US Open Golf Odds: Betting Sites & Bonuses

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Find the Best Place to Bet on US Open Golf
Learn how to wager on golf, where to find the best US Open golf betting sites, and how it works with our in-depth article on the United States golf major championship.

The United States Open Championship (also known as the US Open) is an annual open golf tournament and the third of the 4 major championships in golf. Since its introduction in 1895, the US Open became one of the world’s largest and most prominent golf tournaments, with the most oversized purse ($12.5 million) of all 4 major championships.

Traditionally held in June, the US Open is one of the most anticipated golf events of the year. It features only the best PGA Tour golfers who compete for the coveted Claret Jug and regularly attracts millions of viewers.

But while the US Open is immensely popular amongst golf enthusiasts, it’s also one of the most popular sporting events in the sports betting world. Each year, tens of thousands of bettors place their bets on the US Open winner, some even forming a betting pool, hoping to cash in on the generous odds for US Open golf, and there is no shortage of people who come back each year to try their luck.

Due to the generous odds, the golf bookies list on the US Open championships, betting on golf can be highly profitable, which is one of the big reasons golf wagering is so popular. But before you look through US Open golf betting lines and place your first bet, you need to know a thing or 2 of how to approach wagering on the US Open properly, and this betting guide will teach you just that.

By reading through our US Open golf betting article, you will learn all the essentials for golf wagering, including:

  1. Where to find the best US Open Golf betting sites?
  2. How to find the best US Open bet offers and promotions?
  3. Which wager types are available?
  4. What are tips & tricks on betting on US Open golf?

Best US Open Golf Bookies

If you want to succeed while betting on golf, you need to approach it properly, and the first thing you need to do is find a solid sportsbook. While searching through the bookmakers available, you must pick a sportsbook with all the features you need, enough US Open golf betting lines, and competitive odds.

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Beyond that, it’s wise to pick between bookmakers that provide bet offers, bonuses, and promotions, adding extra value to your stakes. Admittedly, rewards are not as important as competitive US Open golf betting odds, but they shouldn’t be overlooked.

With so many big-name sportsbooks offering odds on the US Open, it might be hard to pick out the right one for you. And to assist you, we have assembled our list of the top 5 betting sites for you to check out.

Offers & Promotions

When betting on the US Open, you should do everything in your power to gain an edge, and the best and easiest way to do so is via promotions and bonuses, which the sportsbooks offer on the tournament. Since the US Open is one of the largest sporting events in the world, you can rest assured that the most prominent bookmakers, such as Bet-at-Home, Bet365, and Paddy Power, will have some promotions ready for you.

And besides the fact that US Open promos are readily available, most bonuses don’t require any extra work and rarely have some added terms. The most common offers will include boosted odds or even an increased number of places for e/w betting. Taking advantage of betting promotions you can get hands on is extremely beneficial when making your US Open golf picks.

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US Open Golf Odds

Setting the odds is a complex process the sportsbooks need to go through to offer fair prices representing a number as close to the actual probability as possible. In very simple terms betting odds compiling is all about number crunching and using large information databases. Still, while the process is the same across all sportsbooks, the final result isn’t.

In all sports – especially in golf – you will encounter situations where 2 bookmakers will offer much different odds on the same golfer to win a certain tournament. For example, Jon Rahm can be priced at 9/1 to win the US Open on William Hill but is priced as high as 13/1 on Bovada.

So a $100 bet on Rahm on William Hill can earn you $1000, but as much as $1400 if you wager on Rahm on Bovada. These differences are also the main reason it’s very beneficial for you to bet on sportsbooks with the best odds, and the only way to find and use these prices is to have accounts with several bookmakers.

But before you can start price shopping and look for the best stakes, you need to understand how to read US Open golf betting odds and which bet types are available to you besides wagering on the tournament winner.

US Open Golf Specials

Thanks to the large selection of betting markets the sportsbooks offer on golf tournaments, there are many ways you can approach betting on the US Open. You can bet on anything, from who will win the event, who will cut and who won’t, on the golfers’ final placement, and on head-to-head.

The options are limitless, but they all have one thing in common – generous odds and high potential payouts. So while some special bets may be a bit more complex and tougher to predict, betting on golf via any wager type should come naturally with enough time and practice.

Leader of Round

Betting on the round leader is among the most popular golf bet types. As its name suggests, with this wager, you’re predicting which golfer will lead the standings after a certain round.

For example, you might believe that Dustin Johnson will have a solid start to the 2023 US Open, but you don’t think he will manage to step up in the final rounds. In this case, you could bet on him to lead after the first round on the leader of the round wagering market.

This bet type adds more flexibility, allowing you to stake on golfers to do well at a certain point of the tournament without having to predict whether they will win the whole thing. This betting market is often found under the outright wagering markets but is always available for in-play betting.

Group Betting

Golf group betting (or Group match-up wagering) is similar to head-to-head betting, but it’s a single stake on which a golfer will win a particular group. Although the US Open does not use groups as a part of its format, they exist on the sportsbooks, which make up special group markets, to provide you with even more betting options.

There is no rule on how sportsbooks create these groups, but they’re normally based on the golfer’s origin, meaning they can have 4 European or US golfers.

As an example, a group could look like this:

  • Rory Mcllroy 5/1
  • Lee Westwood 7/1
  • Henrik Stenson 9/1
  • Sergio Garcia 11/1

These betting markets work the same way as the outright winner market – you’re predicting which of the 4 golfers will finish the tournament with the lower score. So if you bet on Lee Westwood and he doesn’t win the US Open but does better than Mcllroy, Stenson, and Garcia, your bet will win.

Don’t confuse group wagering in the US Open with group betting in Ryder Cup – where there are actual groups of players (Europe vs the USA) rather than sportsbook-made groups.

Head to Head

Before the tournament, the sportsbooks will start offering golf head-to-head (or match-up) betting markets by publishing a group of match-ups between golfers. The pairs are usually selected based on their ability, so you can expect pairs to feature golfers with similar odds to win the US Open golf.

For example, pairs could group firm favourites, such as Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm, or a couple of underdogs, Kevin Na and Matt Jones.

With head-to-head bets, you’re betting on one of the 2 players to perform better and finish higher than the other by the end of the tournament. The process is the same as with golf group betting – the only exception is that head-to-head wagering has only 2 golfers in a single “group,” in contrast to group betting, where there can be 4 or more.

Finishing Position

A finishing position is one of the most straightforward bets you can make when wagering on the US Open or other golf tournaments. And there are many different markets available under this bet type.

Most betting markets on the finishing position include Top X finish, with most sportsbooks accepting wagers on the top 5/10/20 finish. As the name would suggest, with this bet, you’re predicting whether a particular golfer will end the tournament inside the top 5/10/20.

With it, you can back golfers you believe will do well but come out short and won’t win the tournament. That is why the finishing position is prevalent amongst golf bettors, particularly those who like betting on outsiders.


Betting on the winner of the US Open or any tournament is the most common and straightforward wager type you can make. Depending on the sportsbook you’re using, it will be available under the “winner” or “outright” markets and will often be accompanied by generous odds.

Most golf punters will bet on each-way (or e/w) winner/outright betting markets, which is a double-down wager. With an e/w winner bet, your stake gets split into 2 parts, with one half placed on the outright market and the other on the top X finish.

The e/w winner bet will pay out of your pick either wins the tournament or places inside the top 5 – while some sportsbooks might offer 8 places.

So if you bet on Jon Rahm to win the US Open with an e/w winner wager, your wager will hit if he wins or finishes inside the 5-8 – look at it like 2 separate bets; one on to win the tournament and the other on to finish in the top 5.

While all golf bettors commonly use straight-winner betting, e/w winner wagering is far more popular due to its added security.

Bet of the Day

If you want to place a bet on the 2023 US Open and don’t know which golfer to wager on, you have come to the right place! We at BetZillion took it upon ourselves to carefully analyze the tournament and all the players to provide you with the best US Open Golf betting tips and predictions, which we crafted with the help of our golf wagering experts.


So if you’re searching for a betting preview that will have all the info you’ll need, and every betting line explained, take a look at our bet of the day and see what our experts have to say about the upcoming golf tournament.

How to Bet on US Open Golf

Betting on golf can be an inspiring and very profitable journey, but while there are a lot of upsides to wagering on golf, you need to have the right approach and take the proper steps to start making money from it. Beyond the usual – researching the players and the courses – there are a few steps any bettor must take even before he places his first bet, which include:

  1. Find a sportsbook with competitive odds and enough market depth.
  2. Take advantage of all promotions and wager bonuses.
  3. Consider registering for a betting exchange for price shopping.
  4. Access to multiple sportsbooks is useful for the US Open golf odds comparison.
  5. Find a reputable betting site that can provide you with the US Open golf predictions.
  6. Gather as much information on golfers as possible before placing a wager.
  7. Find a betting strategy and stick to it.

Note that once you learn how to bet on the US Open, you will be able to stake on all golf tournaments – from the Ryder Cup to the Masters, the Open Championship, and the US PGA Championship.

US Open Golf Live Betting & Live Streaming

Live betting on golf is extremely popular but reserved for the most experienced bettors. Although it can be highly profitable, live betting also demands a lot of knowledge and time to follow and watch the event unfold.

That doesn’t mean that in-play betting on golf is off-limits for casual punters. On the contrary, anyone who has access to a live betting site and a sportsbook that offers live betting markets can wager in-play and profit from it.

The most common bet you will place in play is a round leader if you see that one golfer is in good form and has a chance to end the day at the top of the leaderboard. Alternatively, you can bet on the outright markets if one player performs much better than expected.

Most expert golf bettors will place their wagers throughout the tournament rather than in the pre-tournament markets. That is because it is much easier to get a better idea of how good a golfer will perform after seeing him play.

Secondly, the weather is a very important factor when betting on golf, so if the weather forecast changes and suggests there will be heavy wind on day 2, it might be wise to bet on golfers that tend to do better in windy conditions. There are many reasons anyone should consider live betting on golf, and given how readily available in-play wagering markets are, anyone can do it.

US Open Golf Betting Tips & Predictions

The US Open features 156 golfers, of which all are technically capable of winning. However, it’s often tough to find the right bet with many choices and even betting experts with sophisticated models often struggle to make the right pick.

One way to battle the uncertainty of how a particular player will do is to wait for the action to begin and carefully analyze his performance. But that comes at the cost of lower odds if the said player proves to be in good form.

There are ways for anyone to make their own US Open golf picks by analyzing the stats, players, weather, and course conditions. But it’s usually wiser to leave betting experts to do all the tedious work and instead read through the expert picks and predictions they provide.

Finding a site that can give you expert betting picks and predictions on the US Open is highly beneficial, as it not only saves you time and doesn’t require you to look through all 156 golfers to find an intelligent bet. Admittedly, you should always choose what to wager on, but having access to betting previews will make the process easier.

US Open Golf Overview

If you have read our article to this point, you should have a good idea of approaching US Open betting. But it never hurts to know interesting facts about the tournament itself.

  • As one of the biggest golf tournaments of the year, the US Open regularly features the best golfers globally, including Jon Rahm, Harris English, Brooks Koepka, Louis Oosthuizen, Rory McIlroy, Xander Schauffele, Daniel Berger, and more.
  • Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus are the most successful players of the US Open, having won 4 titles apiece.
  • Willie Anderson is the only golfer in history to win 3 consecutive US Open titles (1903, 1904, 1905)
  • Retief Goosen (2), Ernie Els (2), Alex Smith (2), and Willie Anderson (4) are the only 4 non-American golfers to win multiple US Open titles.
  • With 60 winners, the United States is the most successful nation at the US Open, followed by Scotland (9), England (7), South Africa (3), Jersey (2), Australia (2), and Northern Ireland (2).
  • Walter Hagen won the 1919 US Open with +17 to par, the highest in the tournament’s history.
  • Brooks Koepka (2017) and Rory McIlroy (2011) won the US Open with -16 to par, the lowest tournament history.
  • The US Open is one of the 4Major PGA golf tournaments, besides the PGA Championship, the Masters, and the Open Championship.
  • The US Open has always been held in the United States, although it changes location yearly.
  • Between 2017-2021, the US Open moved between Erin Hills (Wisconsin), Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (New York), Pebble Beach Golf Links (California), and Winged Foot Golf Club (New York).
  • Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, hosted 9 US Open tournaments, the most out of all courses.
  • You can find US Open betting markets on all legal sportsbooks. Still, most golf bettors prefer William Hill, Bet365, Bet-at-Home, BetUS, MyBookie, and Ladbrokes as the most popular legal online bookmakers for the US Open.

Bottom Line

Golf is the ultimate sport to bet on to find excellent value. While other sports require you to wager more money on individual games to win a lot, golf bettors usually only need to place a few bucks to collect payouts that can easily reach thousands. Of course, that comes at a price, as it’s not easy to pick the winner out of the field of 156 golfers, but if you become good at betting on golf, profits will start rolling in.

To reach the status of a golf betting expert, you will have to dedicate a lot of time to learning everything there is to know about the tournaments, courses, and players. But the potential rewards make it worth it, and we hope that our article has helped set you on the right path to start making a profit betting on the US Open.

Now find the best betting sites and register on the best sportsbooks for betting on the US Open, and you’re set to start wagering on one of the biggest golf tournaments in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it legal to bet on the US Open golf?
    Betting on the US Open is legal. Make sure you do it on a regulated, licensed, and legal sportsbook. Additionally, if you’re betting, you have to do it in a country where it’s legal, and you need to be of legal age to engage in sports betting.
  • Where can I bet on the US Open golf?
    As one of the biggest and most popular sporting events globally, US Open golf betting markets are available on all online sportsbooks. Some of the best choices include Bet-at-Home, Bet365, BetUS, William Hill, MyBookie, and Ladbrokes. You can also wager on the US Open on betting exchanges.
  • Who is favoured to win the US Open golf?
    Jon Rahm is the main favourite to win the 2022 US Open and defend his 2021 title, priced at 9/1. He is followed by Rory Mcllroy, Dustin Johnson, and Brooks Koepka, all priced at 14/1. The 2020 champion, Bryson DeChambeau, is priced as the 4th favourite at 16/1.
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