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Top 3 bookmakers for betting on Copa Libertadores
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Find the Best Place to Bet on Copa Libertadores
Sergio E
Football is the most popular sport globally, and betting on football is very exciting. That especially holds for some of the most prominent soccer tournaments and events, such as Copa Libertadores, also known as the CONMEBOL Libertadores.

The Copa Libertadores is one of the largest and most famous international club football competitions that has been around since 1960. It features some of the best South American football clubs who duke it out for the coveted trophy and is South America’s equivalent of the UEFA Champions League.

Not only is this football competition extremely popular among football fans, but it’s also one of the most bet-on sporting events in the world. If you have never bet, you should, and we will teach you everything you know about choosing the best Copa Libertadores betting sites.

List of the Best Copa Libertadores Bookmakers

Finding a betting site that will offer Copa Libertadores odds is very straightforward, mainly because all online soccer bookmakers cover this event. However, while you won’t struggle to find sportsbooks that will accept your bets, you must know how to find the best Copa Libertadores betting sites.

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To do so, you need to look for a bookmaker that checks 3 marks:

  • Quality betting odds
  • Enough market depth and betting markets
  • Football betting bonuses and promotions

If you locate Copa Libertadores bookmakers that meet these criteria, you have found a sportsbook that will provide you with a good betting experience. That might take some time, but many sportsbooks check these marks.

Offers & Promotions

Sportsbooks that offer you special bonuses and promotions for Copa Libertadores are valuable since bonuses and promotions are the best and easiest way to get more value from your betting. While many bookmakers will have promotions, they will approach them differently.

Some will have to reload bonuses; others Acca boosts, and there are also insurances, deposit bonuses, and even free bets if you’re looking for the best bookmaker with top betting bonuses, you should know that there is no such thing as the best Copa Libertadores betting site with the best bonuses since it will all come down to which promotions you prefer. Still, platforms such as Bet365, William Hill, and 888sport are some of the most popular bookies for Copa Libertadores promotions, with the best free bets and other bonuses.

125% up to $1250
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Copa Libertadores Odds

CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores odds will be readily available at all football sportsbooks. Still, while it will be easy to find them, you need to remember that the offer will differ between bookies. If you have ever bet on Brazil Serie A or any other soccer league, you should know that some bookmakers will have better odds than others, so it’s important to always bet with the best Copa Libertadores betting sites.

The differences can sometimes be marginal (0.05-0.10), but even that increases in the long term. For example, William Hill can have Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras priced at 3/1 on the Copa Libertadores winner odds. Meanwhile, Bet365 could offer odds to win Copa Libertadores on Palmeiras as high as 4/1.

The odds can be between making $300 and $400 or even more, depending on how much you wager. And this example shows why it’s so important to bet only with the best sportsbooks that can offer the best odds.

Copa Libertadores Specials

When betting on Copa Libertadores, you can utilize special bets, which offer you an alternative way to wager on football. With specials, you can bet on teams, group stage, final games, top players, and more, with the main idea being that specials allow you to bet on more than just on the next game.

Here are some of the popular CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores specials on soccer bookies.


Copa Liber group betting is as it sounds; it’s wagering on the team’s success in the group stage. Since Copa Libertadores starts with the group stage – just like UEFA Champions League or any other football tournament – you can bet on whether a team will make it out of the group.

Moreover, you can also bet on the team’s exact placement in the group, how many matches the team will win, etc. Any bet related to the team’s performance in the group stage falls under group wagering.

This approach to betting on Copa Libertadores is very popular mainly due to the generous odds this betting market offers.


Winner betting is like wagering which team will win the Copa Libertadores title. This bet can be found under the Copa Libertadores winner odds on the outright markets and is one of the most popular bets you can take before the tournament begins.

Admittedly, you can wager on the winner while the tournament is running and even before the last game, when Copa Libertadores final odds are available, albeit if you’re betting on the 2022 Copa Libertadores, it’s wise to place your wagers on the pre-tournament markets. This way, you can get better odds and a higher potential payout.


Betting on teams goes beyond betting on which team will win the next match, and there are many special team bets you can explore. Technically all bets you can make on teams are “team bets,” but some of the most popular specials include betting on their success at a certain tournament stage.

Those are bets on which teams will reach the finals, which teams will make it out of the group stage and which won’t, and the team’s total number of goals scored and conceded over the tournament. Then there are bets on how many points a team will earn during the group stage and even head-to-head betting, which allows you to wager on which of the 2 teams will reach further into the tournament.

Best Player

Like as you can bet on how a certain team will perform in the tournament, you can also bet on which individual player will have a standout performance. Betting on players, more precisely on who will emerge as the tournament MVP, is also very popular.

If you want to bet on Copa Libertadores MVP, you will be able to find the betting lines under the outright and special markets. Besides the MVP markets, there will also be the top goalscorer markets, top assist makers, and more.

The MVP odds on Copa Libertadores are similar to MVP Copa do Brasil odds, very reliant on which team a certain player plays on. Usually, the top strikers of the favoured team will be priced as the favourites. They’re generally the smartest bet to take, knowing that the said player will likely reach deep into the tournament and have a better chance to show off his ability.

You can bet with Copa Libertadores specials to spice up your betting experience. Still, you will commonly use bets such as moneyline, totals, point spreads, and handicaps as bets that are readily accessible on all bookies and some of the most popular due to their ease of use.

You can use many bets to bet on Copa Libertadores, but today, we will check only the most popular ones. And it all starts with everyone’s favourite, the moneyline!


Moneyline bet is straightforward and should appeal to all new Copa Libertadores bettors. With moneyline, you’re simply predicting which team will win the next match, and there isn’t much more to it.

The moneyline odds will vary depending on the team’s perceived strength, with the favourites to win the next match priced at lower odds and vice versa. The moneyline does not offer as much variety when picking your bets, but it is popular mainly because this is the simplest bet you can make on Copa Libertadores.

Totals (Over/Under)

Totals (or over/under) is another popular wager that even inexperienced Copa Libertadores bettors can use because it’s very simple. With totals, you’re not betting on which team will win but on whether a particular metric in the game will reach a predetermined number.

Most commonly, totals are used to bet on the number of goals. For example, a football bookie will set the total line at 2.5, and then you can predict if the match will see more or fewer than 2 goals. Alternatively, totals can also bet on the number of fouls, corners, or other metrics.

The simplicity of the bet is the main reason totals betting is so popular. Also, totals offer you a bit more versatility when picking your stakes, which is just another bonus, which is another big reason why many soccer punters use this bet type.

Point Spread

Point spread betting is pretty much the same thing as handicap betting, where you can wager on whether the favourites will win the match with more than a certain number of goals or whether the underdogs will win, draw or not lose by the same number of goals.

For example, if Palmeiras are expected to defeat Sao Paulo, the bookies might offer a -1.5 spread on Palmeiras. With those betting lines, you can either bet on Palmeiras to win by at least 2 goals or on Sao Paulo to win, draw, or not lose by more than a goal.

Point spread or handicap betting is easily one of the most popular bet types for soccer betting because it offers a lot of versatility and often provides punters with great value.


Props or proposition bets are exotic bets you can make that are not necessarily related to the game’s final result. Rather than predicting who will win, by how much a team will win, or how many goals there will be in a game, props allow you to wager on an occurrence or non-occurrence of an event that rarely affects the result.

Props can be anything that the bookies make them to be and can include a wager on whether any player will get sent off, a penalty, an injury, or whether a match will see a streaker. Although props are rarely a part of a betting strategy, they can serve as an excellent way to spice your betting experience.


Futures are any bets you can make regarding something that will happen. But when betting on Copa Libertadores, the most common futures bets are tournament MVP and the league champion.

Futures are very popular among football bettors because they offer generous wagering odds. You will be able to find these bets under the Copa Libertadores outright odds section, while some bookies will have it under “futures” markets and third under the Copa Libertadores winner odds.

How to Bet on Copa Libertadores

If you want to start betting on Copa Libertadores and make money, you need to know how to approach it. And everything begins with the proper steps you will take even before you place your first bet.

Here are all the things you need to know and do to bet on Copa Libertadores and set yourself up for success.

  • Register on a sportsbook that can offer you competitive odds, enough market depth, and bonuses.
  • Consider registering at multiple bookies for price shopping.
  • Familiarise yourself with the teams and players.
  • Find a website that can provide you with expert Copa Libertadores betting tips and other useful information and stats.
  • Follow betting experts and their previews of the matches.
  • Always pick a bookmaker that offers in-play betting, so you can live bet once you decide to do so.
  • Find a betting strategy that works for you and stick to it.
  • Learn how to manage your bankroll.

Copa Libertadores Live Betting & Live Streaming

Live betting is prevalent, and Copa Libertadores is one of the most popular live betting sports leagues globally. Admittedly, in-play betting is not for everyone, but everyone should try it once to experience a new way of betting on sports.

But know that if you want to wager on live markets, you need to have access to a bookmaker with 2 things – it must offer live betting markets, and it’s essential to provide events live streaming.

Although you could watch the games from your TV and bet on your phone or PC, it’s much simpler to do it all on one platform, and most of all, it’s much faster. And speed is essential in live betting, where betting lines quickly change, and all the value there can disappear in seconds.

Copa Libertadores Betting Tips & Predictions

If you want to be a successful Copa Libertadores bettor, you need to dedicate a lot of time to learning everything about the teams, the players, and the coaches and have access to many data and stats. Only this way will you be able to make smart bets and find value, guaranteeing you profit in the long term.

That does take a lot of time, and that approach isn’t possible for a casual bettor. But there’s a shortcut in the form of betting previews that can provide you with betting picks and predictions for the next games.

You should always make your own choices when betting, but reading through the wagering previews can be valuable as those can offer you helpful information that you can use to make intelligent choices.

Copa Libertadores Overview

Before we let you on your way, here are some interesting facts about Copa Libertadores that you might not know about.

  • Independiente is the most successful club in the history of Copa Libertadores, with seven titles between 1964 and 1984.
  • Independente has not won a single Copa Libertadores title since 1984, and not a single club broke its record of 7 titles. Still, a few came close, including Boca Juniors (6 titles), Penarol (5 titles), River Plate (4 titles), and Estudiantes (4 titles).
  • Alberto Spencer is by far the most successful player in the history of Copa Libertadores with 54 goals, followed by Fernando Morena (37 goals), Pedro Rocha (36), Daniel Onega (31), and Julio Morales (30).
  • Copa Libertadores is one of the most popular international football competitions besides the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Copa America, and Africa Cup of Nations.
  • Argentina is the most prosperous nation in Copa Libertadores with 25 titles, followed by Brazil (21), Uruguay (8), Colombia (3), Paraguay (3), Chile (1), and Ecuador (1).
  • Not a single Mexican or Peruvian club won Copa Libertadores, but Mexico had 3 finalists, while Peru had 2.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers for Copa Libertadores include BetMGM, William Hill, Bet365, sport888, LVBet.
  • A former goalkeeper for Olimpia, Ever Hugo Almeida, has the most appearances in Copa Libertadores (113).
  • Colombian club América de Cali has made four Copa Libertadores finals but has not won a single title.
  • The current most successful club in the competition, Independiente, has made 4 Copa Libertadores finals and won each.
  • Boca Juniors has the most Copa Libertadores finals appearances (11) and 6 titles.
  • Racing had not made a single Copa Libertadores final since 1967 when the Argentine club won the trophy.

Bottom Line

If you have read our guide to this point, you now know everything there is to know about betting on Copa Libertadores and how to make a profit from it. All left to do is visit the best Copa Libertadores betting sites and start placing your wagers!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Copa Libertadores?
    Copa Libertadores or CONMEBOL Libertadores is an annual international club football competition organized by CONMEBOL since the 1960s. It features some of the best South American football clubs who compete for the coveted trophy, equivalent to the UEFA Champions League trophy for European clubs.
  • Where can you bet on Copa Libertadores?
    You can bet on Copa Libertadores on online bookmakers, including soccer bookies and traditional sportsbooks. As one of the most popular football competitions globally, Copa Libertadores is well-covered by all bookies. There are plenty of betting markets available, no matter where you look. Just make sure that you bet with a legal and licensed bookmaker!
  • Who are the favourites to win the Copa Libertadores?
    Copa Libertadores has no clear favourites, as it rarely happens for one club to win the title in successive years. The 2 most notable exceptions are Palmeiras (2020, 2021) and Boca Juniors (2000, 2001).
  • Who has won the Copa Libertadores the most?
    Independiente is the most successful club in the history of Copa Libertadores with 7 titles, albeit the Argentine club has now won a single trophy since 1984. The second-most successful club is Boca Juniors, with 6 titles and 5 finals appearances, with their most recent title from 2007.
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