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Most Unusual Races to Bet On

Unusual Races To Bet On

You can put your money into all kinds of races around the world. We all know about F1 races or motorsports. However, you can also find unusual races to bet on.

You’ve probably heard about animal race betting, where you put your money on horses or greyhounds. But, the plot grows thicker. Have you ever bet on zebras racing on a track? Or ostriches? Believe it or not, these races exist, and players can bet on them. This article will explore the most bizarre animal races bookies have odds for.

Shetland Pony Racing

OK, this is a bit funny. Shetland ponies are tiny horses ridden by children, and some no-limit bookies allow you to bet on them. It’s a wild ride and one of the many strange sports to bet on.

YouTube video

Not the most bizarre one, if you can believe it. You can also bet on zebras or ducks racing to the finish line, which we’ll discuss below.

Zebra Racing

Zebra races are famous in Africa, even though they don’t trump horse racing. Zebras are as fast as horses, so it’s a thrilling ride from start to finish. Still, some bookies compared it to horse racing betting, and it’s quite a renowned market.

Fancy your chances in a race of zebras? Find a European bookie on this page that offers this strangely competitive race and enjoy.

Duck Racing

Duck racers breed competitive ducks that can finish the top races. It’s just like horse racing. Many factors impact the outcome of this race, which is held in specially-designed pools. There’s a whole culture behind this particular animal bet racing market, so you better prepare before you put your money down.

Ostrich Racing

No, it’s not a joke. While we wouldn’t even sit on an ostrich for a picture, some people like to race on them. They’re indeed bred for it, but it’s one of the most unusual animal races you can bet on. The animal is ridden with special harnesses not unlike on a horse, but, as expected, they’re much more challenging to control than any other animals.

YouTube video

Thoroughbred ostriches are also used, so you’re not just racing some random animal. Still, it’s not something we’d try, but we would put money into it after proper research.

Pig Racing

Everyone could see this coming from miles away. Compared to other animal races to bet on, this one’s a bit slower. Pigs are not known as fast animals, making this race so exciting. There’s no question that the relaxed atmosphere makes it an excellent betting pick.

We must admit that it’s one of the strangest animal races, but at the same time, it might be one of the most exciting because of the pace. Plus, it’s a much more common option at sportsbooks than duck racing or the ones below.

Mouse Racing

Mice are great at solving mazes in experiments, but apparently, they are also competitive racers. Imagine a field of mice all ready and willing to take the crown. Surprisingly, these races tend to be very competitive – in betting. If you want to bet on animal races, it probably doesn’t get weirder than this.

Crypto bookies have decent odds for these races; the only complaint we can think of is that there aren’t many of them.

Camel Racing

Can camels do more than walk the hot sands of the Sahara? Popular in Egypt and Africa, camel racing is almost equal to horse racing. Betting is a big part; many make money this way in third-world countries.

Africa and the Middle East love betting on camel favorites. If this looks appealing and in no way strange to you, we’d suggest visiting casinos that accept those particular players.

Dachshund Racing

We’ve heard of greyhounds, but dachshunds? It’s quite an unusual race. They’re not built for this thing, but some people are adamant these races are even more competitive. We admit it – it’s funny looking at the elongated dogs’ race with their tiny feet to the finish line, probably chasing a rabbit. Or a squirrel. One thing’s for sure – any dog is lightning-fast when there’s another animal to hunt, even if it’s a metal one like those they use in races.

YouTube video

Betting on the outcome is a fun way to spend the day. The odds are certainly better than a horse race. If you spot a fast withdrawal bookie offering a bet animal in this particular race niche, we’d suggest trying it. Of course, you should analyse the situation first, but our site has plenty of guides to find a strategy that might work.

Snail Racing

Can this indeed be called racing? Snails are relatively slow gastropods, so they differ greatly from any ridden animal on this list. But, if you want to take things slow, these are the animal races to bet on. The rules are slightly different. A circle is drawn around the group of snails, and whoever gets out first wins it.

There’s a tough snail racing market and bookies that offer odds, so if you’re looking for a way in, it won’t be a problem.

Tortoise Racing

Tortoise races have been held for a long time, yet another slow-paced battle. It’s an exciting sport in many tropical countries and US states and among the most unusual races to bet in Colorado and the country.

Tortoises are bred for this matter, bringing their owners dividends when they win the not-so-fast race.

Final Words

Believe it or not, some of the races we’ve mentioned above make an appearance at the biggest new bookmakers in the industry. There are some strange races involving animals and a booming weird animal races betting market. The odds are great, too, since there are only a handful of bettors on some of them, each hoping to win the jackpot.

Competition is fierce, and the animals are bred for these races, so you must analyze each individual and prepare for many scenarios. For all their weirdness, there’s no question that these races are exciting too. It’s a great way to get out of the typical football rut, so we strongly recommend putting your money on any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bet on animal races?
    Yes, you can, and we’re not just talking horses and greyhounds. There are far stranger animal races out there. From snails and tortoises to giant ostriches, betting on all these races and more is possible.
  • What are the most unusual races to bet on?
    There are many choices, so deciding is hard. We’d say it’s up to you. For us, snail and ostrich racing are the weirdest we’ve bet on, but pig and mouse races are funny too.
  • Where can I bet on the most unusual races?
    Most bookies nowadays will offer to bet on some or all of the weirdest races. They’re a popular and very particular niche with great odds due to their rare availability.
Jimmy Daytona
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Jimmy is our on-duty tipster and writer. His favorite sports are cricket, tennis, and basketball. If you’re looking for the best betting tips in the business, Jimmy’s your guy. His tips and events previews are among the most read at BetZillion.

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