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Goliath Bet Explained

Goliath Bet

If you’re a regular at online betting sites, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the Goliath horse bet. Named after the Philistine giant described in the Bible, it’s a gigantic form of multiple stakes popular in horse races and football. Like other exotic bets, such as the Heinz bet, it consists of dozens of wagers across many selections. Also known as a total cover bet, the Goliath includes 247 stakes across eight choices, making it one of the hardest to predict and get right.

It’s still popular, though, and not surprisingly, it’s because of the fantastic winning potential. If you want to learn more about this bet, read our complete guide below.

What Is a Goliath Bet?

Goliath betting is a form of multiple bet, including 247 wagers across eight selections. It doesn’t contain any singles. The Goliath bet starts with dozens of doubles, then continues with more complex bet types up to 8-folds.

Since it features hundreds of bets in one spot, it costs much more than the Lucky 31 bet. But, the returns are far more likely, making it a favourite among high rollers.

How Does Goliath Bet Work?

The Goliath is a complex bet type that involves numerous bet types, no singles included. Here’s a full breakdown of the 247 bets:

  • 28 doubles
  • 56 trebles
  • 70 four-folds
  • 56 five-folds
  • 28 six-folds
  • 8 seven-folds
  • 1 eight-fold

That total of 247 bets might make calculating the Goliath bet returns tricky. But the good thing about the best Goliath bookies, such as William Hill or Sky Bet, is that they have automatic bet calculators that take care of it all.

How to Make a Goliath Bet?

Bettors who are looking to place a bet Goliath should make selections across a variety of events. If you’re looking to bet on horse races, you need 8 different races and 8 different runners. Eight, to be more precise, features the bets we mentioned above. It will give you a total of 247 stakes, with a Goliath calculator available online so you can check the returns.

How to Calculate Goliath Bets and Payouts?

Calculating the return of nearly 250 bets is almost impossible. But, the good thing about this bet is that you can find more than one Goliath bet calculator online, with the best sites, such as Coral, built into their website. That’s the easiest way to see how much you can get in return for your stake, with the system calculating payouts as soon as you do.

Goliath Bet Example

Let’s see an example of a Goliath football bet which will give you a clear overview of how it works:

  • Manchester United to beat Brighton
  • Arsenal to beat Newcastle
  • Tottenham to beat Chelsea
  • Liverpool to beat Aston Villa
  • Manchester City to beat Southampton
  • Leicester City to beat Brentford
  • Wolves to beat West Ham
  • Everton to beat Nottingham

These are 8 different events and 8 different selections. If even one of these selections loses on an accumulator, you lose the total bet. However, with the Goliath bet type, you can win even if some of them succeed and others fail. Remember -; there are 247 combinations, so that you will get some returns.

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How Does a Goliath Each-Way Bet Work?

The Goliath each-way bet works in both ways, as the name suggests. It essentially makes 494 individual bets, which costs double the original value. But you also get more chances to win, which can prove profitable when you place a Bet365 Goliath bet, even though the returns will be small.

What Sports Can Goliath Bets Be Used For?

Horse racing and football are the most common sports where the Goliath bet works.

They’re perfect due to the high number of events during the season and the many available betting options.

What Is a Goliath Bet in Horse Racing?

Goliath was originally a horse racing bet type. With so many events during the year and up to 20 runners each, it’s a perfect choice. You’ll find that many bookies only offer the Goliath on horse races. If you’re not afraid of risking a bit more money, it’s a fun way to bet on the races.

What Is a Goliath Bet in Football?

You can also place a Goliath football bet if horse races aren’t your forte. We already explained how it works with a football example, so you can put it without help.

Features of a Goliath Bet

As mentioned earlier, the Goliath is a multiple bet type. It’s one of the ultimate you can place on horse races, trumping your bets in a Heinz, Lucky 15, or Lucky 31. With 247 selections across 8 different events, it can pay a fortune if you’re lucky to hit all the proper outcomes, even though that’s nearly impossible.

What Are the Advantages of Making a Goliath Bet?

The most significant advantage of a Goliath bet is that it can pay an incredible amount of money for all the proper outcomes. You still get paid even for a few, but the return is significantly smaller.

Does a Goliath Bet Have Any Drawbacks?

The Goliath bet’s disadvantage is the price. Even for a fee of $1 per selection, it costs $247, which is more than new bettors can handle.

Why Should You Place a Goliath Bet?

The incredible returns a Goliath bet promises make it very appealing for new and seasoned bettors. Often found under the name of Super Goliath bet, it’s certainly worth your money if you think you can get most of the selections right. Even if you don’t, you can earn a small profit for a few, which still counts as a win. Those will pile up if you get even more right the next time, and that’s its most considerable charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should you place a Goliath bet?
    The Goliath bet promises a great payout if you get all 247 selections right. Of course, winning is hard, but you get a payout even for a few winning outcomes, unlike in an accumulator.
  • What is the Goliath bet?
    The Goliath bet is an exotic bet with 8 selections across 8 events. The total number of stakes included is 247, each costing a minimum of $1.
  • How do I win a Goliath bet?
    Winning the Goliath race is similar to an accumulator, except that you don’t need all selections to win – just a few will count too. Of course, the more you get right, the better the payout.
  • Can you use Goliath bet on football matches?
    Yes, you can. It is commonly used in horse races and football matches due to many events.
  • Are Goliath bets worth it?
    Yes, they are. You will get a proper payout if you hit a large number of selections right.
  • How many bets are in a Goliath?
    In total, there are 247 bets in a Goliath. They are spread across 8 events and 8 different selections.
  • How does a Goliath bet work?
    The Goliath bet includes 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds, and 1 eight-fold.
  • What is a Goliath bet in horse racing?
    The Goliath bet was originally a horse racing type of bet. It includes picking 8 runners across 8 races and 247 possible combinations, offering returns even though only a few are successful.
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