EFL Cup Betting Sites (Carabao Cup)

Top 3 bookmakers for betting on EFL Cup
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Find the Best Place to Bet on EFL Cup
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The Carabao Cup is the most exciting English football competition for many football bettors due to its memorable moments and shocking results, mainly because of its excellent betting opportunities. The Carabao Cup (formerly known as the Carling Cup and EFL Cup) is a highly anticipated annual English knockout football tournament that traditionally takes place between August and February. Since it was first formed in 1960 by the English Football League, it has produced some of the most memorable moments in football history and is one of the most-watched competitions in the world. Not only is this competition extremely popular among football fans, but it is also high on the priority list among football bettors. As a soccer tournament open to over 90 English football clubs within the top four levels of the English Football System, the EFL Cup features a diverse list of participants and is recognized for its shocking results.

My betting guide explains how to choose the best EFL Cup betting sites.

List of the Best EFL Cup Betting Sites

The most important thing you need to do before you start betting is to find a football bookmaker that is legal, regulated, and licensed. Locating a bookie that checks all those marks isn’t difficult, but you also must keep in mind the quality of odds and the wagering markets it provides.

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Some of the most popular Carabao Cup betting sites include William Hill and Paddy Power, two highly reputable British bookies with excellent betting promotions and bonuses. While the two bookies are widely known as excellent choices for wagering, there are more great betting sites to check out.

Offers & Promotions

Most commonly, EFL Cup bookmakers offer free bets, odds boosts, insurance, and increased parlay betting odds. One of the most well-known bookies with excellent promotions is Sky Bet, which has one of the top free bet selections. However, plenty more bookies have great bonuses worth checking out.

Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash

EFL Cup Odds

Not all EFL Cup bookies offer the same odds. That is because each sportsbook sets its odds based on what it believes is a fair price. That is done by carefully examining stats, the teams’ form, player injuries, and betting experts’ help.

And since not all bookies work with the same experts and don’t have access to the same stats, you will come across odds at different odds on the same game. For example, Arsenal can be priced as 2/1 underdogs against Liverpool on Coral but at 11/5 on Betfred.

Such situations will be highly beneficial for bettors with more than one betting account, allowing them to wager on the same game at better prices. Although locating the best odds can be somewhat time-consuming, finding even the slightest edge is worth it in the long run.

EFL Cup Specials

A special bet is a wager slightly out of the ordinary and is often used to spice up your betting endeavor. While all Carabao Cup bookies have their unique way of approaching specials, there are a handful of special bet types that you will find everywhere.


Betting on the final is like wagering on any individual match, with one difference. Unlike all other games played throughout the tournament, the final game is not divided into two legs but is a single 90-minute game to decide the champion.

Another big difference, from a betting perspective, is that punters can bet on which teams will reach the finals. So, if you aren’t sure which club to pick to win the tournament, you can instead predict which team or two will make it to the end.

You can find that market under the final odds, often priced generously and offering excellent betting opportunities for punters.


Betting which squad will reach the final is just one of many ways you can bet on teams. Carabao Cup sportsbooks will offer plenty of other team-related wagers you can explore, including bets on how far a team will reach into the tournament, how many goals the squad will score, and even at which stage the team will crash out.

For example, you can bet on Man Utd to get eliminated from the first round, reach the semi-finals, or score 15 goals over the entire tournament. There is no limit to how diverse team wagers can be, but it will depend on how many a bookmaker is ready to offer.

The types of team bets range from very basic future stakes to specific, almost prop bet-like wagers, providing plenty of diversity when gambling. Versatility alone is a big reason why many bettors like this type of bet, and I can’t forget the generous wagering odds you will find when betting on teams.

Best Player (Top Goalscorer)

The best player or top goalscorer is the most popular special wager available on all the best EFL Cup sportsbooks. Admittedly, betting on which player will score the most goals is tougher since you have to analyze more stats to make the right prediction. But you get compensated for your time with generous odds, which often reach double digits.

Some bookmakers even allow you to combine the top goalscorer and winner bets into one, so you can wager on Romelu Lukaku to be the best top goalscorer and Chelsea to win the EFL Cup. Alternatively, you can bet on Lukaku being the best goalscorer and Liverpool winning the title – the combinations are endless, and they all pay generously.


A winner (or outright) bet is the simplest wager you can make. It’s a straightforward stake you make on which team will win the tournament, often found under the outright markets.

The odds of winning differ depending on the perceived strength of the team. You can technically bet on any of the 92 teams attending the tournament. Still, there wasn’t a major upset winner in over a decade, making outsiders a far less appealing pick on the winner markets.

Top EFL Cup Betting Markets to Consider

As one of the most populous tournaments in the world, there are plenty of betting markets to consider. I’ve selected the best ones below.

Full-time Result

The most commonly placed bet is a full-time result. In this market, you’re betting on the full-time result in each match over 90 minutes.

Double Chance

The double chance market covers two possible outcomes in a match. For example, in a game between Chelsea and Arsenal, you can pick Arsenal or Chelsea to win. The drawback is the reduced profit.

Team to Go through

This one’s simple — picking the match to advance to the next round. With all but the semi-finals being single-legged, it’s one of the most commonly chosen bets in the tournament.

Correct Score

A correct score allows you to predict the correct score in a match. For example, you can choose Arsenal to beat Chelsea 2-0 in any round. It’s a risky bet but can pay better than a full-time result.


It is a special form of a double bet that allows bettors to predict the outcome in the first half and at 90 minutes. To get the payout, you must correctly predict the result at half-time and full-time.

Over/Under Goals

The Over/Under (or Totals) market allows you to bet over or under the line of (typically) goals the bookie sets. For example, you can wager if a match between Arsenal and Chelsea has four goals or fewer scored by each side. This market doesn’t concern itself with the correct score or winner but with the goals scored.


With 92 teams running, the EFL Cup is a perfect choice for accumulators. You can choose between two selections when betting on it and use one of the many Acca boosts and promotions that will boost your winnings or even secure a payout. The drawback is that with a clean Acca, all the legs must be correct for you to win. But the positives are clear — you can win money on a tiny bet if you’re lucky.

Acca Insurance

When you bet on accumulators, there’s a slight chance of winning a stunning sum of money if you get all the selections right. However, the chances of that happening are low. Many Carabao Cup bookmakers have added Acca Insurance to their promotions list, allowing you to profit even if you don’t get all the predictions right. For example, this promo might pay out if you have a selection of 2 wrong, saving some of your money.


Will there be a penalty shoot-out in the final or semi-final? You predict if the match is going to penalties, with no concern over the eventual winner. That’s what this market is for. If you want to learn more, read this guide on betting on penalties.

Bet of the Day

As a six-month tournament, the EFL Cup provides plenty of games to bet on and many excellent wagering opportunities. Given the diverse field of teams competing for the coveted title, there is no shortage of upsets in the early stages.


Matches like that are what bettors look for since they offer excellent value. Unfortunately, upset games can be hard to find, so it helps to visit reputable online EFL Cup betting sites that provide expert wagering tips, aiding you in finding the best value bets of the day.

How to Bet on the EFL Cup

If you want to bet and make a profit, you will need to put in the work, time, and dedication to learn all the necessary things. Becoming a betting expert isn’t achievable overnight, but with the right approach, you can reach that status much quicker.

Here are seven basic steps you should take before wagering on football to help you achieve success.

  1. Find a reputable and legal sportsbook.
  2. Check if it has all the needed features, competitive odds, and enough market depth.
  3. Consider registering at more than just one sportsbook.
  4. Collect welcome bonuses and use all available promotions.
  5. Find a reputable website with expert betting tips.
  6. Find a betting strategy and stick to it.
  7. Learn how to manage your bankroll.

If you follow these simple steps, you should be heading towards a successful and lucrative betting endeavor. But before all, you need to familiarize yourself with the players and teams and get as much information and stats on the teams as possible.

EFL Cup Live Betting & Live Streaming

You can approach betting on football in many different ways, but one of the most popular and exciting ways is in-play or live betting. As a unique style of wagering, in-play betting allows you to stake on games while they’re happening, and there are many advantages to it.

Finding betting odds that don’t accurately represent the probability of one team winning the match is essential to your long-term success as a bettor. And while the best sites for EFL Cup betting have become very good at setting correct prices, they still lack in that department regarding in-play betting.

Things in a match can change in seconds (turnovers, defenders’ mistakes), and bookmakers rarely can adjust the odds quickly enough. It is where in-play bettors come into action and take advantage of the wrongly priced betting markets to make a profit.

In-play wagering can be highly lucrative if done correctly and by someone with a deep knowledge of the game. But above all, live betting has to be done on a sportsbook that allows it and offers a live streaming service.

It is essential to bet on games on a live bookie that streams games since it instantly lets you place wagers after an important play. And with live betting, any second matters.

EFL Cup Betting Tips & Predictions

You should always research the teams you plan to bet on, as you can feel safe knowing you made the right prediction. However, it’s wise to seek second opinions on the games to ensure you haven’t missed important information or misread the stats. You must have a deep understanding of the league and the teams, it helps to listen to what other betting experts have to say before you place your wager. Forming a network of websites with expert predictions and as many sites that focus on providing valuable betting stats as possible is an essential tool any bettor needs to have.

So, if you’re looking for a reputable site with the best betting tips and predictions, look no further than BetZillion. I and my team of expert tipsters work tirelessly to provide you with only the best football betting predictions.

Cash Out Options

Cash-out is a feature in live betting markets that allows you to cash out early if things aren’t going your way. There’s full and partial cash out available. Full cash out allows you to take your money and run, while partial cash out allows you to leave a part of your bet in the running.

EFL Cup Structure

The EFL Cup is divided into seven rounds. It is organized so that 32 clubs can remain in the third round, which is usually the most exciting. All matches in all rounds are single-legged. Only the semi-finals are 2-legged ties, but the final has been one-legged from 1961 to 1962. Extra time is scrapped from all rounds except the final. The semi-finals don’t have the away goal rule, with teams going to a penalty shoot-out if the match ends in a tie.

EFL Cup Bottom Line

I conclude my Carabao Cup guide with interesting facts about the tournament you might not know.

  • Liverpool and Man City have won this tournament 8 times and are currently the most successful English football clubs in history.
  • Behind the two EPL juggernauts are Aston Villa, Manchester United, and Chelsea. They have won the title 5 times apiece, with Tottenham Hotspur and Nottingham Forest further back, with four titles each.
  • With 46 goals, Ian Rush is the leading goalscorer of all time, 13 goals ahead of English football legend Robbie Fowler, who has scored 33 goals in the competition.
  • The remaining list of all-time top goalscorers includes Jermain Defoe (22 goals), Michael Owen (19 goals), Sir Kenny Dalglish, and Jay Rodriguez, who scored 18.
  • Besides the FA Cup, the EFL Cup is one of the most prominent English football competitions and shares the same status as La Liga’s Copa del Rey, Serie A’s Coppa Italia, Bundesliga’s DFB Pokal, and Ligue 1’s Coupe de France.
  • As one of the most popular football tournaments, you can bet on essentially any bookmaker. However, most English football bettors prefer sites like Coral, Bet365, Betfred, and William Hill due to their generous odds and vast market selection.
  • Arsenal has been the runners-up more than any other club (6 times).
  • Liverpool and Man City won the EFL Cup four consecutive times, from 1981 to 1984 and 2018 to 2021, respectively.
  • The EFL Cup’s highest-scoring final ended in 5 goals eight times in its history.
  • Swansea City’s 5-0 victory against Bradford City in 2013 was the most-one-sided finals match to date.
  • Twenty-three teams have won the Cup at least once, but only 10 in the 21st century.
  • Swansea City, Blackburn Rovers, Oxford United, Swindon Town, and Wolverhampton Wanderers (2) are the only teams winning the EFL Cup title without losing the finals.
Although the EFL Cup does not hold the same prestige as the FA Cup in the football world, it remains one of the most popular sporting events to bet on. Known for upset results in the early stages, this competition offers more excellent long-shot picks than most other sporting events and is a great tournament to bet on for anyone looking for outsider picks.

From a betting perspective, there are many things to like, and there are many things to learn before you start wagering. I hope my guide has helped you understand the basics and put you on the right track to start making a profit wagering on it.

Find the best EFL Cup betting site, and start wagering!

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