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Tiger Woods Odds: Betting Sites & Bonuses

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Tiger Woods
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50
Find the Best Place to Bet on Tiger Woods
From humble beginnings, Tiger Woods has managed to craft a career that any athlete would be jealous of. Within his first year of playing professional golf, Tiger Woods had already won 3 PGA Tour events, one Masters Championship, and had broken several professional golf records.

At the age of 20, Tiger Woods was crowned as the number one golf player globally, where he largely remained for the next decade of his career. While he may have had some personal issues and injuries (resulting in 4 back surgeries), nothing seems to have deterred his pursuit of being the world’s best. At the age of 44, many athletes would be considering retirement, but not Tiger Woods. In 2019, Tiger Woods won the Masters, a feat which he had not achieved since 2008.

Tiger Woods remains one of the greatest professional golfers currently active and has a wide betting market following that would be expected of someone famous. This report will bring you the following information about this golfer:

  • Which bookies offer the best Tiger Woods betting odds.
  • What types of bets you can place on Tiger Woods.

List of the Best Betting Sites to Bet on Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is still one of the most popular sports personalities across the entire world. So, just as you might expect, the online betting industry has been capitalizing on his success for years. The vast majority of online sportsbooks will feature Tiger Woods on their site in some capacity. But if you’re looking for the best Tiger Woods odds and betting options, you should seek out leading bookmakers like Bovada, William Hill, and Paddy Power.

4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
50% up to £25 in free bets
4.64.6 out of 5 stars
50% up to $1000

Tiger Woods Odds

Tiger Woods has some of the best golf betting odds you will find on the current 2022 betting market. Whether you’re looking for Tiger Woods Vegas odds or Tiger Woods Masters odds, the best bookie sites will keep all of their Tiger Woods odds fair and rewarding.

Bonuses & Promotions

The betting industry would be significantly less popular if promotions didn’t exist. Free bet offers, no deposit bonuses, and matched deposit bonuses all help to fuel an online sportsbook. These offers are usually given on a semi-regular basis to both new customers and existing site users. Bettors can apply these offers to place low-risk bets on a whole range of Tiger Woods betting options.

4.94.9 out of 5 stars
50% up to $250
4.94.9 out of 5 stars
Bet £10 get £30 in free bets
4.84.8 out of 5 stars
Up to £50

Special Bets on Tiger Woods

The large-scale following that Tiger Woods has allows many of the best bookies to open up several betting markets around the athlete. Top sportsbooks offer a range of different Tiger Woods betting options ranging from Tiger Woods’ odds to win another major to the odds of him winning the US Open.

Winning in Competitions

If Tiger Woods is known for one thing, it’s his prolific, excellent performance during a whole range of professional golfing tournaments and competitions. The most popular form of betting in the golfing market is betting on contests.

The Masters

Tiger Woods currently has 5 separate Masters tournament wins under his belt, with the latest being from 2019. Woods has shown that he still has that magic touch, meaning that the Tiger Woods odds to win the Masters next year will be particularly interesting.

PGA Championship

Tiger Woods has conquered the PGA Championship a total of 4 times already, and although his last win was back in 2007, he is practically destined for a comeback. Keep your eyes peeled for the Tiger Woods odds to win the PGA Championship next year.

US Open

There is no competition that Woods has shied away from. With 3 US Open wins already achieved, the odds for Tiger Woods to win the US Open are sure to be potentially very rewarding when it comes around next June.

How to Bet on Tiger Woods

When it comes to placing a bet on Tiger Woods, nothing could be easier. Just log in to your sportsbook of choice and find the “Sports Betting” page. Once on this page, see the tab marked “Golf.” Clicking on this will bring up a whole range of golf betting options. Just choose an event or game in which Tiger Woods is competing and bets on the athlete.

Betting Tips and Predictions

Golf betting tips can be beneficial, especially to those who are a little unfamiliar with the sport. These betting tips (when a news outlet or knowledgeable source makes a likely prediction on an upcoming golf event) can be used to give a bettor a more informed overview of an upcoming golf game or event.

Using Tiger Woods Statistics

Looking at an athlete’s stats can be an easy way for a bettor to learn what that athlete is good at in a short amount of time. A bettor can then use these stats to inform their betting practices. For instance, looking at Tiger Woods’ stats will tell you that he has a mighty strike. You can then use this information to place a bet on Tiger Woods’ striking ability.

An Overview of Betting on Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ long and incredibly successful career continues to outmatch every other active professional golfer out there. If you want to capitalize on Woods’ success for yourself, then you should first know the following information about his career:

  • Tiger Woods has an unprecedented number of personal awards and achievements. Some of the most notable examples include 11 separate PGA Player of the Year awards, 9 Vardon trophies, and 2 FedEx Cup Champion titles. Woods is also receiving a spot in the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2021.
  • Woods has won the Masters tournament 5 times, the PGA Championship 4 times, the US Open 3 times, and the Open Championship 3 times.
  • Tiger Woods was born in California, USA.
  • Tiger Woods has played with some of the best professional golfers currently active like Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, and Dustin Johnson.
  • Some of the best Tiger Woods betting sites include Bovada, William Hill, and Paddy Power.

Bottom Line

Despite his age and a few off years due to injuries and personal issues, Tiger Woods has remained one of the top golfers in the entire world. If you want to be like that guy who bet $85k on Tiger Woods back in 2019 and earns an insane payout, then head over to one of our recommended sportsbooks today to see what Tiger Woods odds they have on offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the odds of Tiger Woods winning The Masters?

    The Masters tournament has just wrapped up, with Dustin Johnson winning the overall competition. The next Masters tournament is set to take place on the 5th April 2021, where Tiger Woods is sure to make an appearance.

  • What were the odds of Tiger Woods winning?

    For the recent Masters tournament, the odds of Tiger Woods winning were surprisingly low. While his odds varied from bookmaker to bookmaker, the general odds put him at the 17th best odds of winning, coming in with odds at around 40/1.

  • What were Tiger Woods’ odds to win Masters?

    The recent Masters tournament that wrapped up in November saw Tiger Woods’ odds of winning quite low. Although his odds varied between sportsbook sites, the vast majority of bookies had him with odds around the 40/1 mark.

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