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3-Way Betting Explained

3 Way Bets

Have you ever visited an online bookie and seen three-way betting wondering what the heck it is? It’s one of the simplest bets you can put your money on. The 3-way meaning in betting involves 3 possible outcomes, with the odds typically higher than 2-way betting.

In this guide, we’ll answer the question how 3-way betting works and show you why this bet is worth it.

What Is 3-Way Betting?

As mentioned briefly, the 3-way betting meaning involves 3 possible outcomes in a match. For example, in a soccer match (and most team sports), there are 3 possible outcomes – Team A wins, Team B wins, or the match ends in a tie. To make things simple for new bettors, it’s just like a 2-way bet with the inclusion of the tie.

These 3 outcomes are covered in three-way bets, which makes it clear that your possibility to win is 1:3. In decimals, that’s a rounded-up 33.3% chance to win.

3-Way Bets – Main Advantages

  • With 3-way sports betting, you’re getting a pretty high winning percentage. You get 3 chances to win, which is more than 2-way betting or placing a single.
  • It is one of the simplest bets to understand, making it perfect for beginners.
  • Thanks to the flexibility, it’s also a great bet for sharp bettors.

How Does 3-Way Betting Work?

With 3 separate bets involved in 3-way odds in betting, you have a 1 in 3 chance to win. Compared to two-way bets, the odds on a 3-way are always higher. It means a better return which most bettors crave.

Should you find a particularly lucrative match to bet on, the 3-way is probably the best way to invest your money in.

How Do I Make a 3-way Bet?

With all online bookmakers offering 3-ways on football, baseball, basketball, and soccer (among other sports), placing your first three-way bet won’t be hard. It is the first bet you usually see at bookies, so it’s easy to bet on the particular odds of a match. You’ll find it listed at some bookies as 1×2 betting, while others refer to it as a regulation time bet.

Here are a few simple steps that will help you place your first sports betting 3-way:

  • Find a reliable bookie – not all sportsbooks are equal, so find a licensed site to avoid scams
  • Register – Create a new account and look for a welcome bonus or free bet on sign up
  • Check the markets – there should be 1×2 on all team sports
  • Click on the odds for a home/away win or a tie to place your first 3-way

All that’s left is to check the 3-way result betting, in the end, to see if you’ve won.

3-Way Betting Examples

Here’s a simple 3-way betting example so you can see how it works:

  • Arsenal to win @ 2.90
  • Draw @ 4.00
  • Manchester United to win @ 2.50

This market is listed as regulation time bet, full-time result, 1×2, or 3-way betting. Your goal here is to pick the option most likely to happen. It’s the same as placing a moneyline bet, except you get three options instead of one.

Remember that most of these bets involve regulation time without overtime. Some bookies will allow you to extend your wager to overtime, but not all.

What Sports Can 3-Way Betting Be Used for?

3-way bets can be placed on almost any team sport. That’s up to the sportsbook to decide, but in most cases, you’ll commonly find them available at football, American football, basketball, and ice hockey betting market.

Game betting 3-way markets will also be available on Esports. If you’re a fan of this booming market, you’ll love the opportunity to bet on your favorites.

What Is 3-Way Betting in Football?

Football is the predominant sport for 3-way betting. We’ve already mentioned how it works here. You get three possible outcomes – a home win, a draw, and a win for the away team. Click on the outcome you believe in the most and enter your stake to place a 3-way bet.

American Football 3-Way Betting

The NFL is the world’s most famous American Football league and the most suitable for 3-way bets. With a long regular season that culminates with the Playoffs and the Super Bowl, 3-way bets are a common market. The Super Bowl is an excellent event for these bets, but remember that they only cover regulation time.

What Is 3-Way Betting in Basketball?

NBA teams play 82 matches each in the regular season, so there’s plenty of three-way betting action night in and night out. Many games will end even in regulation time, prompting punters to bet on the overtime, which can be just as exciting.

Another great thing for 3-way basketball bets is the quarter match betting 3-way market. It allows you to bet on the match result after each period, so you’re essentially picking the team winning the next period.

What Is 3-Way Betting in Hockey?

Like in the NFL, football, or basketball, ice hockey three-way bets are popular. There’s plenty of action in this particular market, especially in the playoffs and when the time for the Stanley Cup comes.

What Does 3-Way Mean in the NHL Betting?

It’s the same question: “What does-3 way mean in betting”? It’s a bet with 3 possible outcomes, so you pick Team A to win, Team B, or a draw.

3-Way Golf Betting

Now here’s something a bit different. Golf is an individual sport, so it’s not like 3-way football. Also known as 3-ball matchups, this bet involves 3 players from the field, usually at plus money. The process is the same – you pick the outcome (player) you believe has the best chance. If 2 or all 3 players are tied, most sportsbooks apply the dead heat rule, which cuts the number of players tied from the slip.

What Is 3-Way Betting in Cricket?

Cricket 3-way betting is not that different from any other team sport. You will be presented with the familiar three options so you can make your pick and wait for the results.

What Is 3-Way Betting in Baseball?

Three-way betting on baseball matches means picking the team that bests the opponent after 9 innings (regulation time).

What Is Handicap 3-Way Betting?

3-way handicap betting is a bit more fun since you now have teams handicapped. It works the same way as a regular 3-way, but the teams and draw are handicapped. It adds more excitement to the match and most likely higher odds which spell higher returns.

3-Way Handicap Betting Rugby

Rugby is the preferred sport for 3-way handicap bets. Many bookies will offer regular 3-way handicaps on rugby matches, but some will also provide total 3-way bets, which allow you to put your money on the number of points across 3 lines.

How Does 3-Way Handicap Betting Work in Tennis?

Tennis handicap betting has become pretty popular in the last few years. There’s a big difference in quality when the legends of the sport play qualifiers, resulting in handicap bets. So, how does 3-way handicap betting work in tennis matches?

Well, it’s simple? Pick the disabled players you believe will win or the handicap tie. All that remains is to sit back and relax watching the match, hopefully at the betting site if the bookie offers live streaming.

Final Words

We hope our 3-way betting explained guide gave you the answers to this popular bet. We went over the most popular sports for these bets and explained more about the 3-way handicap meaning in betting. In simple terms, it’s a 1×2 bet where you pick the outcome you think is most likely to occur.

It’s the easiest way to bet on sports online and a great way to take a break from spreads or other bets.

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