Each-Way Betting Explained

Each Way Betting

If you’re into horse racing, you’ve surely come across each-way bets. While the name may sound confusing to new punters, an e/w bet is simple.

It’s a bet offered by bookmakers that have 2 separate bets – a win and a place bet. As the name explains, it pays for each way of the bet, so there’s no need for both the best to win to get a return.

In this each-way bet explained guide, we’ll tell you all about it and why it’s worth putting your money on it at the best horse racing betting sites.

What Is an Each-Way Bet?

As mentioned earlier, the EW bet is a special wager offered at the best horse racing sportsbooks. It’s got 2 ‘moving’ parts – a win and a place bet. To understand how it works, you’ll need to learn a bit of horse racing terminology. The win is pretty self-explanatory – it means picking a winning horse. A place bet means selecting a horse to finish first, second, or third in a race such as the Grand National.

So, what does each way mean in betting? It means that you can score nice returns for your wager if both the win and place selections win. If the selection takes place, you only get paid for that part (same for the win). In short, each way pays depending on the odds and the money you’ve put on each.

Each-way betting is the most popular way to back a horse in the Grand National and other famous horse races. Of course, it is offered in different sports betting markets, such as the English FA Cup or Premier League.

How to Make an Each-Way Bet

EW betting is straightforward if you do it at the top sports betting sites in the industry. For example, placing it on sites such as Betfair, Bet365, Betfred, or William Hill is relatively easy. All punters need to select a horse to win by clicking on its odds. As soon as the selection is added to your betslip, click on the EW box below the odds. Enter your wager in the end, and that’ll be it.

Keep in mind that it will cost you double when you bet each way. For example, back a horse at £10, and you’ll also place him at the same amount. It is done automatically by the system, so you don’t need to worry about it. At the same time, the system will also calculate your winnings so you know exactly what you might get in return.

Two Parts of an Each-Way Bet

Every each-way bet has 2 parts which we’ll explain in detail below.

Win Bet

By placing a winning bet, you’re picking a winning horse. It is the first thing you pick in an each-way horse bet. Just click on the odds, and it’ll instantly be added to your betslip.

Place Bet

When you place this bet, you’re essentially betting on a horse to finish on a predetermined spot. It is usually on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, but it can be different.

How to Calculate Each-Way Bets?

When placing this exciting bet, it’s important to consider the win and place odds for your selections. If the odds aren’t even, you will lose money overall. That’s why many punters calculate the returns of an e/w bet, so they know if it’s profitable to wager on.

The good news is that all real money bookies do this automatically, so no need for a calculator. Whether you’re betting on football or horse racing, the system will calculate the returns as soon as you enter your stake. Many of them offer a special each-way accumulator, which is great for punters who are deeply invested in this exciting double bet.

Example of an Each-Way Bet

To make things easier for you to understand, we’re going to show you an example of EW betting often seen at Ladbrokes and similar bookies.

As mentioned earlier, when you place an e/w bet, your wager is instantly doubled. It shouldn’t come as a surprise – you’re essentially betting on 2 different bets. For example, if you back a horse at £5 at odds of 10/1, the other part of the bet will also be for £5, but at different odds – let’s say 5/1 for places 1-2-3.

You will win the full bet if your horse wins the race. In that case, it won the race and placed first, so both parts of the bet paid.

Only the place bet wins when a horse finishes on the second or third spot. If it ends outside of the predetermined places, you lose your bet.

While it may look confusing at first glance, this is an effortless way to bet and get a solid payout if both bet parts win.

Advantages of Each-Way Betting

Each-way betting can be lucrative in some combinations and not worthwhile in others. For example, it can be very profitable if you believe a horse will win the race. If the horse’s odds are solid, an EW bet is a must. You’ll risk a bit more money, but you’ll get much better returns when the horse covers both parts of the bet.

If you’re not sure a horse can win the race, but it’s fast enough to place, an each-way bet still makes sense. If you get great each-way odds on both parts, this is a bet that promises a lot of potential and great winnings. When weighing it against other bet types, it’s a fantastic way to earn extra money on favorites with solid odds.

Disadvantages of Each-Way Betting

The most obvious disadvantage of this double bet is the double wager. To put it simply, it’s a pretty risky one if you’re betting on long odds. In that case, the returns might be fantastic, but the long odds create a risk-high reward situation that doesn’t always pay.

Final Words

Now that you’ve learned how each way betting works, we strongly recommend you try it – no need to bet great money on it right away. Instead, back one of the top favorites for a fiver, and you might win more than you imagined in the first place.

It’s a great way to get the most out of a double bet and a great way to diminish the risks of losing your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can you win on an each-way bet?

    It depends on the each-way odds. Remember – with this bet, you’re essentially placing 2 wagers, so your bet is doubled. Paired with great odds for a horse with good chances to win or place, this can be a lucrative bet.

  • How does an each-way bet payout?

    Each part of an e/w bet pays following the odds. If your selection wins and places, you get paid for both positions. If it places on the second or third spot, you only get paid for the place part.

  • How does each-way betting work in golf?

    You can place EW golf bets as well. They work the same way – a golfer must either win an event or finish on places 1-5 for your stake to win.

  • What does each way mean in horse racing?

    A double bet that includes a win and a place bet is called each-way betting. To win your bet, your selection should win – in that case, it has placed 1st as well. If it places second or third, you win the place part of the bet.

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