hole, which includes both players and tie options. You can also find bets like who will make the longest drive, the number of putts required, and the performance of specific players on particular holes.

Experienced micro bettors will usually pay attention to golf player rankings, course conditions, historical performance, and other essential information to stay ahead of the game and make informed bets.


Basketball is another great sport that offers micro-betting opportunities to sports enthusiasts. However, one important thing to note is that due to the highly face-paced nature of basketball games, NBA micro-betting can be a bit tougher compared to other sports. So you often will find fewer micro bets here than in other sports.

Sportsbooks still offer many micro-bet opportunities during a basketball game. For instance, punters will find micro betting lines on the “Next Field Goal” with options like a two-pointer or a three-pointer and the “Next Free throw” with options like a make or a miss. Some sites can also offer markets on “Player Next Basket,” which involves betting on a specific player’s next basket, and “Next Scorer,” which involves betting on who will score the next point.

Staying informed of the player and team statistics, injury reports, and recent forms can help punters to improve their NBA micro-betting strategy.


The National Football League (NFL) is undoubtedly the undisputed king of sports betting in the United States. Introducing micro bets into football events, especially the NFL, only contributed more to the popularity of America’s most beloved sports. There is a wide range of opportunities in NFL micro-betting.

Some of the popular NFL micro-betting opportunities that punters can engage in include:

  • Result of play: e.g., will the next play be a run or a pass?
  • Result of drive: e.g., will the next drive be a touchdown, field goal, punt, or turnover?
  • Field goal outcome: e.g., will the kicker make or miss the next field goal? 

Micro sports odds betting undoubtedly added an element of excitement and an unparalleled level of thrill and anticipation to most football fans’ betting strategy and experience. That said, experienced NFL micro bettors tend to keep up with the analysis of team matchups, offensive and defensive statistics, weather conditions, and everything that can help them gain an advantage in NFL micro betting.


Hockey is another fast-paced free-flowing game that keeps its fans excited throughout the game with many different opportunities for micro bets. Hockey leagues like the National Hockey League are at the forefront of micro-betting for this sport as it has the attention of millions of fans.

Most micro sports odds provider betting sites offer different micro bet markets to punters revolving around props like shots, hits, goals, saves, and more. You will also find opportunities to bet whether a goal will be scored within a certain time frame, usually a 10-minute range.

As with the other sports we have mentioned, keeping track of important statistics like player injuries, team performance, the strength of goaltenders, and other info is essential for successful NHL micro betting. These NHL micro bets keep punters engaged throughout a hockey game and provide opportunities to capitalize on their knowledge of their favorite sport.


Plenty of micro-betting options are usually available during a Major League Baseball (MLB) game. Many regard it as the best sport for micro-betting due to the abundance of individual plays throughout a typical baseball game.

In an MLB game, punters can place micro sports bets on:

  • Result of a pitch: e.g., what will the next pitch be? – A ball, strike, or in play?
  • Result of at-bat: e.g., what will the next at-bat be – a single, double, triple, home run, walk, or out?
  • Team to score in a listed inning: e.g., which team will score in the next inning?
  • Inning moneyline or total: e.g., which team will score more runs in the next inning? 

Micro bets in MLB offer fans an exciting way to immerse themselves in the game with the potential of walking away with some winning. To get an edge in MLB micro betting, you need to pay attention to pitcher statistics, batting averages, and weather conditions of the game you are interested in placing wagers on.

Handicapping Your Micro Bets

As we have earlier pointed out, micro-betting largely depends on luck due to the face-paced nature of the moment that such bets engage in. However, this does not mean that there is nothing that punters can do to increase their winning chances. Punters can even up their chances of success by handicap betting with micro bets.

Unlike what you might think, handicapping your micro bets involves applying a strategic approach of analyzing the game to assess the potential outcome of the specific micro events you want to wager on. It can be challenging due to the fast-paced nature of such bets, but it is essential for successful micro bets.

It would be best to consider essential factors like player/team form, injuries, head-to-head records, match conditions, and more to gain insights and increase your winning chances.

Here are a few things to do and tips to note to handicap your micro bets:

  • Pay attention to the game closely
  • Study and use the analytics and statistics
  • Be patient
  • Set a strict budget

Micro Betting Vs. Live Betting

One question on the mind of most beginners in micro betting is whether this betting style is the same as live betting. Micro-betting is a form of live betting involving wagering while a game unfolds. However, while micro bets are live bets, not all live bets are micro bets.

As mentioned, micro bets combine in-play and prop bets and involve wagering on specific events throughout the game. It focuses on what will happen next and is unrelated to the game’s outcome.

On the other hand, live betting involves wagering on the traditional outcomes of the game, such as money lines, totals, spreads, and other options while the game is going on. One unique thing about traditional in-play bets is that the odds offered on any line are usually adjusted based on what is occurring in-game. 

One key difference between the two betting styles is that, unlike traditional live bets, micro bets often quickly get settled as they target events, not a full quarter, half, or entire game. Micro-betting also offers the chance to place multiple bets throughout a game and potentially win money, while the live bet offers are often limited.

Where to Find Micro Bets

Before you can wager on micro-betting lines online, you must find the micro-betting site sportsbook that offers them. Sadly, unlike many other sports wagering types and forms, not every sportsbook offers micro-betting lines on its platforms.

The good news, however, is that with the huge demand for micro-betting opportunities, many platforms have jumped on board to offer this unique betting experience to their punters. DraftKings is one of the major micro-betting sites available online. Punters will find the DraftKings micro-betting opportunities within the platform’s “Live Props” section.

Some of the other popular platforms for micro bets include:

Each of the mentioned sportsbooks offers a decent range of micro-betting opportunities you can explore, with many providing a mobile app for flexibility and easy accessibility. They also feature an extensive collection of sports you can bet on, with some even offering CS:GO micro betting and other esports offers to cater to esports betting enthusiasts.

Micro Sports Betting Benefits & Drawbacks

Not long after sportsbooks began offering it, micro-betting became a favorite among many sports betting enthusiasts, especially those that prefer live betting as a game happens. However, like any form of betting, micro sports odds betting has benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Provides an enhanced engagement and a higher entertainment value by focusing on specific moments within a game
  • Quick game outcomes and instant gratification due to its fast-paced nature
  • Has the potential for frequent wins due to the several opportunities available
  • Creates opportunities for strategic betting that capitalizes on in-depth knowledge of the sport.
  • High potential for rapid loss of funds due to the frequency of available bets
  • Limited time to analyze and make decisions
  • Latency or time lag of streaming can prove disadvantageous for fans with poor connection
  • Micro betting poses a high risk for responsible gaming issues

Is Micro Betting Worth It?

To sum up, micro-betting is a thrilling and rewarding style that offers an interactive way to engage with sports betting, especially for those seeking fast-paced action and instant results. It combines live and prop betting on specific game moments and is available on various sports, from football to basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and more.

With the right approach and strategic mindset, micro-transaction betting can be a worthwhile and profitable addition to your betting repertoire. While there are some drawbacks to this form of betting, there is no denying that the benefits outweigh them. So, there is no reason not to try micro-betting – it might just give you the extra kick you need for your betting experience. You should also always remember to keep responsible gaming in mind when you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is micro-betting?
    Micro-betting combines live and prop betting and involves placing wagers on specific moments and events during a game. For example, a typical micro bet in an NBA game can come as “Will the next field goal made be a two or three-pointer?”
  • How does micro-betting work?
    Micro-betting creates unique opportunities for punters to place bets on a range of specific events or outcomes during a game. It can be the “Next play” or “Next drive” results in football or the “Pitch result” or “At-bat result” in baseball.
  • Can micro-betting PUSH?
    No, a push result is quite rare in micro-betting. A push occurs when a game’s outcome is a tie, resulting in the return of a punter’s original wager. However, micro bets typically have clear-cut results, eliminating the possibility of a push.
  • What is the difference between micro-betting and live betting?
    The major difference between micro and live betting is how quickly the bets resolve. Micro-betting tends to be resolved quickly after the next event in a game, while live bets typically get resolved at half, quarter, or full game time. Also, the former focuses on specific occurrences within a game, while the latter encompasses a broader range of real-time wagers throughout a match.
  • What are the most popular micro-bet sports?
    Micro-betting applies to various sports, but some of the best and most popular options include NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer, golf, etc. These sports provide punters ample opportunities to engage in specific moments and events within the game for micro bets.
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