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Oddspedia Review

Oddspedia Review: Features, Tools, and Sports Betting Updates

Oddspedia is an international one-shop-stop iGaming website where bettors can get value-added and all-inclusive information on anything sports betting. The website offers real-time odds, live streaming, news, sportsbook reviews, statistics, live scores, and various sports and events results.

Our comprehensive Oddspedia review will cover everything you should know about this website, including:
  • What is Oddspedia?
  • Oddspedia features
  • How to use the website
  • Its mobile app features
  • Oddspedia alternatives.

What Is Oddspedia?

Co-established in 2013 by Jan Möller and Jeton Kodia, Oddspedia, which can be found at, is dedicated to providing comprehensive information and services for sports fans and bettors. Apart from offering fast real-time odds updates, news and stats, betting guides, and Oddspedia tips, the website also has exceptional bet tracking, value bets, sure bets, dropping odds, and odds comparison tools to serve casual and experienced sports bettors.

According to Jan Möller, the primary mission of Oddspedia is to provide services that cater to all the needs of all sports bettors and fans, regardless of what country they are from or whatever device they are using.

One of the reasons why the Oddspedia betting service is popular with bettors is that the platform features an intuitive interface, with easy navigation and a clean design that makes it easy for users to find the information they need quickly. Also, it covers many sports, from popular to lesser-known ones like volleyball and handball. The website also provides data and stats for a wide range of events. For instance, its football statistics cover more than 800 cups and leagues across 130 nations. Oddspedia tennis stats also cover 600+ Leagues & Cups across 80+ countries.

Bookies Oddspedia Works with

The Oddspedia betting service gathers data from a wide range of bookmakers. The platform compares odds between all major online bookmakers and has rated about 250 safe gambling sites.

Below are some of the top bookies Oddspedia works with:

Oddspedia Features

Oddspedia is one of the best destinations for sports betting fans, with several features that make it stand out from its competitors. Here, we will discuss the website’s best features, from quality bookmaker reviews and the fastest real-time odds updates to comprehensive Oddspedia betting guides and industry-standard betting tools.

Sportsbooks Reviews

Oddspedia delivers in-depth and unbiased bookmaker reviews, providing users with valuable information on betting sites and their offerings. These reviews cover all the essential factors a bettor should look out for, including the bookmaker’s licensing situation, odds, range of sports and events covered, promotions and bonuses, payment options, and customer support.

With over 249 trusted bookmakers rated, Oddspedia betting site reviews are a valuable resource for users looking to choose a bookmaker to place their bets with. They provide users with an objective assessment of each bookmaker’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to make an informed decision.


Oddspedia has one of the most excellent and extensive odds comparison services you’ll find anywhere. The website offers instant real-time odds updates from a wide range of bookmakers. By comparing these odds, bettors can choose the one that provides the best value for their bets and maximize their winnings.

Oddspedia betting service offers odds comparison on all the sports in its library, so you can find the best prices for almost any event you are looking for, from popular football leagues to lesser-known competitions. The website is also notable for its incredibly fast live odds update, which is highly helpful for in-play betting.

Additionally, Oddspedia’s cutting-edge odds scanning software ensures that any odds changes from bookmakers are instantly updated on the site. It also allows bettors to view odds history and see how the prices have moved since they were first released. Also, the tool displays information in a clear and easy-to-read format, making it easy for users to compare and find the best value odds quickly.

Sports Betting Guides

Besides odds comparison, reviews, updates, and Oddspedia tips, the website offers detailed and comprehensive sports betting guides. Experts in respective fields write these guides and cover various topics, sports, and events. Below are the types of sports betting guides on the website.

Sports Betting Guides Description
How to Bet These guides introduce sports betting, explaining the different types of bets available and how to place a bet. They can also be sport-specific betting guides, providing analysis and advice on how to approach betting on different sports like football, hockey, basketball, etc.
Odds Explained These guides explain how odds work in sports betting, including the different formats available and how to calculate potential winnings. They also explain how to compare odds between other sportsbooks and choose the best ones.
Betting Strategies and Systems These Oddspedia betting guides cover various betting systems and strategies that users can use to improve their chances of winning. They include detailed information on popular methods like arbitrage, hedge, or matched betting. They can also have famous betting systems like the Martingale, Kelly Criterion, D’Alembert, Fibonacci, etc.
Bankroll Management This guide provides advice on managing your betting bankroll effectively, including setting a budget, tracking your bets, and avoiding common mistakes.
Betting Glossary This guide provides definitions for standard betting terms, including both general betting terms and terms specific to certain sports.
Betting Glossary This guide provides definitions for standard betting terms, including both general betting terms and terms specific to certain sports.

Oddspedia Sure Bets

Also known as Oddspedia arbitrage betting, sure betting involves betting on all possible outcomes of an event with different bookmakers and making a profit, regardless of the result. This betting strategy capitalizes on the discrepancies in the odds offered by various bookmakers for the same events. Even if only one of your selections wins in a sure bet, it will cover the remaining losses, and you’ll still profit.

Arbitrage opportunities that yield good profits are rare, and finding odds discrepancies between several bookmakers can wear you out quickly. However, the Oddspedia sure bets feature under “Tools” on the website is designed to help bettors identify potential arbitrage opportunities across various sports and events.

To use the Oddspedia sure bet feature, select the sport and event you are interested in and view the available odds from different bookmakers. The sure bets tool will highlight any opportunities for sure bets, indicating the other bookmakers and the odds available for each outcome. After selecting your preferred Oddspedia arbitrage option, click the “calculator” button, and enter the total amount you want to wager. The calculator will display the total stake you need to place on the outcome and your sure potential profit.

You must open accounts with all the bookmakers involved with your preferred sure bet opportunity, as you need to place a wager on each of them. Also, sure bets often involve placing large bets, and some bookmakers may limit your account or restrict your betting activity if they detect that you are engaging in arbitrage betting. As such, it’s essential to use sure bets with caution and to be aware of the risks involved.

How to Use Oddspedia

Oddspedia is a user-friendly platform featuring an aesthetic design and intuitive interface with easy navigation. The platform gives users easy access to everything it offers on its homepage, including scores, the latest news, updates, odds comparison, betting tips, and bookmaker reviews.

For instance, you want to find the best odds for an upcoming football match. Below are the steps you need to follow:

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the “odds” button on the homepage,
  • Select the sport you want to bet on
  • Select the event, league, or tournament
  • Select the actual match

After you have selected the actual match, the website displays a page where you can see an overview of the event, check statistics, compare odds, view Oddspedia prediction tips, and read up-to-date news about the event. Then you can compare odds to know which bookmaker gives the most valuable prices for the event.

The same process goes for any other function. Everything you need to find is available at the click of a button, whether you want to read about betting systems and bookmaker reviews or check live scores.

What Else Can You Use Oddspedia For?

Recently, Oddspedia launched a new, improved website alongside sports webmaster widgets for publishers and sports betting affiliates. Oddspedia API and devices provide up-to-date information on odds, scores, and results from over 30 sports and 8000 competitions and can be customized to fit the look and feel of the web admin’s website.

These tools aim to help webmasters enhance their user experience by providing valuable real-time sports betting data to their visitors with easy navigation. It can increase engagement and keep visitors coming back to their website. It can also help web admins improve their revenue by monetizing traffic; the clicks generated by the widgets are shared 50-50 between the webmasters and Oddspedia.

Web admins can use Oddspedia API and widgets in several ways. For example, they can use the odds comparison widget to display real-time odds from different bookmakers for a particular event, allowing their visitors to compare odds quickly and make more informed betting decisions. They can also use the scores and results widget to display live scores and results for different sports and events, providing their visitors with up-to-date information on their favorite teams and players.

Oddspedia widgets are free to use and allow easy integration and customization. They are also available in various languages, making them suitable for websites catering to different audiences. All you need to do is create a profile on the platform, copy a device, and paste it on your website.

Oddspedia App

We couldn’t find any mention of a mobile application after combing through the website while writing this Oddspedia review. Therefore there’s no Oddspedia apk or iOS software available for download. However, this might change in the future.


While there is no Oddspedia app, the platform has a mobile-optimized website that works seamlessly with all mobile devices, including Android and iOS. This website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, making all of Oddspedia’s features and resources available at every user’s fingertips.

Oddspedia Alternatives

While Oddspedia remains one of the best websites available to sports fans and bettors, similar alternatives provide valuable real-time information and services on everything sports betting. Naturally, these sites are Oddspedia’s competitors in terms of website traffic, rankings, and authority.

Below are some other popular sites like Oddspedia:


BetZillion is a sports betting website with a team of analysts and experts in sports and betting. Our website aims to help bettors find bookmakers with the best offers in the market. Hence, it provides a vast range of sportsbook reviews. We also offer other helpful resources like sport betting guides, bonus and promotions guides, tips, and predictions, the latest sports news, etc.


FootyStats provides a range of statistics and data analysis for over 1500 football (soccer) matches and leagues worldwide, including historical results, standings, upcoming fixtures, and detailed statistics on individual teams and players.

Footystats Homepage

The site is easy-to-navigate and offers a Head-to-Head (H2H) analysis tool, live scores, news, and analysis.


SofaScore is another popular sports betting website that provides real-time odds, live scores, team and player stats, expert analysis, and results for various sports and events. The website also offers a range of betting tools and resources, including an odds comparison tool, a bet tracker, and a bet calculator.


Oddsportal is a popular online betting service that provides real-time odds comparison and other valuable information on various sports and events.

Oddsportal Homepage

Other services offered by the website include odds comparison, historical data and statistics, results and scores, betting tools, expert analysis, and tips.

Oddspedia Pros & Cons

  • Sports updates
  • Game results in over 30 sports and 8000 competitions
  • Provides football picks
  • Compatible with multiple devices, Android and iOS
  • Easy to use
  • Numerous positive reviews
  • No dedicated Oddspedia app and apk

Final Words

With a wealth of information on around 30 sports and over 8000 competitions, including live scores, fast real-time odds updates, news, tips, and detailed statistics, Oddspedia is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest sports news and make informed betting decisions. The platform also offers cutting-edge odds comparison, sure odds, value bets finding, dropping, and bet tracking tools to help bettors find the best value and maximize their winnings.

The only downside we at BetZillion noted is the lack of a dedicated Oddspedia app. However, this isn’t a big deal as the website is mobile-optimized and compatible across all mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is trustworthy?
    Yes, Oddspedia gathers data from a vast range of bookmakers to update the information on its website, including live scores, odds, news, etc. Any pre-match or live odds changes on bookmakers are updated on the website as fast as possible to allow users to see real-time odds. Additionally, the bookmaker offers in-depth and unbiased sportsbook reviews to allow bettors to make an informed decision.
  • Can I find news and guides at
    Yes. From top stories, transfer market news, and social media buzz to match updates and significant headlines, Oddspedia curates accurate and up-to-the-minute news from more than 10000 news sources. The website also offers detailed and comprehensive sports betting guides, including, How to Bet, odds explained betting strategies and systems, bankroll management, and betting glossaries.
  • Is Oddspedia good?
    Yes. Oddspedia can be a powerful tool in a bettor’s arsenal. The website’s odds comparison tool gathers data from around 80 bookmakers; thus, it effectively finds value bets. Oddspedia also provides several other valuable features, including live scores, statistics, and news updates.
  • How to get data from Oddspedia?
    Odds services are free, and all you need to do is visit, select the sport and exact event, and find any information you need on it.
  • How does Oddspedia work?
    Oddspedia collects data on sports events and their corresponding odds from various bookmakers. This data is processed and presented in a standardized format, allowing users to easily compare odds for the same event across different bookmakers. Also, the website uses cutting-edge algorithms to update the latest odds, live scores, news, and real-time updates, providing users with the newest information.
  • Why is Oddspedia popular with sports bettors?
    Sports bettors love Oddspedia because of its efficiency and reliability in providing free valuable information, including odds comparison, the fastest real-time odds updates, live scores, etc. The website has a vast data pool, gathering information from over 80 bookmakers. Additionally, Oddspedia covers a wide range of sports and over 8000 competitions worldwide, from mainstream ones to lesser-known ones. Also, the platform features an intuitive interface, with easy navigation and a clean design that makes it easy for users to find the information they need quickly.
  • Is Oddspedia Legit?
    Oddspedia is among the top-rated sites for sports news, betting, picks, stats, and betting guides, to name a few. Since its inception in 2013, Oddspedia has maintained a positive reputation, having garnered many positive reviews. The platform gathers real-time data from vast authentic sources, making it a distinct site from its competitors. Additionally, Oddspedia provides unbiased reviews, which help bettors make meaningful decisions in their betting experiences.
Jimmy Daytona
Writer & Tipster

Jimmy is our on-duty tipster and writer. His favorite sports are cricket, tennis, and basketball. If you’re looking for the best betting tips in the business, Jimmy’s your guy. His tips and events previews are among the most read at BetZillion.

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