Bet on Anything

Betting on Anything

Are you tired of the same old betting options? Do you want to add an element of excitement and personalization to your wagering experience? Then, you need to know how to bet on anything. While this might sound strange, especially to newbie punters, this innovative method allows you to go beyond traditional betting markets and create unique wagers on almost anything.

Our article explores all you need to know about betting on anything. We’ll cover the following areas:

  • Can you wager on anything you want to?
  • How to request your bets
  • Odds for bet requests
  • What can’t you bet on?

Can You Bet on Anything You Want?

As a newbie bettor, you might be familiar with only traditional sports betting on popular sports and markets. However, it is possible to place a bet on anything in today’s modern era, or almost.

Almost every bettor has had an idea for a good bet at some point or another, only to find that it’s not offered on their preferred sportsbooks. It can go beyond sports, including betting on TV shows, celebrity awards, and betting on politics. Thankfully, some betting sites allow you to bet on pretty much anything, as long as the bookie feels it has a publicly known and defined outcome.

But the question remains: how expensive is “anything”? While there are almost no limits to strange things to bet on, bookmakers generally draw the line at immoral and distasteful wagers. For instance, you won’t be able to wager on the deaths of people or a war breaking out. We will cover more about things you can’t bet on later in this article.

Request Your Own Bets

“Request a Bet” is a feature some bookmakers offer where bettors can propose specific or customized bets that are not already listed in the standard betting options. Hence, it is the gateway to bet on anything with real money. This feature has always been present among bookies. However, it was a complicated process as punters would have to walk into the betting shop or relate the details of their unconventional bets over a phone call.

Today, however, most betting sites with this feature allow bettors to request a bet easily via their mobile apps and social media channels, especially Twitter. For instance, let’s assume there is an EPL match between Liverpool and Manchester City. You can contact a bet on anything website on their Twitter account and request a custom wager.

Each bookmaker with the “request a bet” feature has a unique hashtag for this purpose. For instance, William Hill’s code is #YourOdds. So, requesting a bet on the said match will look like this, “@William Hill Real Man City vs Liverpool (English Premier League): Man City to win, Haaland to score within the first 15 minutes, over three cards, and seven corner kicks #YourOdds.” After tweeting this, a bookmaker representative will contact you and inform you whether your custom bet is accepted. If it is, they’ll offer you assigned odds and a slip for the wager.

You can also request odds to bet on anything with real money on unusual markets, such as election winner, award show winner, betting a kid to become a successful athlete, etc. However, The bookmakers’ decision on whether your wager will be accepted will ultimately hinge on whether impartial experts can establish and confirm the outcome in question.

Odds for Bet Requests

While it sounds great to be able to wager on anything, it’s essential to know that you will get worse odds prices for unconventional bets. In traditional markets like football match results, bookmakers can easily balance their books by receiving bets on all possible outcomes. Hence, they make money regardless. Conversely, unclear wagers on a bet on anything app or site involve complex or specific scenarios. Therefore, bookmakers lack reliable data and can’t balance the market. So, they offer way less favorable odds than standard bets.

However, most bettors do not mind this since such wagers are occasional, and their lack of value can’t bite back in the long term. Also, the bets still carry fairly substantial odds due to their obscure nature and will pay a significant amount if they win.

What Can’t You Bet on?

While requesting your bets allows for a wide range of options, there are certain limitations to remember. As mentioned, even a website where you can bet on anything may decline certain wagers depending on the surrounding conditions. Let’s take a look at such scenarios.

Avoid the Immoral

Licensed betting sites are responsible for the betting markets they offer punters and must follow specific rules. While many bookmakers seem to provide odds on request for markets as unconventional as predicting the name of a celeb’s child, they usually draw the line when they deem a wager immoral.

For instance, bookmakers will not accept a bet on people’s deaths, politician’s assassinations, wars, plagues, etc. One of the reasons behind this is to avoid catastrophes, such as a bettor going the extra mile to make their wager come through. Therefore, such stakes only seem to be available on illegal websites that allow punters to bet on anything with crypto.

Amateur Sports

Another scenario where a bookmaker may decline your wager is certain amateur sports. While you wager on anything related to the Olympics, you can’t do the same for your high school football match. Bookmakers are making money and won’t accept wagers on markets where you have an influence and whose outcome they can’t establish.

Why Bookies Don’t Like It

As seen above, bookmakers can reject specific wagers for several reasons, from business-based to moral ones. It’s essential to take note of this before you visit a website to make a bet on anything; otherwise, your account may be restricted or banned.

Regarding morals, betting sites are in the business of making money and could care less whether you wager on a basketball game or the death of a celebrity. However, we live in a social media age where news spreads fast, and no brand would want to be caught in negative PR.

Conversely, bookies won’t accept your wagers for purely business reasons if they discover that you have way more information and knowledge on the market than they do. After all, no bookmaker wants to lose money.

Final Words

The “request your bet” feature is a game-changer. It solves several sports betting challenges, especially limiting bettors to traditional markets. You can go beyond regular options by creating custom wagers and bet on almost anything your imagination desires. While there are limitations and considerations to keep in mind, it is an ideal option for bettors who crave excitement, personalization, and control. Want to bet on anything? Visit one of the websites thoroughly reviewed by our betting content experts and win big!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you bet on anything at the bookies?
    Many popular sports betting platforms, such as William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet365, Betway, Ladbrokes, and others, provide punters with “request a bet.” However, this tool’s name, rules, and specifics may differ among these sites. Regardless, bettors can use the “request a bet” option to bet on almost anything as long as it has a market.
  • Can you bet on anything at William Hill?
    William Hill offers the “request a bet” feature on Twitter with a unique hashtag, #YourOdds. Using this feature, bettors can request odds to bet on almost anything, from unconventional markets in football to politics, entertainment, TV shows, etc. It is also true for popular bookies like BetWay, Ladbrokes and Bet365.
  • Can you bet on anything in England?
    England bettors can bet on almost anything on any major sportsbook brand that offers the “request a bet” option as long as it aligns with the brand’s code of conduct. From custom football combo wagers to betting on betting on everything about the royal family, UK bookies offer odds on request to a wide range of unconventional betting options.
  • Can you bet on anything in Vegas?
    Also known as the World’s Gambling Capital, Vegas is one of the leading destinations where you can bet on practically anything. From offering odds for who will win on HBO’s Game of Thrones to the Oscar awards, Vegas’ betting sites allow bettors to request any bet their imagination desires.
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