Weird Things to Bet on

Weird Things To Bet

We’ve already covered some funny bet ideas before, but the ideas on this list are even wilder. If you think that chicken bingo or bog snorkeling are the weirdest sports and tournaments to bet on, wait until you’ve seen these.

Below, you’ll find a compilation of strange sports to bet on, ranging from cheese rolling to bets placed on when the world ends. The deeper down the list you go, the more bizarre things get.


While you won’t find this idea at the top sportsbooks, some accept bets on the appearance of UFOs or contact with an alien civilization. These obscure bets are among the most unusual things to bet on, but they draw a crowd. Well, the conspiracy theory crowd, at least, but they’re more than willing to put their money down on everyone’s favourite conspiracy theory.


The Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake challenge is a traditional sports event held on Spring Bank Holiday near England’s Gloucester. As the name suggests, it’s a conventional competition where a quality cheese wheel is rolled down a hill, and participants chase it until one nabs the prize. While we wouldn’t eat the cheese wheel after that ordeal, we would like to bet on the winner.

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Many bookies have the market on offer when the time comes, and the odds are solid too. It’s one of those funny bet wagers you can put your money on and certainly more fun than a Manchester United derby.

Ferret Bingo

We’ve heard about chicken bingo, but what about ferret bingo? Thankfully, this one doesn’t include chicken droppings. Instead, ferrets are placed in front of a maze. They go in, and you can bet on the different tunnels they come out from. It’s one of the freaky bet ideas but not freakier than the dreaded chicken bingo.


This one’s all the rage in Ireland and at Oktoberfest too. Husbands carry their wives on their backs in a race over 250 meters, and you can bet on the winner. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a man’s wife, but we hope it is for their sake. It’s one of those funny things to bet on. It certainly beats betting on UFOs.

The End of the World

When will the world end? Well, it’s certainly closer than we think, but if you have a date in mind, why not bet on it? Betting on the end of the world should have a lot of dates to pick from and competitive odds. If you’re looking for funny things to bet on that are also grim, this is the one we’d go with.

It’s bizarre, but hey, we’re already racing there, so why not win some money and have a good time before it ends?

Everything about the Royal Family

The Royal Family really can’t catch a break. They’re in the tabloids and on popular betting sites frontpages too. Punters are on whenever a whiff of something is going on. Markets include the name of a potential royal baby, deaths, and other stuff.

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If you’re looking for weird things people bet on, this one fits like a glove. Who’d like to be a subject of bets regarding personal matters? They really can’t catch a break.

Kim Jong Un

Here’s one of the truly bizarre things you can legally bet on – North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. We’re not sure that’s the official title, but you may be able to bet on it. You can also bet on other events, like if he’ll ever launch a nuke. We hope there will be sportsbooks left so we can collect our money.


How long will it last? Is it of animal origins or produced in a lab? Those are some markets you can bet on regarding the much-hated coronavirus COVID-19. We’re a bit tired of all the news about this virus and hope it ends soon so we wouldn’t waste our money on it. Let’s bury the thing for good.

Weather Predictions

Weather predictions are actually among the sanest markets to bet on this list. It’s a bit strange, but no stranger than deaths in the Royal Family. Many sportsbooks will allow you to predict the weather on a particular date, but keep an eye on the rules. Like cryptocurrencies, weather conditions are volatile, so don’t bet on it unless you’re sure.

Final Words

There are many weird things you can bet on that will make you scratch your head in disbelief. Still, people are crazy about betting on competitors for a cheese prize, UFOs, or weather predictions. You can even put your money on events in the Royal Family. It’s a nice break from all the football betting, and you must agree it’s fun.

If you’d rather try these over traditional markets, be our guest.

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