OddsPortal Review

OddsPortal Review

Sports bettors are always looking for how to gain an edge over bookmakers and make the most of their betting activities. One of the many ways you can do that today is through odds comparison sites like OddsPortal. But OddsPortal offers much more than just odds comparison, as you will see later in our OddsPortal review.

This review explores everything OddsPortal has to offer punters.

We will cover the following:

  • What OddsPortal is
  • OddsPortal features
  • Bookmakers at OddsPortal
  • How to use OddsPortal
  • OddsPortal alternatives

What Is OddsPortal?

OddsPortal is a free-to-use odds comparison website that provides services to sports betting enthusiasts. It is a popular platform among betting enthusiasts as it provides a comprehensive overview of betting markets across many bookmakers. You can find the platform by visiting “”

At its core, OddsPortal allows users to compare odds offered by different bookmakers for a wide range of sports, from football to basketball, hockey, baseball, OddsPortal tennis betting, and many more. It caters to upcoming events and in-play betting opportunities, providing real-time updates on odds. By aggregating these odds and displaying them in an intuitive format, OddsPortal aids punters in identifying the most favorable odds available on the market at any time.

Aside from its primary objective of offering odds comparison, OddsPortal provides several other features and services that can aid punters in making informed betting decisions. It includes reviews, guides and news, customization options, several tools, and the community platform that provides OddsPortal prediction and tips.

OddsPortal Features

One of the first things that struck us during our OddsPortal review is the user-friendly and intuitive platform the site provides its punters. But beyond that, the platform also comes with an impressive collection of features that punters can engage in making informed betting decisions. From sportsbook reviews to odds comparison, odds alerts, OddsPortal top predictions, and several betting tools, you can enjoy many features on this platform.

Now let’s take a look at these features.

Sportsbooks Reviews

Choosing a bookie can make a world of difference in the betting experience of any punter. OddsPortal understands this and, as such, offers a collection of reviews on the sportsbooks on their websites to aid punters in their choices. These bookmaker OddsPortal reviews cover important aspects about the bookmakers, such as odds quality, average payout, customer support, user rating, and more. With these details, users can gain insight into different bookmakers before joining.

OddsPortal Sportsbooks

However, you should note that the sportsbook reviews provided by OddsPortal could be more detailed, and there is a lot of missing information on what the sportsbooks are about. So, if you are considering any sportsbook for the first time, you must do further research beyond OddsPortal’s information.

Bookies OddsPortal Works with

To provide its users with the best experience possible, OddsPortal supports several major online bookmakers, providing a massive range of odds comparison options. The platform boasts the latest sports betting odds and betting lines from 60+ major bookmakers, all reputable and reliable. Like most odds comparison sites, OddsPortal also provides odds from betting exchanges, providing peer-to-peer betting opportunities for experienced punters.

Some of the most popular bookies and exchanges we found during our OddsPortal review include:

check iconVIP program
check iconLive games
check iconMany bonuses
100% up to $500
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check iconMany bonuses
check icon24/7 support
check iconMobile apps
125% up to $1250
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check icon24/7 support
check iconSuperb promotions
check iconEsports offers
check iconLive betting
check iconMany sports
check iconFast payouts
Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
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check icon25+ sports
check iconSuperb bonuses
check iconEasy to use

One important thing you need to note about OddsPortal is that the platform categorizes its bookmakers list into global and local options. Global bookmakers are the ones that provide services to punters from most countries worldwide. The local bookmakers, on the other hand, are the ones who tailor their sports betting services to specific countries.

Alongside the best odds available on the bookmakers, OddsPortal also provides information about the latest free bet bonuses and promotional offers that these bookmakers have to offer.


The odds are undoubtedly the top feature that any experienced punter would no doubt be looking for at OddsPortal. After all, providing the best odds comparison is the major objective of the platform. That said, OddsPortal provides comprehensive odds coverage across a wide range of sports from different bookmakers. Punters will find odds for upcoming games and events from different bookies across various sports alongside in-play odds. The platform covers over 20 sports, from the most popular to the less popular ones.

Some of the sports that we found on this platform during our OddsPortal review include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Tennis

Another impressive thing about OddsPortal’s odds is that the platform provides coverage across various betting markets. It means you will find odds for 1X2 bets, over/under bets, double chance bets, Asian handicaps, Odds or even bets, and many others.

Historical Odds

Any OddsPortal review would be incomplete without mentioning the site’s unique feature called historical odds. In addition to the current OddsPortal decimal odds or any other format displayed, also provides historical odds data. It shows the different odds movement that has taken place in the odds offered on any market since the opening odds. A user can analyze this data to see how the odds changed and use it to identify patterns, trends, and other valuable insights to make informed predictions.

Guides and News

Another function of the OddsPortal website is its guides and news articles collection. These resources help punters enhance their understanding of sports betting and cover aspects like betting strategies, industry trends, tips, etc. You will also find news updates regarding OddsPortal, its services, features, and the bookmakers featured on the site.

Bonuses on

Another vital aspect punters can look forward to when engaging in OddsPortal football betting and other sports is the availability of bonuses and promotional offers. After all, these monetary offers are one of the biggest attractions of sports betting sites.

That said, you should note that as a non-sports betting site, OddsPortal does not offer bonuses and promotions. Instead, they provide valuable information about the bonuses and promotions the various bookmakers on their platforms offer. These bonus offers are tailored to the welcome bonus promotion bookmakers use to attract new players to their sites. Navigating to the “bonus offers” section of the site will reveal all the OddsPortal payout bonuses that punters can enjoy when they join any sportsbook. OddsPortal regularly updates the bonus listings in this section to provide its punters access to the latest bookmakers’ offers. They add new bonuses and make changes to any existing ones.

That said, it is important to note that OddsPortal only provides a small detail about what these bonuses offer. So, you must check out a bookmaker’s terms and conditions for its bonus offers and free bets before opting for any.


Another impressive feature beyond the OddsPortal dropping odds and others at this site is the settings capability. OddsPortal provides its users with various setting options to customize their betting experience. These settings allow punters to personalize certain platform aspects to suit their preferences. Some of the settings options you will find available at OddsPortal includes:

  • Odds format: This is the most basic setting option in any sports betting-related site. You can choose between OddsPortal decimal odds, fractional odds, or American odds formats, depending on what you are most accustomed to.
  • Exchange Commissions: For punters who utilize betting exchanges, OddsPortal allows punters to set their exchanges’ commissions.
  • Notifications: OddsPortal offers notification settings that allow users to receive important updates and real-time alerts. You can set the OddsAlert feature to notify you of odds changes.

The site also allows punters to customize time zones, organize favorite leagues and competitions, language preferences, different filters, and much more.

OddsPortal Community Section

The OddsPortal Community Section is one of the features that impressed us at OddsPortal. With this community section, the platform provides a social space where users engage with a vibrant community of like-minded sports betting enthusiasts. The biggest objective of the section is to allow users to share their predictions with others through the OddsPortal top predictions. You will see the percentage of users that predict which outcome will occur in any betting market. It can be a valuable resource for bettors to gain insights into their bets.

OddsPortal Community

Sadly, unlike what you would expect, the community section does not support social interaction and discussion.

Betting Tools

The betting tools in OddsPortal are another impressive feature punters can have in their arsenal when they place bets online. These tools provide services beyond odds comparison to help punters make the most of their betting experience.

Dropping Odds

OddsPortal dropping odds is another fun feature of this platform. The site provides a section where users can find information about odds that have experienced significant negative or downward movement over time. You will see the sporting events with the highest dropping odds along with the percentage dropped. This information can give you an edge with your betting activities, as dropping odds can signify a significant change in the state of an event.

Sure Odds Bets

One of this platform’s most impressive odds features is the OddsPortal sure bets. This section of the site deals with the availability of arbitrage markets, also known as sure betting. OddsPortal compares betting odds across various bookmakers to identify discrepancies that create room for sure bets. In this section, you will find all the sure bet markets, displaying the available odds across all sporting event outcomes offered by different bookmakers. All you need to do is bet on all the outcomes to guarantee a profit, regardless of the outcome.

OddsPortal Sure Bets

The best part is that OddsPortal provides a calculator beside every sure bet, where punters can calculate the potential profit they can obtain from the bets. This calculator accounts for the amount a punter is willing to risk and shows how much to stake on each outcome to guarantee the maximum possible profit.

Value Bets

The OddsPortal value bets tool is a useful tool that provides punters with interesting bets that they can place with mathematical advantage. The tool calculates value bets by utilizing the bookmaker’s market difference compared to competitors. The goal of value bets is to result in long-term profits.

Blocked Odds

The OddsPortal blocked odds tool identifies and displays bets that bookmakers no longer accept. The tool typically displays betting markets that bookmakers recently removed from their betting offers. Experienced punters can utilize this section to their advantage by wagering blocked odds markets with bookmakers that haven’t caught up with the latest market trends.

Hot Football Matches

The OddsPortal hot matches tool is where you will find all of the most popular sporting events for the day. Here, punters can easily compare odds to find the best ones on betting markets and the bookmakers offering them. This tool is particularly offered for football.

Archived Results

Another impressive tool within OddsPortal’s arsenal is the archived result tool. This section contains an archive of all past results and odds across various sports in competitions and leagues. Punters can essentially view historical statistics of events that have taken place in sports over the years.

OddsPortal Archived Results

For example, punters can find statistics on the OddsPortal championship section for the football world cup event. In this section, you can also find the odds bookmakers offered on the events, showing the odds movement.

Standings: Sports Tables & Draws

The OddsPortal standings tool is where you will find the sports tables, standing, and draws across many different leagues. The section contains all the most current statistics about any competition or sports league alongside historical ones.

How to Use OddsPortal?

The next part of our OddsPortal review will treat how to use the platform. The good news is that using OddsPortal is pretty straightforward. Like any other iGaming-related website, the first step to using OddsPortal is to sign up with the platform if you don’t already have an account.

Here is the quick step-by-step process to create an account with the site:

  • Visit the website at “”
  • Click the “REGISTER” button in the top right corner of the website page
  • Provide all the necessary details, including username, password, email, and country
  • Tick the terms of use and privacy checkbox and click the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button to complete the signup process
  • Alternatively, you can choose to sign up using “Facebook,” or “Apple”

Once this is done, you can get started with OddsPortal and use it for your betting activities.

As mentioned, the main objective of OddsPortal is to equip punters with the necessary information required to make informed decisions.

So, to use the site, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Access the OddsPortal website
  • Choose the desired sport
  • Navigate to the specific sporting event you want
  • Analyze the odds offered on the event and compare the odds offered by different bookmakers to find OddsPortal value bets.
  • Access additional information to aid informed betting decision
  • Place your bet

It is that simple. However, one important thing to note is that OddsPortal is an informational platform that provides information and resources to help punters. It doesn’t facilitate actual betting transactions. You must visit the respective betting sites featured to place your bets.

What Else Can You Use OddsPortal for?

As you might have already inferred from our OddsPortal review so far, this platform is not all about odds comparison only. In addition to its primary objective of odds comparison, punters can also use OddsPortal for various purposes related to sports betting and gambling.

One major purpose this platform also serves is to provide OddsPortal top predictions. The site provides valuable insights, expert analysis, and betting tips for upcoming sporting events. Experienced punters can use this information to make informed betting decisions.

As mentioned, the platform provides arbitrage betting opportunities to its punters through its OddsPortal sure bets section. Here you will find betting markets that guarantee a profit by betting on all the possible outcomes of events across various sportsbooks. The platform also provides real-time updates and live scores for ongoing sports events, which can be useful for players engaging in in-play betting or tracking the outcome of bets.

OddsPortal App

Another impressive detail we found when reviewing this platform is OddsPortal mobile compatibility. As mobile gaming has become a go-to option for most bettors today, mobile optimization has become a must-have feature for most websites today. OddsPortal provides a cutting-edge mobile platform that offers a seamless user experience to its users, which is as functional as the desktop version. It means gamblers can intuitively navigate through the site’s mobile version to access OddsPortal top predictions and all the available features and tools.

The best part is that, much like the platform’s mobile version, it is compatible across all smartphones and tablet devices, including Android and iOS options. As such, punters can easily access the platform and enjoy everything OddsPortal offers, regardless of which device they use. The only major drawback we found during our OddsPortal review is that the platform has no dedicated mobile app. It can be a limiting factor for punters who prefer this option.

OddsPortal Alternative

One undeniable fact is that sports betting is one of the biggest industries. As such, alongside online betting sites, many sports betting-related sites like BetZillion offer punters all sorts of services. So, while OddsPortal is no doubt a great site for odds comparison and a few other services, many other alternatives are available.

Some of the top alternatives in the industry include:

Alternatives Description
👍 BetZillion we are a sports betting platform staffed with a proficient team of sports and betting analysts. Our primary goal is to assist bettors in discovering bookmakers who offer the most competitive deals available. As a result, we provide an extensive array of sportsbook reviews. Additionally, we offer various valuable resources, including sports betting guides, bonus and promotions guides, expert tips and predictions, and up-to-date sports news, among others. Start your swift bet launch at BetZillion now.
👍 Oddschecker Launched back in 1999, Oddschecker is a leading odds comparison site. Like OddsPortal, this site partners with many trusted betting brands, even 1 pound deposit betting sites, and provides updates on odds, bonuses, and promotions. It also provides tips and insights to help millions of users pick winners when they bet.
👍 Oddspedia Oddspedia is another great alternative that offers many of the same services as OddsPortal. Here, punters will also find features like odds comparison, sure bets, dropping odds, blocked odds, value bets, hot bets, and tips and insights. However, this site supports over 200 bookmakers, which is a lot more than that of OddsPortal. It also covers bigger markets and offers more odds.
👍 Easyodds Launched in 2000, Easyodds is another great free-to-use odds comparison site. Like OddsPortal, this site provides odds comparison services across many bookmakers on various sports. It also offers guides, news, reviews about bookmakers, and betting tips for bets. However, unlike OddsPortal value bets, sure bets, and others, Easyodds does not have many useful tools and features.

Final Words

To conclude our OddsPortal review, we have to say that this platform is an excellent free-to-use resource for any sports betting enthusiast. With its primary objective of odds comparison across more than 20 sports for 60+ bookmakers, punters can easily find the best odds available in the market and maximize their potential profit. OddsPortal is available across desktop and mobile platforms, whether Android or iOS.

The platform also goes beyond odds comparison and provides several exciting features and tools, from the OddsPortal sure bets that aid arbitrage betting to dropping odds, value bets, hot matches, and much more. You will also find guides, news, tips, and predictions that can aid in making informed betting decisions.

While many other alternatives out there are just as good as or even better than it, OddsPortal is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal. Whether you are a seasoned punter or a newbie in sports betting, OddsPortal can be a valuable companion on your betting journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is trustworthy?
    OddsPortal is generally considered a trustworthy platform for odds comparison and sports betting resources. The site has been operating for many years and has a decent reputation in the betting industry for providing accurate and reliable odds from various sportsbooks.
  • Can I find news and guides at
    Yes., like most odds comparison sites, provides news and guides that cover a wide range of topics. Here, punters will find valuable information and insights regarding betting strategies, analysis, tips, and many others, all aimed at aiding informed decision making.
  • Is OddsPortal good?
    The usefulness of OddsPortal will naturally depend on individual preferences and needs. However, many punters in the sports betting community regard the platform highly due to its extensive features, accurate odds, and valuable tools and resources. The site is considered useful for beginners and experienced gamblers.
  • How well does OddsPortal predict scores?
    OddsPortal does not provide scores predicting services. Instead, the site displays odds offered on betting markets across different sportsbooks, allowing users to compare the available odds and analyze potential outcomes based on the available odds.
  • How to get data from OddsPortal?
    OddsPortal provides data through odds, statistics, results, and other related information. You can access these data directly by visiting the platform’s website. It also provides various tools and features to filter the data to find your needs across different sports and leagues. Many experienced punters also use web scraping tools to extract the necessary information manually.
  • How does OddsPortal work?
    OddsPortal generally aggregates data from multiple sportsbooks and betting exchanges and presents them in a unified format, allowing odds comparison. The platform regularly scans and updates the odds to ensure its users can access the latest information. OddsPortal also provides reviews, guides, betting tools, and other relevant features to aid punters in betting activities.
  • Still have questions?
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