First Goalscorer Bets Explained

First Goalscorer Betting Market

From match winners to half-time results, total goals scored, and much more, the betting scene allows punters to wager on many aspects of sports events. One such market that has received much attention from punters, especially in football, is the first goalscorer betting. But what exactly is this popular wagering option, and what does it involve?

This guide explores everything you need about the first goalscorer bet markets. We will cover the following essential areas:

  • What is first goalscorer betting?
  • Rules guiding the first goalscorer bet
  • Betting sites that offer the first goalscorer bets
  • First Goalscorer Betting Tips, etc.

What is First Goalscorer Betting?

First goalscorer betting, as its name implies, involves wagering on the player who will first score a goal during a game between two opposing teams. The wager doesn’t predict the 1st player to score in a particular team (there is usually a separate market for that); instead, it covers the first goalscorer for both teams. It means that the predicted player could be from team A or B. For example, a sportsbook may decide to offer odds on an upcoming football matchup between Manchester United and Arsenal. In this case, as the punter, you must decide which player out of the usual 22 players on the field (11 from both teams) will hit the first goal.

The odds on a first goalscorer bet vary depending on the chosen player. For instance, since they are more likely to score than others, attacking players tend to have the lowest odds for this wager. That said, the first goalscorer bet is a trendy market in football and is the go-to-market for many betting enthusiasts. However, it is also usually available across various sports like ice hockey, rugby, American football, etc.

Rules Regarding First Goalscorer Bets

The first goalscorer wager is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward and easy-to-understand betting markets online. After all, you only need to predict which player will score the first goal in a game. However, there are some essential first goalscorer betting rules that punters need to keep in mind before engaging this wager option.

While the actual rules guiding this bet option may vary from one sportsbook to another, the general ones include:

Rules Expanation
Own goals rule One vital rule in this betting market is that your own goals do not count as the first goal. If the 1st score made by either of the teams in a game is an own goal, the wager will roll over to the second goal.
Extra time rule Like most betting options in the sports scene, extra time does not count in settling this wager. The bet settles as a loss if a game ends at its standard regulation time without goals. It will not go into the results of the extra time.
No-show player rule Most punters ask what happens if the player you decide to back doesn’t play during the game. In this case, the wager is voided immediately, and you will receive a refund of your stake.
Substituted player rule If your predicted player is a substitute on the bench when the first goal occurs, the wager voids, and you regain your stake. But you will naturally lose if the player has been put in the game and someone else makes the 1st goal.
Taken off or sent off players What happens to your first goalscorer bet when the chosen player starts the game but is later substituted or issued a red card and sent off from the game before the first goal? In this instance, such a player has already had the opportunity to play for a while right from the start and still didn’t score a goal – so you will lose the bet.

First Goalscorer and Correct Score Combinations

An exciting thing about the sports betting scene today is that sportsbooks provide punters with various opportunities to enjoy some incredible markets for their wagers. One of the ways they do this is by combining two or more possible outcomes in a sporting event for bigger odds.

As such, many overseas betting sites offer combination bets on the 1st goalscorer and correct scores that will happen during a matchup. Due to the double-outcomes-in-one bet nature of this wager, the odds offered on such markets are usually relatively high. It is especially so because the correct score part of the wager is often quite hard to predict.

For example, in a matchup between Barcelona and Valencia in the Spanish La Liga, you can find a market that offers this first goal scorer market:

Lewandowski to score first @ 4/1 (i.e., $4 profit for every $1 wager)

And the same sportsbook can also offer a combined wager with the correct score, such as this:

Lewandowski to score first, and Team A to win 3-2 @ 119/1 (i.e., $119 profit for every $1 wager)

First Goalscorer Each Way

The each-way betting option is a familiar concept associated with multiple bet markets, including this one. The idea is that punters are essentially placing two separate but related bets: the first is for a selection to win, while the second wager is for the selection to finish in a certain number of top places.

The each-way bet on the first goalscorer follows the same principle. The wager’s 1st part (i.e., the win-only bet) backs a player to score first in the game at the odds provided by the sports betting sites. On the other hand, the second part of the wager will be a “place” bet that backs the selection scoring second, third, etc., depending on the number of places provided. 

The distinction of this place part of the bet is that the payout is usually calculated as 1/3 of the original first goalscorer bet. Note that the terms may vary depending on the sportsbook you use. Another essential detail to note about this wager is that most sportsbooks offer it as part of their promotional offers.

Now, let’s see a practical example of this wager type. Let’s say you are looking to place each way wager on the 1st goalscorer in an upcoming matchup between Manchester City and Chelsea, and you decide to choose Erling Haaland to score first. The odds on the market are 6/1, and you choose to stake $20 on the market (i.e., $10 on the win bet and $10 on the place bet). And the each-way terms refer to the first five goals @ 1/3.

Now, let’s see what happens if Haaland scores first or second.

Example 1 – Player Scores First

Let’s say your prediction occurred, and Haaland scored the first goal in the match. In this case, you will win both parts of the each-way wager. You will get a $70 (i.e., 6/1 @ $10) payout on the 1st goalscorer bet and $30 (i.e., 6/3 @ $10) on the each-way option. It will result in a $120 combined payout, netting you $100 in profits.

The table below shows the breakdown of the wager:

Bet Part Stake Odds Outcome Payout Profit/Loss
Win $10 6/1 Won $70 $60
Place $10 6/3 Won $30 $20
Total $100 $80

Example 2 – Player Scores Second

Let’s say Haaland didn’t score the 1st goal but made the second one. In this case, you will lose the first goalscorer bet, but you will win the place bet @1/3 of the original odds. So, you will only get a payout from the each-way place part, bringing a $30 return (i.e., 6/3 @ $10). Since you will lose the $10 on the first part of the wager, your net profit will only be $10.

The table below shows the breakdown of the wager.

Bet Part Stake Odds Outcome Payout Profit/Loss
Win $10 6/1 Lose -$10
Place $10 6/3 Won $30 $20
Total $30 $10

Betting Sites That Offer First Goalscorer Betting

Unlike some popular wager types, not every sportsbook offers the 1st goalscorer betting to its players. However, you can find several betting sites online.

Some of the top sports betting sites where you can find the option include:

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That said, it is essential to consider only legitimate betting sites with a good reputation on the market when deciding where to place bets. You should also consider the availability of competitive odds, the sports covered, betting markets offered, payment methods, customer support, and more. The sportsbooks on our lists above meet all these criteria. Also, these sites, among many others, provide some of the best first goalscorer bets promotions and offers that punters can exploit for their wagers.

Another exciting aspect of betting on the first goalscorer market is that bookmakers generally provide different exciting bonuses and promotional offers that apply to it. However, the nature of these first goalscorer free bet promotions typically differs from one sports betting site to the other.

For example, Betfred provides a 1st goalscorer insurance offer popularly called “double delight and hat trick heaven” to its player. With this promotion, when you back a player, and they score the first goal and then score again, Betfred will double the odds on the wager. The best part is that a punter will get three times the price if the selected player manages to score a hat trick.

On the other hand, Ladbrokes usually offers price boosts on selected odds for many of its bet markets, including the 1st goal scorer. With this promotion, the sportsbook adds 25% or more to the standard odds price of your selected wager.

You may also find matched betting first goalscorer offers and other unique promotions in some sportsbooks online.

First Goalscorer Betting Tips

Undoubtedly, 1st goalscorer betting can be challenging to achieve successfully. After all, you must pick one of the 22 players playing during a game. However, there are specific tips and tricks that you can use to improve your chances of winning. Some of these tips include:

  • Consider player form: Before deciding who you will bank your bet on, it is vital to consider the player you want to pick and whether they have a high chance of making the first goal. For example, let’s say you want to engage in a first goalscorer bet in English Premier League games. In that case, you will often find good value in players like Erling Haaland, Harry Kane, Ivan Toney, Mo Salah, and many others.
  • Check the formations: You should also check out the formations the two teams plan to use in the game, like 4-3-3, 4-5-1, etc. This can give you some insights into how things may play out.
  • Consider playing positions: The position a player typically plays during a game relates to their chances of scoring the first goal. Strikers and attacking midfielders tend to have a higher goal-scoring potential, making them the best option for 1st goalscorer betting.
  • Focus on forward players: More often than not, the forward players are the ones who score the opening goal in football matches. While the other positions sometimes get the first goal, the stats favor the forward players, so you should focus more on them.
  • Stay updated: Before placing this wager type, it is essential to assess the current status quo constantly. Last-minute changes that affect your winning chances could occur leading up to a game. So, you should watch out for the lineup announcements to ensure your selected player will play. You should also keep up with the news and updates, including injuries, tactical shifts, etc.
  • Shop for the Best Odds: You should also make it a habit to compare the odds offered on different sportsbooks to find the best possible payout for your wager. Some of the best first goalscorer bets provided by some sportsbooks also come with special enhanced odds and promotions.

Pros and Cons of Betting on the First Goalscorer

Betting who will score the first goal in any match is undoubtedly a unique and exciting wagering opportunity that offers many benefits to punters. However, there is no denying that the bet also comes with its fair share of drawbacks. So, let’s check out a few pros and cons of this market.

  • Straightforward betting option: One of the best appeals of the first goal scorer bet is that it is a simple and easy-to-understand wagering option. You pick who you think would score the very first goal in a game.
  • Higher odds potential: Due to the unpredictable nature of this bet, the odds sports betting sites typically offer on it are usually high compared to other markets, like the match winner, etc.
  • Exciting option: This wager adds excitement to punters’ betting experience as they closely anticipate the first goal. It gives you a player to root for as the game starts and progresses, even if you are not a fan of the team.
  • Unpredictability: One of the most significant drawbacks of betting on the first goalscorer market is the unpredictable nature of the wager type. Even the top goal scorers can sometimes have scouring droughts. And even if they do score, it won’t always be the first goal.

Similar Alternatives to First Goalscorer Bets

If you find that betting on the first goalscorer is not for you, you can enjoy many other options. But you should note that several alternatives follow a similar concept of targeting the goals scored in games. Some of these betting options include:

  • Last goalscorer bet: The “Last goalscorer” bet is similar to the “First Goalscorer bet.” The only area where the two wagering options differ is that, unlike the latter, the former involves predicting the player to score the final goal in a sports match. While some bookies offer the same odds for the first and last goalscorer wagers, prices typically vary in other sportsbooks.
  • Anytime goalscorer bet: This variety offers greater flexibility to players as it refers to wagering on a player to score at any time during the game. Unlike the first and last goalscorer bets, whether your selected player makes the first, second, third, or last goal during the game doesn’t matter. You will win the bet as long as the player manages to score at least one goal. Unsurprisingly, the odds here are lower than that of the first and last options due to its higher possibility of happening.
  • No goalscorer bet: Some sports betting sites also allow punters to wager on the possibility of a game ending with no goals. This means you bet on no one to score during a match. Naturally, you will only win this wager if no goals are scored during the gameplay. You will lose the bet should at least one goal happen.
  • Top Goalscorer/Golden Boot bet: This wager option is a famous market punters typically find online at the start of a tournament or league season. The wager involves predicting which player will score the highest number of goals by the end of the season.

Final Words

First goalscorer betting is a simple and exciting option that allows punters to wager who will make the 1st goal in a sports match. While it has its fair share of drawbacks, there is no denying that this wager is worthwhile. It is because it often comes with better odds prices than some other betting markets due to its unpredictability. However, if you don’t think you can accurately predict who will score first in a game, you can check out the other similar alternatives discussed in this guide. Follow BetZillion’s way for betting success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does each way mean in football betting first goalscorer?
    Each-way first goalscorer betting involves punters placing two bets as a single one. The 1st part covers the player scoring first and another on the same player getting the second, third, fourth, or fifth goal during the game. If the player scores first, you will win both bets. But if the selected player scores later in the match but not 1st, you will win the second part of the bet, typically at reduced odds.
  • Do own goals count as first goalscorer bets?
    As part of the standard first goalscorer betting rules that most bookmakers use, own goals do not count towards this wager. The betting option banks on a player from any of the two participating teams scoring a legitimate goal against the opposing team. So, if an own goal happens, the wager will count for the second goal, as long as it is legit.
  • What are William Hill’s first goalscorer rules?
    As one of the best sports betting sites online, William Hill provides first goalscorer betting to its punters, and the market comes with some guiding rules. But while the rules at the sportsbook may vary in some areas, they typically also follow the general ones, including “own goal does not count,” “selections that don’t show voids wagers,” etc.
  • What are the Betfred first goalscorer rules?
    While the Betfred first goalscorer rules may vary in some aspects, they also follow the general ones. It includes “own goal doesn’t count” and “selected players that don’t play voids bet,” among others.
  • What is an insurebet first goalscorer sports bet?
    The insurebet first goalscorer sports bet is a type of insurance wager some sports betting sites offer. It offers punters a refund of a certain percentage of their stake if the selected player doesn’t score the first goal but still hits at least one goal in the match.
  • What are the score cast rules at William Hill?
    This type of wager involves the prediction of the first goalscorer and the correct final score in a match. The rules for the William Hill scorecast bet are typically the same as the 1st goalscorer bet, with the added requirement of accurately predicting the correct score.
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