How to Make Money on Sports Betting

How to Bet on Sports and Make Money

It could be a title for a movie or a motivational book. It’s a question many new bettors ask, but unfortunately, the answer is often far from what they want to hear. The fact remains that you can make money on sports betting, but not in an easy way. Compared to casino games, online sports betting requires a combination of luck and personal skills and knowledge.

This guide will show you the best way to make money on sports betting. Note the word best – we never said easy.

Personal Skills and Knowledge for Making Money on Sports Betting

Making money off sports betting can be learned. That’s a big plus compared to spinning roulette or slot games. Unlike games of chance, you can learn to beat the bookies, but you won’t win every slip you put money on. Making big money on sports betting requires personal skills and knowledge with no profit guarantee.

Among personal skills, you have to be good at the match, understand how sports bookies work and have sports knowledge that ranges the market you want to bet on. Motivation is also key – if you aren’t motivated to win, how can you expect to make money with sports betting?

Understanding Mathematics

While you don’t have to be a math whizz to understand sports betting, it is an advantage. Join a bookie, and you’ll see all kinds of numbers, so it would be good to learn more about the math behind them. Read our guides on odds, the different types of odds, and all the markets you can bet on. Once you understand the math, it’ll be easier to learn what you need.

Don’t worry about the calculations. Bookies have calculators that give you the returns when you enter your stake.

Sports Knowledge

You should know the subject if you want to make money by betting on sports. Sure, complete newbies have won incredible parlays here and there, but if you’re serious about sports betting, you should learn more about sports. In short, you should know what you’re doing.

Focus on a particular sport or 2 – the ones you plan to bet on the most. Keep an eye on the latest news, read betting guides for that specific sport, and watch a few matches. Without prior knowledge, it will be tough to make money by betting on sports.


Athletes use motivation as fuel for trophies. You need to be motivated to make real money betting on sports. Keep your head up, and don’t let those losses discourage you. Read guides, continue betting, and success will follow.


Now, here’s something many bettors ignore. Being disciplined is key to making money by betting on sports online. Why? Well, if you constantly chase your losses, you will go bankrupt. Don’t let your guard down, and never trust anyone but yourself. If you stay disciplined, you will be successful.


Keep a positive mindset if you want to win your bets. You can expect to win more often with proper motivation and discipline. Not all the time, but still.

Tips to Make Money in Sports Betting

Below you can see a list of tips that can improve your chances of winning your bets. Many bettors ignore them and set unrealistic expectations of their wagers, which is a trap that could spell doom to your sports betting career.

Set Realistic Expectations

Do you think those big-money bettors in New Jersey or Vegas win by sheer luck? They keep their expectations realistic, considering their years of experience. That’s what you should do too. Be real about it – just because you favour one team over another doesn’t mean it’ll win/

The More Does Not Mean the Better

It’s hard to ignore the big odds and payouts when you add more and more on your slip, but more doesn’t mean better in sports betting. The same goes for single odds. Some might catch your eye but remember – to set realistic expectations and ask yourself if something like that can happen in a match.

Don`t Go after Big Parlays

Once again – big parlays don’t guarantee those massive payouts. The fact is that there’s no way to make easy money by betting on sports. Sure, it’s good to see those big numbers on a parlay, and some have had the luck to win such bets. But the chances are too low – maybe one in a million.

Conduct Personal Research and Analysis

Instead of relying on expert guides and the opinions of others, do your research. Analyze matches and markets and be realistic. It’s the best and most effective way to make money on sports betting.

You Won’t Win Every Bet

Even when you conduct proper research and feel good about your bets, they might not win. You won’t win every wager, but don’t let that discourage you.

Strategies to Make Money Betting on Sports

As a bettor, you can use a variety of strategies that can improve your winning chances. For example, you can focus on point-spread markets, bet on live markets, or stick to moneylines. The choice is yours.

Live Betting as a Money-making Source

If this is your first time betting on sports online, you’ll love live betting. Also known as in-play betting, it allows you to place bets on matches already in play. It changes the perspective of betting completely. You’ll have to act fast, but you get various new markets to enjoy, including prop bets not available on fixed odds. The odds change quickly in live betting markets, but they are often much better than what moneyline offers.

Can You Make Money in Sports Spread Betting?

Point spreads are popular in NJ, Nigeria, Europe betting markets, and everywhere else. That’s because they’re an excellent way to make money through sports betting. While nothing is ever 100% sure, this strategy doesn’t concern who wins the match but rather by how much. Our point spread betting guide can help you learn more about it. Trust us – this valuable market beats many others.

How Much Can You Earn Betting on Sports Team Moneyline?

That depends on how much money you invest and the odds too. Guaranteed profit is impossible unless you try 3-way betting. However, the odds won’t leave you in awe. If there’s a good moneyline bet and you invest a nice sum, you can expect a solid return, but not all the time.

How Much Money Can You Make Betting on Sports?

There are plenty of factors that affect how you earn money betting on sports. The odds, the market, and your investment should all be considered. There’s no definitive guide to help you win all your bets, but the strategies we mentioned and the tips should make you a better punter.

You can always tie dozens of matches on a slip and hit a big win. It’s not a bulletproof strategy, but you can hit millions with a lot of luck.

Guaranteed Profit

There is no such thing as guaranteed profit in online sports betting. You can use different ways to make money betting on sports and raise your chances of winning a slip, but guaranteed profit is impossible. Well, arbitrage betting may guarantee returns, but they are usually small. This tactic involves betting on all outcomes, but good luck finding a bookie that will let you do it.

Final Words

We hope that we have answered all your questions about how you can make money on sports betting. While it’s not easy, you can use strategies to raise your winning chances. Don’t believe those guides on the easiest way to make money on sports betting. There’s no such thing, but you can get the most out of your bets by gambling smart and working on your skills and knowledge.

Cross your fingers for luck, and you can make money with sports betting, just not all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you make money betting on sports?
    Yes, you can. There’s no guaranteed profit in sports betting since surprises always happen. You should work on your skills and do plenty of research to raise your winning chances.
  • What is the most profitable sport to bet on?
    It is down to you as a bettor. For some, American football and basketball point spreads are the Holy Grail. Others swear in college basketball and football. UFC betting has been making a swing lately. Live betting markets are profitable, too, so check what the bookie offers before you start betting.
  • Is betting on sports worth the money?
    It is if you can win most of your bets. Even if you’re a casual bettor, you can win a big parlay worth millions and make big money on sports betting. There’s just no way of guaranteeing a profit.
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