Sports Betting Handicappers

Sports Betting Handicappers

If you want to find more ways to win more sports bets or know how sports betting can help you win more money consistently, you need the help of the top sports handicappers in the world. Although there are many betting handicappers in the industry, this sports handicapper review provides a list of the top-rated sports handicappers right now.

By the end of this article, you will know the following:
  • The definition of sports handicappers
  • Different types of handicappers
  • The best handicappers in the sports betting industry
  • How to become a sports handicapper

What Is a Handicapper?

Generally, the term ‘handicapper’ has several meanings. It could mean anyone who dedicates time to research before betting on sports. It could also mean a tipster or professional bettor, like in American sports. Since these definitions are too broad, there are two types of handicappers, which we shall discuss further in the section below.

What Is Handicapping in Betting?

Handicapping in betting refers to finding an edge through proper research or even anyone who bets on sports by doing the appropriate research and aims to make a profit. In other words, it assesses a clear point spread to select a winning sports bet. While some may view this as a simple process of looking through a simple line, veteran sports betting handicappers consider several vital factors. As such, there is a difference between a pro and a casual handicapper.

A professional (pro) bettor comprehensively analyzes advanced betting statistics to find the best possible odds. These bettors only care about the numbers and usually lack biases. They consider factors like the opening line, recent play, the team record, unique matchups, injuries, home vs. away, public opinion, and other related news.

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Due to their intense research, many pro cappers have established their power ranking system, which enables them to make spreads. It is worth noting that pro bettors can also make the wrong decision. It is always possible that they overlooked some information or considered some incorrect data, thus arriving at a false conclusion.

Conversely, a casual handicapper picks which team to bet on by looking at a few easy-to-find stats. They provide general information, which they then use to research and find more information on why they should bet on the team favored by the original bet.

Different Types of Handicappers

If you are familiar with sports betting, you probably know that there are different types of handicappers. The different types of handicappers are usually based on what they bet on. For instance, handicappers, popularly known as generalists, can refer to those who bet on anything offered in a sportsbook. For example, they may include people who bet on tennis and golf while trying to keep up with the baseball world in the summer. However, in the months of the Fall, they may struggle to stay on top of professional and college football, basketball, and hockey.

Alternatively, a specialist handicapper focuses only on one sport within a season. For instance, they keep up with professional sports and only breathe live information on these sports for the entire season. By focusing more narrowly, the specialist can get to know each sports team personally, giving them a better understanding of where every team is physically, psychologically, and emotionally throughout the season. Most top sports handicappers are specialists, as this method has proved more successful in the long run.

Best Sports Handicappers to Follow

Many claims they are expert sports handicappers, but only a few have a proven track record. The best handicappers to follow are those who have done the work and can prove their expertise through statistics. These tipsters usually provide their sports picks frequently and show the potential return within a specific period.

For instance, James Murphy is a famous football bettor who is said to have surpassed the 1000% bet return milestone in the few years he has been in the sports betting field. He shares his football betting picks and tips via his Twitter account by combining such information with some humor, which is why he has over 86K followers.

Another well-known and trusted handicapper is the team behind Andy Robson. With over 474k Twitter followers, Andy Robson regularly posts accurate sports betting tips on their social media. Due to their proven streak record, many sports bettors look to Andy’s guidance to maximize their profits.

Betzillion authors are professional betting handicappers with many years of experience and expertise in the sports betting market. Our handicap sports betting service will free up your time to focus on more critical activities instead of spending hours on end obsessing over statistics, patterns, weather forecasts, and injury news. Each member of our team prioritizes different handicap types and styles, allowing you to choose one that is most suitable. For more information on our team of best sports handicappers, visit the Betzillion website.

What Sports do Handicappers Pick On?

You can find expert sports handicappers for practically every sport. Whether it is basketball, football, hockey, golf, cycling, Formula 1, boxing, cricket, horse racing, or baseball, you will find a list of professional handicappers to help you win more.

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At BetZillion, our experts often publish the best picks for popular sports events, competitions, and leagues. Below is an overview of the different sports handicappers usually pick on.

American Football Handicappers

If you love to bet on football online, you are probably familiar with names like Sean Higgs, Frank Sawyer, Zack Cimini, Calvin King, Totals Guru, Ben Burns handicapper, and Matt Fargo, to mention a few. Our CEO Sergio is a seasoned betting expert in the football world. He has been a football fan for as long as he can remember and prides himself in providing pro picks through our reviews and guides.

NFL Handicappers

The NFL is an American football event that takes place annually. Some famous football handicappers focusing on the NFL include Matt Fargo, Vic Duke, Teddy Davis, and the renowned Jeff Hochman, a respected handicapper who has been providing betting tips since the 1990s.

College Football Handicappers

If you want more wins this college football season, several college football handicappers can help you optimize your winnings. From Kyle Hunter to Jeff Jones to John Martin to Rob Vinciletti, these handicappers have established themselves as respected handicappers in college football.

Basketball Handicappers

Basketball is a popular sport in the betting world. Many people love a good basketball game and do not mind placing wagers to win extra cash. Thus, getting insight from paid or the best free handicappers can help you optimize your profits. Top basketball handicappers include Dustin Hawkins, Bobby Win, Mike Williams, Dr. Bob Sports, Jesse Schule, and many more. We also have our very own Jimmy, who is experienced in writing and providing tips on various basketball games. If you are searching for the best betting tips, top picks, and event previews and stats, Jimmy is your guy.

NBA Handicappers

If you love NBA betting, you probably know of the most respected NBA handicappers, like Dustin Hawkins, who made profits of up to $2995, Mike Williams, whose profits amounted to $2,700, and Bobby Wing, who won approximately $1,560 during the previous NBA season.

College Basketball Handicappers

While many people love betting on the NBA, college basketball has just as many fans. Every college basketball season features thousands of sports enthusiasts who attend college basketball events and share the love and thrill of the sport. To win extra money on college basketball events, you can follow popular college basketball handicappers like Robert Ferringo, Raphael Esparza, Allen Eastman, Indian Cowboy (Arun Shiva), Jason Sharpe, and many more.

Soccer Handicappers

Another popular sport that people love to bet on is soccer. Some popular soccer handicappers include Jim Feist, Marc Lawrence, Juan Carlos Flores, Cole Faxon, and many others.

Baseball Handicappers

Baseball is another popular sport with many events, leagues, and competitions. Baseball enthusiasts can find a wide range of respected handicappers to give them valuable insights on how to win more money. For instance, the best MLB handicappers are Kevin Young, Steve Janus, Rob Vinciletti, and Hunter Price.

At BetZillion, Tim is our in-house baseball handicapper. He has years of experience in betting online, especially on baseball games. Over the years, he has gained immense knowledge of the game, which puts him at the top of the list when ranking top baseball handicappers.

Horse Racing Handicappers

If you love placing wagers on horse racing, you understand how much research it takes to analyze each competitor to make an informed and valuable bet. Luckily, you can save the time and effort required in this process by following the top picks by legendary handicapper horse racing, like David Dooley.

This handicapper has secured substantial winning margins year after year. By January 2023, his stake returns to the pound displayed enormous profits, and as a reasonably new horse racing tipster, his following has risen significantly over the past six years. His predictions cover all horse racing events within the UK, including Flat and National Hunt races.

At Betzillion, Rebecca is an expert in betting on horse racing games. She is a big fan of the Cheltenham Festival, a popular 4-day horse racing event held at the Cheltenham Racecourse. So, if you want to earn extra money on your horse racing bets, we highly recommend consulting our in-house horse racing handicapper, Rebecca.

Golf Betting Handicappers

Expert golf betting handicappers commit their time and hard work to research fields weeks ahead of a golf tournament or event to provide insights on the best bets to make. Some popular golf betting handicappers include Geoff Finburg, Tom Jacobs, Andy Lack, Joe Idone, and Betzillion’s Marie.

With more than a decade of experience, Marie is a proficient writer and expert handicapper in golf betting. She can point you in the right direction if you want information on golf betting odds or where to place bets.

Do You Have to Pay to Read a Good Sports Handicapper’s Picks?

While paying for a sports handicapper’s picks can help you make hefty profits, it is often a costly venture that can eat through your profits. Finding a trustworthy sports handicapper who makes good picks can also be challenging. Luckily, you can use reviews of betting handicappers to find the best sports handicappers who utilize a betting technique familiar to you.

The internet has plenty of resources and alternatives to paying for sports picks. For instance, you can find the best free handicappers focusing on your favorite sports. You can also study how to become a pro handicapper by researching various betting strategies and understanding sports statistics to help you make a good pick. Thus, reviewing the free information available first is advisable before paying for sports picks. At Betzillion, our professional handicappers offer sports picks for free.

Can I Make Money Tailing a Handicapper?

If you find a handicapper with a proven track record of picking winners and years of experience in their field, it is possible to make huge profits tailing them. However, it would be best to remember that expert handicappers do not guarantee wins, regardless of how many successes they may have landed within the past year.

Tailing a handicapper enables you to benefit from their experience and expertise in their field. As a result, new bettors can save all the effort involved in researching and analyzing various sports by following expert sports handicappers. However, these experts usually require you to pay a fee to access their top picks.

How to Become a Sports Handicapper

A severe sports enthusiast can become a pro sports handicapper with the proper tools and techniques. However, you have to be patient and take time to learn and analyze different betting markets to find the best sports picks. As you watch sports, you must analyze trends, note the game and player statistics, and review the matchups to find where the most value lies. While reviewing the betting markets to find the best odds, you must also consider which team the public backs in a particular sports event, league, or competition.

It is vital to note that handicapping requires plenty of hard work and determination. It will help if you put in consistent effort daily to become a pro handicapper while keeping your emotions out of the process. Once you establish a routine of learning about a specific sport, its players, betting markets, public opinion, and other statistics, you will be well on your way to becoming a good sports betting handicapper.

Final Words

Many sports handicappers are available on the sports betting market. Whether you prefer free or pro handicappers, these experts can help you win huge payouts by placing wagers on various sports. Thus, take your time to select a handicapper who has plenty of expertise and displays skill in predicting successful picks.

Note that our team at Betzillion can help you maximize your profits as it consists of some of the top handicappers in the industry who provide valuable sports picks for free. They can also provide information on how to become a successful sports handicapper in your own right. So, if you are looking for free information on handicap sports betting, Betzillion is an ideal option.

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