Heinz Bet Explained

Detailed Guide to How Heinz Betting Works

Most betting markets are the same. You can pick an individual or a team to win or cover point spreads. But not every sport is the same. For example, horse racing has many exotic bets you won’t find anywhere else. Or barely, at the very least.

This famous horse racing bet requires more knowledge. Like the Goliath bet, the Heinz consists of 57 wagers of equal value across six events. It all sounds scary when you see it, but it’s not a hard bet to place. Winning it all is as hard as an accumulator with 20 selections, for example, but there’s a silver lining – even a few correct predictions pay. If you’re interested in Heinz bet combinations, we suggest learning more about horse racing.

That’s where this guide comes in. Heinz betting will be explained in the simplest terms, so you don’t scour the Internet alone.

What Is a Heinz Bet?

A Heinz bet is an exotic horse racing bet with 57 bets across six selections. Here’s how these bets are spread:

  • 15 doubles
  • 20 trebles
  • 15 four-fold accumulators
  • 6 five-folds
  • 1 six-fold

As you can see, you need to learn more about these bet types before you start betting Heinz. It’s not as simple as picking the winning runner or predicting the top three, so you should learn more about horse race betting beforehand.

How Does Heinz Bet Work?

The Heinz bet type allows you to pick the bets above across 6 different events. We’re not talking about one race, but several. Then again, you can go with bets as low as 10c where allowed, so in that case, it’ll only cost you $5.70. Of course, since you’re placing 57 bets, it’s pretty costly and unsuitable for beginners.

While it is complex and looks almost like an accumulator, you don’t need to get all bets correctly to win. You get paid for those who win, essentially securing some return. The other stakes are left in the running if some of them lose.

How to Do a Heinz Bet?

A Heinz can’t be placed on a single event. You will need to spread the bets across six, for example, six horse races or football matches. When you choose them, you’ll be presented with a list of markets.

  • You now need to pick match betting, spreads, totals, or whatever you want for all 6 events.
  • Scroll down to the end of the list – the multiple options should feature Heinz, six-folds, etc.
  • Choose Heinz, and the system will take care of everything
  • When you enter your stake, it’ll calculate everything, including the return

How to Calculate Heinz Bet and Payouts

Since a Heinz consists of 57 bets, keeping track of all possible returns is not easy. You can use a calculator to get the returns with the lowest or highest winning odds per selection. The good news is that many bets have a Super Heinz calculator that will give you what you’re looking for instantly.

Heinz Bet Example

  • City vs. Arsenal – Arsenal to win
  • Manchester United vs. Liverpool – United to win
  • West Ham vs. Newcastle – Alexander Isak to score anytime
  • Leicester vs. Aston Villa – BTTS
  • Everton vs. Southampton – Draw
  • Tottenham vs. Wolves – Wolves to win

It is a classic example of how to start with a football Heinz bet. It’s important to know that your stake will be multiplied by 57 times, so if you go with $1, it’ll cost you $57. When you choose Heinz from the multiples, it’ll calculate it all, including the doubles, trebles, and all the other 57 bets.

Winning Heinz Bet

A winning Heinz bet includes at least two correct predictions. Of course, these odds will adjust the payout, so don’t expect a total return.

Losing Heinz Bet

Losing a Heinz bet is pretty hard since you should score at least 2 selections from a field of 57. Of course, it’s not a bulletproof bet. In general, you should be able to win some of the selections, although the returns largely depend on the odds and are sometimes not worth it.

What Is a Super Heinz?

It’s easy to have the Super Heinz bet explained if you know that it requires 7 selections instead of six. Due to the different events, the number of doubles, trebles, and Accas goes up by 1, which results in a total of 120 bets.

As such, it costs almost double the Heinz and is much harder to predict, yet more lucrative.

How Does a Heinz Each-Way Bet Work?

Like you’d expect it. In this case, an each-way Heinz bet costs double and doubles the possible outcomes. The odds are lower, so it only makes sense to go for selections for each-way payout is higher than your stake.

What Sports Can Heinz Bets Be Used For?

The Heinz is commonly known as a horse racing bet. However, it can also be placed on football events if you prefer.

What Is a Heinz Bet in Horse Racing?

Horse racing is the best sport where you can apply Heinz betting. The Heinz horse bet is one of those bets that consists of dozens of wagers over a selection of events. It’s an excellent pick for exotic bets such as this one due to the many runners and races on the calendar. By picking six horses, you’ll cover most of the combinations with a Heinz, and if you’re good at it, it can also be profitable.

What Is a Heinz Bet in Football?

Football is the only other sport than horse racing where a Heinz bet can be helpful. It’s beneficial as an each-way bet, although it’ll cost significantly more.

Features of a Heinz Bet

Heinz is an exotic bet whose goal is to cover a lot of options and give you the payout of your dreams. Of course, it’s rare to see a bettor hit all combinations right. On the positive side, the best feature is that it pays excellent even with a few winners, although it depends on the odds of each selection. Pick the best events and the top markets with great odds, and you’ll find it an exciting way to make money.

What Are the Advantages of Making a Heinz Bet?

The most apparent advantage of the Heinz bet is the possible payout. With 57 bets and many combinations, it can pay a small fortune. Choose the best betting sites with top odds, such as Sky Bet or Coral, and Heinz can prove profitable if you get lucky.

Does a Heinz Bet Have Any Drawbacks?

You will pay for a Heinz, even if you bet the minimum. Remember – you’re paying for 57 bets. If you place a bet of $10, it’ll cost more than you might eventually make. Hedging bets is also impossible with a Heinz bet, so you’re constantly exposed and risking losses.

Final Words

The Heinz bet is an excellent choice for experienced bettors who aren’t afraid of spending a bit extra. It can pay a lot if you get lucky, yet unlike accumulators, you don’t need to win all your bets for profit. As you might guess, the Heinz bet meaning relates to the 57 different varieties of Heinz (the ketchup company) products, which later expanded. It also has a distinct history directly tied to the name.

If you’re a fan, you will probably want to try this one. It might cost a bit more, but it makes betting on horse races exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a Heinz bet mean?
    A Heinz bet is typically a horse racing bet that involves 57 bets across six selections. It consists of 15 doubles, 10 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds, and 1 six-fold accumulator.
  • How do you win a Heinz bet?
    You only need 2 selections for your Heinz bet to win. Of course, the odds play a huge part in the returns, so the more selections win, the better the payout.
  • Is a Lucky 63 better than a Heinz?
    It depends. If you’re looking for extra chances to win, then yes. Suppose you’re trying to keep your bankroll intact, then no, because it costs more.
  • Which bookmakers offer Heinz bets?
    Almost any reputable betting site with horse racing will have the Heinz bet on offer. You will find multiple bets at Sky Bet, Coral, and William Hill, among others.
  • How Many horses are in a Heinz bet?
    You must pick 6 different horses in six events to tie them into a Heinz. There are 57 permutations you’re betting on, so the more you win, the better.
  • Is Heinz a good bet?
    It can be a profitable bet if you know what you’re doing and get lucky. It’s an excellent option for seasoned bettors to make much money should they know what they’re doing.
  • How does a Heinz bet work?
    Heinz involves 57 different bets on six events. It is mainly used in football or horse racing and only needs a couple of selections for you to win.
  • What is a Heinz bet in horse racing?
    A Heinz horse racing bet means picking six horses in six events, then tying all 57 permutations in a single wager.
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