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One of Scotland’s best football clubs, the Glasgow Rangers, has continuously shown excellence in professional football. They currently sit at the second spot on the rankings of the world’s most successful teams regarding the number of trophies they’ve won. The Rangers have won the Scottish Cup 33 times, the Scottish League title 54 times, and the domestic Treble on 7 occasions.

The Glasgow Rangers are one successful football team, making them the perfect betting option. This brief report will provide information about the Rangers’ betting odds.

Rangers Odds for Next Matches

Betting on the Glasgow Rangers has never been easier. As leading betting sites bring in more new bettors every day, they continue to provide excellent odds that are both accurate and fair and potentially very rewarding. From the Rangers odds to beat Celtic to the current Rangers manager betting odds, the leading sites will guarantee that all of their Rangers odds are kept fair and up-to-date until the game or competition has reached its conclusion.

Glasgow Rangers Odds Types

Odds Type 1 X 2
Decimal 4.82 3.94 1.68
Fractional 191/50 147/50 17/25
American +382 +294 -147.06
Hong Kong 3.8200 2.9400 0.6800
Indonesian 3.8200 2.9400 -1.4706
Malaysian -0.2618 -0.3401 0.6800

Best Betting Sites to Bet on Rangers

The Rangers is one of Scotland’s finest football teams. Along with Celtic F.C., the Glasgow Rangers are often the main Scottish football betting option for most online sportsbook sites. If you’re looking for the best Old Firm odds and predictions, you should seek one of the leading bookmakers such as William Hill, Paddy Power, SkyBet, or Ladbrokes. These operators have excellent Rangers betting odds and offer plenty of promotional offers that can be used on the football betting market.

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Bonuses & Promotions

The best football bookie sites give users several promotions to claim every few weeks or so. These promotions can significantly benefit your football betting practices. For example, free bet offers can be used by a bettor to practically ensure a profit, as none of your own real money will be used to bet.

Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
100% up to $500
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No deposit bonuses are also excellent promotions when betting on the Glasgow Rangers as these offers let new bettors make their first bet without risking any of their cash.

Rangers Special Bets

The Glasgow Rangers often have plenty of betting options associated with them on the best sportsbooks. Scottish Premiership odds, transfer odds, and more are usually available with just a click of a button or a screen tap on most best offshore sportsbook sites.

Winning in Competitions

The Rangers primarily play in the Scottish Premiership, where they have been incredibly successful for decades. The odds on the Rangers winning the League are usually some of the best available as the Rangers perform consistently well in this competition. On the same note, the Ranger to win the Scottish Cup odds are also usually very good for the same reasons.

Next Manager

One of the most popular forms of football betting, the next Rangers manager odds, is currently unavailable on most bookie sites. Steven Gerrard is still managing the club and shows no signs of resigning soon.

Next Transfer

Predicting which players will be transferred to the Glasgow Rangers is always an enjoyable and potentially rewarding betting option. Currently, the odds seem to be centred on whether or not Alfredo Morelos will be transferred out from the team by next season.

Current Players

Betting on individual players can be an advantageous and enjoyable betting experience for those who support the Glasgow Rangers. Here you get to choose your favourite Rangers players and bet on their performance during a season.

Bet of the Day

In straightforward terms, a bet of the day is when an operator heavily advertises one particular fixture on their website for a limited time. The operator will deem this fixture as “Confident,” meaning it will likely come true. A bettor can then place a bet on this fixture to earn a small payout. If you want to find a Rangers bet of the day, you might want to keep your eye on the U.K./Scottish bookie sites, as these are more likely to feature a Glasgow Rangers bet of the day on their website.


How to Bet on the Glasgow Rangers

Betting on the Rangers is extremely easy to do. Find a bookie site offering good Rangers odds and register an account to start. When you’ve logged in to the site, you will need to see the “Sports” tab, which is usually located at the top of the website or app front page. From here, find the “Football” link and find an upcoming or live Glasgow Rangers match. Select from the fixtures available and place a bet by following the instructions on the screen.

Live Betting

Live betting is the latest trend in the modern online betting world. Many of the leading sites heavily advertise their live betting services to attract new users to the site. On most leading bookmaker sites, the live betting section is free to those with a registered account, meaning you can place a bet on a live, in-play Rangers match without needing to pay extra. Live betting offers a thrilling improvement to an already existing pastime.

How to Use Betting Tips and Predictions

For those just starting their football betting career, betting tips can be a handy tool to help you place immediately successful bets. A betting tip is when a legitimate third-party sports outlet predicts a future football match or competition. This prediction is likely to come true, meaning that you should place a bet on it before the sportsbook you are using discovers this prediction and changes its odds.

Live Streaming

Many of the best bookmakers allow you to live stream some popular football games directly from your browser, making the betting experience feel much more organic and exciting. To access an operator’s live streaming services, head to the “Live Betting” page and find a live Rangers game, place a bet, and click on the logo of a T.V. next to the fixture.

An Overview of Betting on the Glasgow Rangers

There is plenty to unpack when discussing one of Scotland’s best teams. So, before you head off to place your bets on the Rangers, read the passage below first. This section contains all of the critical information you need to know about the Rangers and their long career:

  • The Glasgow Rangers currently play in the Scottish Premiership, the Scottish Professional Football League’s top division.
  • Some famous Rangers players include Dougie Gray, Barry Ferguson, Ally McCoist, Paul Gascoigne, and Kris Boyd.
  • Some of the most popular Rangers managers include Bill Struth, Walter Smith, Graeme Souness, Alex McLeish, and Willie Waddell.
  • The Glasgow Rangers have plenty of competition, primarily from Celtic. Some smaller rivalries come from Motherwell and Aberdeen.
  • The Glasgow Rangers come from, rather unsurprisingly, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • William Hill, Paddy Power, SkyBet, and Ladbrokes are some of the best bookies to use when betting on the Rangers.

Bottom Line

The Glasgow Rangers are always a good betting choice. And being one of the best Scottish teams, there are always plenty of unique betting options and excellent odds available in the world of betting. Head to one of our recommended bookmakers today to check out the Rangers odds for yourself; they are sure to appeal to any bettor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the odds of the Rangers winning the League?
    The Scottish Premiership is in full swing, beginning in August. And although the Premiership doesn’t end until May 2021, many bookies have a whole range of betting odds already available for you. The Rangers’ current odds of winning the Premiership are around the 1/6 mark, meaning there is around an 85% probability that the Rangers will win.
  • How many titles do the Rangers have?
    The Glasgow Rangers own 54 Scottish League titles, a domestic joint world record.
  • Who has won the most, Celtic or Rangers?
    Overall, the Rangers have won more competitions and League games than the Celtic have. The Rangers have the most League Championships (54 to Celtic’s 51) and the most League Cups (27 to Celtic’s 19), but Celtic does have more Scottish Cups, having 39 to the Rangers’ 33.
  • How rich are the Rangers F.C.?
    The current estimation for the Rangers football team’s overall value is around £55.64 million, making them the second-richest team in the Scottish Premiership next to Celtic.
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