Double Bet Explained

Double Bet Explained

The online sports betting scene is filled with multiple betting systems punters can use to increase their winnings. One is the double bet, a multiple-bet type that utilizes two selections in one wager.

This guide explores the world of double betting, covering the following relevant areas:

  • What is a double bet?
  • How does double-betting work?
  • Which sports apply to double bets?
  • Pros and cons of betting doubles
  • Similar bets to a double

What Is a Double Bet?

A double bet is generally used to describe the simplest form of a parlay (accumulator) wager. As the name suggests, it involves two different selections of events combined into a single bet. The allure of double betting online lies in its potential for bigger payouts than single bets, as it combines the odds on both selections. As such, to win a double bet, both selections chosen must win. So, while the risk here is slightly higher than single bets, the payout potential is also better, like most multi bets.

The best part about double bets is that, like most multiple wagers, you can use it on just about any sport you want, from football to basketball, baseball, and many others. Double bets also work with most bet markets, from straight moneyline winners to point spreads, totals, double chance, and many more. As one of the most straightforward parlay options available online, you will find that these wagers are available across most sportsbooks.

Double Bet Examples

Now, let’s delve into a typical working example of double-betting online. Let’s say you decided to put action on two teams in the upcoming English Premier League games and combine it into a double bet with a $100 stake.

Selections Odds
Manchester United to win vs. Chelsea 2.5 (3/2)
Arsenal to win vs. Liverpool 3.0 (2/1)

As with any other sports betting market, one of three things can happen – one of your selections wins the game, both wins, or both lose. The game’s outcome will determine whether you have a winning or losing double bet. Let’s see what both scenarios would look like.

Winning Double Bet Example

Let’s say that a punter did their due diligence by finding the selections with the best winning chances, and Lady Luck is on their side, resulting in both Manchester United and Arsenal winning their games. In such a situation, you will win your double wager.

Selections Odds Outcome
Manchester United to win vs. Chelsea 2.5 (3/2) Won
Arsenal to win vs. Liverpool 3.0 (2/1) Won
Double bet odds 7.5 (13/2) Winning bet
Payout/Profit $750/$650

If both teams win their respective games, you will win the bet and get a $750 payout from your $100 stake, resulting in a profit of $650.

Losing Double Bet Example

As any sports enthusiast knows, sports are inherently unpredictable. Any unexpected upset that will result in you losing your bet can happen, and the same goes for when you place a double bet on the same bookmaker.

So, should one or both teams lose their respective games, you will naturally lose your double-betting wager, as shown in the table below.

Selections Odds Outcome
Manchester United to win vs. Chelsea 2.5 (3/2) Won
Arsenal to win vs. Liverpool 3.0 (2/1) Lost
Double bet odds 7.5 (13/2) Losing bet

Although Manchester United won, resulting in one correct prediction, the bet failed since the other selection (Arsenal) failed.

How Does Double Betting Work?

As mentioned, double is a straightforward parlay accumulator wager combining two bet selections. Punters can place a double bet with a wide range of betting markets on almost any sport at double-betting bookmakers. 

Here is a simple step-by-step breakdown on how to do that:

  1. Find two selections with the best winning chance: The most crucial step in this bet type is choosing your two selections, as the success of the wager will depend on the picks’ outcomes. So, research and make sure you are confident with your selections.
  2. Calculate the odds: It is typically done by the bookmaker’s built-in calculator as soon as you choose your selections. You can also use other online betting calculators to do that. It multiplies the odds of each selection together and gives the overall odds on the double bet and the potential payout based on the stake amount.
  3. Add your selections to the betting slip: Once you are okay with the two selections for your double teaser bet and the odds offered, you can add them to your bet slip. It will automatically combine it into one bet under the betting slip’s “Multi” section.
  4. Add your stake amount and place the bet: The last step is to add the preferred stake amount to the bet and then submit it.

Once you successfully place the bet, you only need to wait for the outcome. You will get a payout if both selections prove accurate. Interestingly, many sites offer daily double bet explained tips that punters can use to find the best options with good value. Now, let’s get into some other relevant details in double betting.

How to Calculate Odds for a Double Bet

To fully understand how double betting in America works and the rest of the world, it’s important to know how the odds function. The odds for a double bet are essentially a product of both single selections. For instance, from our example above, with Manchester United @ 2.5 odds and Arsenal @3 odds, the double bet odds will be 2.5 x 3 = 7.5. Calculating the return from there will follow the typical payout formula:

Payout = stake x odds

So, with a $100 stake, you can expect a $750 (i.e., 7.5 x $100) potential payout should your predictions prove correct, leaving you a $650 profit. Another way to look at how to work out a double bet is that the payout won from the first winning selection will be staked on the second selection.

Manchester United @ 2.5 odds = $250 payout (i.e. $150 profit + $100 stake)

Arsenal @ 3 odds = $750 payout ($500 profit + $250 stake)

So, if Manchester United and Arsenal win their respective matchups, you will walk away with a $750 payout, resulting in a profit of $650 (i.e., $150 + $500).

What Is an Each-Way Double Bet?

Aside from the typical double bet we have explained, there is another variant that punters can explore when they wager online. This option is known as each-way double bet and is quite popular in horse racing events and other sports such as tennis. 

So, what is each-way double bet meaning? It involves placing a bet on the outright winner of two separate races alongside an additional wager on the selected horses to finish in the top positions. This results in two double bets in a single wager – a win double and a place double. The win option requires the two horses in your selections to be successful, while the place wager only needs the horses to place (i.e., finish in the top positions). You should note that the place positions vary from one bookmaker to the other and can be anywhere from the top three, four, five, or more.

The upside to the each-way double bet compared to the standard option is that the horses don’t necessarily have to win for your wager to succeed. You will get a payout if the two horses you select finish in the top positions specified. However, the size of the payout and your profit, if any, will depend on the place position and the odds offered.

That said, since an each-way double bet will cover 2 wagers in one, the stake here will also double. So, a typical $10 stake would result in a $20 stake to cover both the win and place double wagers.


Now, let’s look at a typical each-way double bet example. Let’s say you found two good horses you would like to put action on during the Cheltenham Festival. And while you know the horses have a good winning chance during their respective races, you are not completely confident they will win. In such a situation, you can go for an each-way double hedge bet to cover the possibilities of one or both of your selections placing in the other top spots.

Let’s say that the two horses have the following odds attached to them with “E/W 1/5 Places 1-2-3”:

  • Horse 1 @ 3.0 (2/1)
  • Horse 2 @ 4.0 (3/1)

Punters can easily calculate any market’s odds and potential using the each-way double bet calculator. The table below shows the potential payout a punter will get from the market with the each-way market.

Selections Odds Double Bet Place Bet
Horse 1 3.0 (2/1) (2/1) x $10 = $20 (1/5 x 2/1) x $10 = $4
Horse 2 4.0 (3/1) (3/1) x ($20 + $10) = $90 (1/5 x 3/1) x ($4 +$10) = $8.4
Payout $90 + $30 = $120 $8.4 + 14 = $22.4
Profit $100 $2.2

In the double market, should Horses 1 and 2 be victorious in their races, a punter will win the two wagers and get a payout of $142.4, resulting in a $122.4 profit. On the flip side, should one or both horses not win the race but place in the top three positions, you lose the double bet and win the place bet. It will result in a $22.4 payout and a $2.4 profit. Small right? But it will at least recover your stake. However, if both horses do not win or place in the top positions, you lose the bet and your entire stake.

Now, let’s check out some of the pros and cons of this bet type.

Pros Cons
  • Has the potential for a higher payout
  • Higher chances of winning compared to regular double bet
  • It mitigates risk and recovers part or all of a punter’s stake
  • Offers flexibility to choose place positions
  • Higher cost to cover the double and place bets
  • Varied place criteria across different sportsbooks and events

What Is the Double Chance?

A double chance bet is an exciting form of betting that covers two of the three possible outcomes in any sporting event – home team win, away team win, or draw. It is one of the markets many punters consider when placing doubles, especially in football. It features three possible choices, 1X, 2X, and 12.

The 1X involves backing the home team to win or the game ending in a tie. The 2X involves backing the away team to win or the match ending in a draw. The 12 option covers a win from either the home or away teams, with no possibility of a tie.

One important thing to note about a double chance wager is that since it essentially features a 66.7% possibility, sportsbooks’ odds on this market are usually much smaller than others.


Let’s say there are upcoming matches in the Spanish La Liga between some top teams. A typical sportsbook will offer these double chance bets to its punters for the events.

Events 1X X2 12
Barcelona vs. Sevilla 1.31 1.42 1.52
Valencia vs. Real Madrid  3.25 3.25 2.05

Based on your research and analysis, let’s say that you back 1X as the first selection in the matchup between Barcelona and Sevilla and X2 in the game between Real Madrid and Valencia. Backing the first selection to win in a single bet will yield $31 in profits with a $100 stake, and backing the second selection will yield a $105 profit with a $100 wager. It will result in a $131 profit potential profit if the prediction proves right while risking $200 in wagers.

But to place a double bet, the combined odds will equal 2.69 (i.e., 1.31 x 2.05). With a $100 stake, the bet can potentially yield $169 in profit. It is a lot more profit than you would get wagering on the singles with less risk.

Pros Cons
  • An easy-to-understand bet option
  • Increases the probability of winning up to 66.7% on each bet
  • A less risky way to gamble 
  • More opportunities to win
  • Lower odds
  • Reduced potential payout

What Is the Double Result?

Another exciting betting option that punters can engage with this bet type is the double result wager, also known as the halftime/full-time bet. This option involves making predictions and wagering on the outcome of two stages in a sporting event – the result at halftime and the result at the end of the match (full-time).

The concept here is backed by the fact that a team winning a game at halftime doesn’t necessarily mean they would be the final winner in a matchup. One team may win the halftime, and the opponent may push during the second half of the game, thereby making a comeback and eventually winning the match. A tie result is also an option punters need to consider.

With a double result bet, there are nine possible outcomes in football and a few other sports, including:

  • Home – Home
  • Home – Draw
  • Home – Away
  • Draw – Home
  • Draw – Draw
  • Draw – Away
  • Away – Home
  • Away – Draw
  • Away – Away

You must pick the correct half- and full-time results order to win this wager. The half/full double bet is quite popular in football betting but can also be effective in other sports like tennis. This bet type in tennis involves wagering which of the two players will win the first set and the match. The odds offered on this market will depend on the perceived likelihood of the combination happening.


It’s important to note that while the basics of the double result bet typically stay the same, the rules may slightly vary depending on the sports being wagered on. Let’s check out a typical halftime/full-time result example in football. For instance, there is an upcoming match between Liverpool and Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League. You may find a market like this at a sportsbook:

Liverpool – Liverpool @2.50

Liverpool – Draw @19.00

Liverpool – Barcelona @51.00

Draw – Liverpool @4.00

Draw – Draw @5.00

Draw – Barcelona @ 11.00

Barcelona – Liverpool @ 26.00

Barcelona – Draw @19.00

Barcelona – Barcelona @9.00

Now, let’s say that based on your research, you believe the first half of the match will end in a draw, with Liverpool becoming the ultimate winner and the end of the matchup. In that case, you can pick the Draw – Liverpool @4.00 wager. Naturally, the first half will have to end in a draw with Liverpool in the lead at the game’s end for you to win the wager. You lose the wager if any of the eight other possible outcomes occur.

Like the other bet options we have explained, you can combine two events for this betting market to create a half/full double bet. 

Pros Cons
  • It is a straightforward bet type
  • Offers much higher odds than traditional bet markets
  • It offers an extra layer of excitement to punters
  • It can be difficult to predict accurately
  • It’s not a great option for live betting

What Is the Cross Double?

The cross bet is another form of multiple wagers that involves the same two selections. The major difference between this option and a typical double bet is that it only doubles the amount a punter can gain from separate selections. It doesn’t multiply the odds offered.

Simply put, the cross-wager involves two working parts. In the first part, you stake a single bet on the first selection. If the prediction is correct, another single bet will be placed on the second selection. The second part also involves the same pattern but in reverse order. Here, you bet on the second selection first, and if it wins, the stake will be wagered again on the first selection.


For example, let’s say you decided to engage in a cross bet on two horses in upcoming horse racing events. To keep things simple, let’s assume that the two selections have the same odds of 4.00 (3/1). If you decide to stake $10 to place $5 on each selection as singles, it will yield a profit of $30 ($15 each) if accurate.

But if you decide to stake your funds on a cross bet, you will gain $60 from your $10 wager. It means you will get $30 from the first part of the wager and another $30 from the second part.

Pros Cons
  • Offers a better payout than single bets
  • Doubles the profit you can gain from two stakes.
  • You can easily lose your stake if only one selection wins

What Is the Draw-No-Bet Way Double?

The draw-no-bet is similar to a straight moneylines in which you wager on the result of the matchup. Except that here, you will only be wagering on the game ending in a win or loss while eliminating the potential of a draw. The wager covers the possibility of a team winning or losing a game and ignores the draw option. So, if you back a particular team to win a draw-no-bet, and the game ends in a tie, while you won’t win any money, you won’t lose either. Instead, you will get back your initial stake.

You should note that due to the lower potential risk involved in this market, the odds bookmakers typically offer to punters here are usually lower than regular match results bets.

The draw-no-bet was introduced as a way for punters to manage their bankroll well and can be an effective market for double-betting online.


Let’s check out a typical draw-no-bet market. For instance, let’s assume that Spain is facing off against Argentina during a friendly football game. To join the action with a draw-no-bet market here, you must choose which of the two teams has the highest chance of coming out on top. Let’s say that you picked Spain. For you to win this bet, Spain has to win the game. But if Argentina ends up being the winner, you lose the wager and your stake. However, if the third possible outcome occurs, i.e., a tie, you will get a return of your initial stake.

An important thing to note when you want to place a double hedge bet with the draw-no-way market is that this option works like any typical bet. If your prediction proves accurate, you will earn a payout depending on your stake and the attached odds. For example, if you staked $100 on Spain @ 1.5 odds, you will receive a $150 payout, yielding $50 in profits. Combining 2 selections of a draw-no-bet can be a good strategy to engage a double bet market.

Pros Cons
  • It is a simple market
  • Offers a much-reduced risk to punters
  • Serves as a good start for beginners
  • Lower odds and potential payouts

What Bookmakers Offer Double Bets?

As mentioned, a double bet is the simplest form of accumulator wagers, making it a popular option with many punters online. That is why the betting strategy is widely available online across most bookmakers’ betting sites if not all. If a sportsbook offers betting markets on sporting events and allows accumulator (parlay) betting, you can engage in double bets.

However, when deciding where to place doubles online, it’s important to only choose a legit and fully licensed sportsbook with a good reputation on the market. It would help if you also considered relevant factors like competitive odds, payment methods supported, sports and betting markets offered, etc.

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Some of the most popular double betting bookmakers where you can find opportunities include:

To place a double bet on Bet365 and any other sportsbook online, pick the two selections you want to wager on, and the option will appear on the betting slip. 

On Which Sports Can I Place a Double Bet?

One of the best parts of the double-betting online market is that it is a versatile betting strategy applicable to almost every sport. Punters must make any two selections in their preferred events to make a double, regardless of the sport or specific bet type.

As such, you can double bet on football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, and other sports. You will also find opportunities to engage in CS: GO double betting and many other options in the recently popular esports category. Now, let’s check out what this wager option looks like in some sports.

Double Bets in Football

As the most popular sport in the world with a global fanbase, football is a go-to option for punters when engaging in doubles. With loads of sporting events happening across diverse competitions, tournaments, and leagues, and the availability of a vast range of markets you can wager on, the opportunities for doubles are almost endless in football. You must pick the 2 selections you want and head to the betting slip to enter your stake under the “Multi” section.

For example, let’s say that there is an upcoming game between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga league. You can decide to place a double wager on the event for Bayern Munich to win and for the total goals to go over 3.5. You can also choose a different sporting event for the second selection. If you want to calculate a double bet on football, you should note that the odds and payout work as we have explained earlier. The payout the wager will yield will be the product of the odds of the two selections multiplied by the staked amount.

Double Bets in Horse Racing

Double bet is quite valuable for horse racing. With loads of racing events happening in different places across the globe, like the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National, the American Classics, etc., there are loads of horse racing double bet opportunities. It would help if you decided which horses have the best winning chances and picked them for your wager.

For example, you may back Paddington during the Prince of Wales Stakes and Mostahdaf at the Juddmonte International Stakes. Combining the two selections will make a double. Naturally, your selections have to win their races for you to get a payout. The best part of this strategy with horse racing is that you can have a double hedge bet with the each-way option. Punters can also engage in the forecast double bet market and many other exciting options.

One important thing to note is that double-betting in horse racing can be quite profitable. It is because it is quite hard to find horse races with overwhelming favorites. So, the odds on the available selections will usually be high enough to generate a bigger profit.

Double Bets in Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is another major sport where punters can utilize double bets. The way it works follows the same logic as that of horse racing. You pick two greyhounds from the races you are interested in and combine them into a single wager.

Like horse racing, this sport is quick and has several factors that can influence the outcome, resulting in the lack of overwhelming favorites. Punters will find selections with relatively higher odds that can significantly boost their winnings with double bets.

One of the best parts of greyhound double betting is that the sport usually features back-to-back races quickly, creating a wide range of betting opportunities for betting enthusiasts. You should note that depending on your sportsbook, the non-runner in a double bet method applies in greyhound and horse racing.

Double Bets in Tennis

Tennis double is another go-to option for many betting enthusiasts. Double bet in tennis is quite similar to football in that it typically revolves around head-to-head games. But here, you will support 2 players to win 2 tennis matches. For example, you may decide to back Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz during their upcoming games in the US Open. Combining the two selections will create your double wager, which you will win if your predictions proved accurate.

You can also go for bigger odds by selecting from other exciting markets, such as set winner, handicap, and other options. You can also opt for a double in the outright markets and each way, which, in tennis, typically only includes 2 top positions.

Pros & Cons of Betting Doubles

As you might have already inferred, there are many benefits that a punter can enjoy from engaging in double-betting online. But it is important to note that it also comes with some drawbacks. So, let’s check out the pros and cons of betting doubles.

  • Potential for bigger payout: Perhaps the biggest attraction of this option is its potential for bigger payouts. Combining two selections into a single bet will multiply the odds on each selection, resulting in a potentially more lucrative payout than single wagers.
  • Enhanced odds on favorites: This betting strategy can be useful for punters who prefer betting on the favorites. Due to their higher winning chances, sportsbooks’ odds on favorites are typically quite small. By combining two selections in this wager, you can enhance the odds of your wager.
  • Reduced stake: To engage in two selections as singles, you must stake a significant amount on each. But with a double, you only need to stake one amount to cover your two predictions.
  • Diversified selections in sports and betting market: Another exciting benefit of the double wager is that it applies to a wide range of sports and betting markets. Punters can combine matches and events from different sports and leagues using different markets, like match results, totals, handicaps, props, and more.
  • Lower winning chances: One of the most significant drawbacks of the double bet market is that it is less likely to win than single wagers. Both selections must win for you to win your wager. If even one selection loses, you will lose your stake.
  • Lesser payout: While the double bet can increase a punter’s potential payout, it is still smaller than other accumulators with more selections.

Bets similar to a Double Bet

One of the biggest attractions of sports betting lies in the availability of diverse betting markets punters can enjoy and the different forms of wagering they can engage in. So, aside from double bets, punters can explore and engage in many other alternative options while placing bets online. Let’s look at a few similar double bet alternatives you will find online:

  • Treble: A treble bet is another form of accumulator multiple wagers involving combining three selections from the same or different sporting events into a single wager. All three selections must prove accurate for you to win a treble. Like the double wager option, you can calculate the treble odds by multiplying the odds of each selection together.
  • Accumulator: An accumulator popularly known as Acca, combo, and parlay is another multi-bet option combining multiple selections into a single wager. The key difference between this alternative and the double wager is that an accumulator wager can include four or more selections. You will also need to multiply the odds on each selection to determine the Acca odds, resulting in a much higher potential payout. All predictions must also be correct to win an accumulator.
  • Trixie: A Trixie bet is a system wager that combines three selections and then creates multiple smaller wagers. It results in three doubles and one treble. Unlike the different accumulator forms, you don’t need every selection to win here for a payout. You will receive a payout if at least two selections win.

Final Words

To sum up, double bets add excitement and higher potential rewards to punters’ betting experience. By combining two betting selections into a single wager, punters get enhanced odds and an increase in potential payout. It does this by multiplying the odds on each selection to get higher odds for your stake than you would find with single wagers.

The double betting online market is available on almost all sports and betting markets you can find online. You must pick the outcomes you are interested in and put a stake amount on it. However, this market also comes with its fair share of risk as it requires that both selections be correct for you to get a win.

That being said, a double bet may be ideal if you are interested in a more exciting bet market. Many sites even provide daily double-betting tips you can explore. So, don’t hesitate to give it a go to get bigger rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a double bet in sports betting?
    A double bet in sports betting involves combining 2 selections from the same or different events into a single wager. The odds determining a punter’s payout here are calculated by multiplying the odds offered on each selection. Both selections must be correct for the wager to win.
  • What is a double bet in horse racing?
    A double bet in horse racing is a type of wager that involves selecting the winners of two races. Both selections must win their respective races for your wager to succeed. A horse racing double bet can also be an each-way wager, place, show, and other exciting options.
  • What is a $5 double bet on the horses?
    A $5 double bet on the horses essentially means wagering on the doubles market with a stake of $5. You need to make two selections of horses to win their respective races, and you will get a payout if your prediction is accurate. The actual payout will be calculated by multiplying the $5 stake by the product of each selection’s odds.
  • What is a double bet in football?
    In football, a double bet involves wagering on the outcome of two selections in matchups between two opposing teams and combining them into one wager. For example, you can predict the match winners of two separate matches, the over/total goals, double chance, and other markets.
  • What is a double chance bet?
    A double chance bet is a wager covering two of the three possible outcomes in any sporting event. For example, you can back the home team to win or draw, the away team to win or draw, or either team to win. You will win the wager if the two outcomes you predict occur. Punters can use this market to take full advantage of double bets to improve their winning chances significantly.
  • What does betting doubles mean?
    Betting double is a term that refers to the action of placing wagers on double bets, i.e., combining two separate selections into one.
  • Are double bets more profitable than singles?
    Double bets tend to offer a potential for higher payouts than single wagers when successful, but the risk also increases as both selections must be accurate for you to win. The profitability will depend on which wager grants consistent results in the long run.
  • Why should you place double bets?
    There are many reasons a punter should consider placing this wager. First, the wagers offer the potential for much higher payouts than single bets. Second, it allows punters to reduce the amount of stake they would typically need to wager on each selection as singles. It also adds extra excitement to punters’ betting experience and encourages strategy.
  • What sports is double betting best?
    Double betting applies to various sports, including football, horse racing, basketball, tennis, greyhound racing, and many more. So, there are no particularly good sports for this option. But it is often best to stick with the one you are familiar with.
  • How to do a double bet on Bet365?
    To place a double bet on Bet365, register with the sportsbook and log in to your account if you haven’t done that already. Once in, you can navigate to the sports and events you are interested in and select your desired outcomes in your wager. Once it appears on your betting slip, choose the “Multi” option and enter your desired stake amount. Once you have confirmed that the selections and odds are right, press the “Place Bet” button.
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