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Bovada vs MyBookie: Which Sportsbook Is Better?

Bovada vs MyBookie Comparison & Comprehensive Review

Both of them are among the world’s most popular online sportsbooks. These bookmakers offer exciting sports betting markets and premium betting features, enticing bonuses and promotions.

However, they also differ in many aspects, and there can only be one winner in the MyBookie vs Bovada battle.

What Are Bovada & MyBookie?

These are both online sportsbooks operating internationally in many countries. Both sportsbooks are popular and offer a closely similar range of betting markets and features. Unsurprisingly, many unwitting bettors refer to either bookie as MyBookie Bovada or Bovada Mybookie. However, they are separate and distinct entities, as discussed in this MyBookie versus Bovada review.

Bovada vs MyBookie: Interface & User Experience

Bovada and MyBookie look and feel different based on their user interfaces. However, they both offer relatively good user experiences.

MyBookie and Bovada run on professional websites with neat layouts and easy-to-use user interfaces. Both UIs feature three columns: a left column displaying the available sports categories, a centre column showing the available sports betting markets, and a right column displaying betting slips and other features.

However, MyBookie’s user interface features a dark theme with a black background, white text, and brightly-coloured features, making it easy to see everything on the platform. In contrast, Bovada features a light theme with a white background, black text, and coloured features, making it easy to browse and read.

MyBookie and Bovada run on professional websites with neat layouts and easy-to-use user interfaces. Both UIs feature three columns: a left column displaying the available sports categories, a centre column showing the available sports betting markets, and a right column displaying betting slips and other features.

Both websites are easy and enjoyable, but Bovada wins the MyBookie or Bovada comparison for this category. However, Bovada’s website features a sharper and more professional web design, while MyBookie’s website looks and feels somewhat basic.

Bovada vs MyBookie: Bonuses & Offers

Bovada and MyBookie offer an enticing range of bonuses and promotions. The promotions include generous welcome bonuses for new players and rewarding regular promos for existing players.

Welcome Bonuses

Bovada’s welcome bonus is a 50% deposit match bonus capped at $500. Players using Bitcoin can also claim a 75% welcome bonus capped at $750. The bonus money also comes with a 5X rollover requirement.

In contrast, MyBookie offers a 50% deposit match bonus capped at $1,000 when you sign up, which is more than Bovada’s. The bonus money comes with a 10% rollover requirement higher than Bovada’s. Players can also claim a 10% cash bonus capped at $200.

Existing Players Promos

Bovada and MyBookie offer regular bonuses and promotions to existing players. Bovada’s most unique promo is the Refer a Friend Program, which can earn you $275 for every person you refer to the site.

MyBookie also has a Refer a Friend Program that offers up to $250 (depending on the player’s first deposit) for every person you refer to the site. It also provides a 25% sports reload bonus capped at $500 and an 8% horse racing rebate. Overall, MyBookie wins the MyBookie vs Bovada comparison for this category because it offers more promotions and significant rewards.

VIP & Loyalty Schemes

MyBookie and Bovada have VIP and loyalty schemes to reward their most loyal players. Both VIP programs offer credit points for every dollar spent on the bookie. Players in the VIP programs also have access to exclusive promotions and services, such as expedited customer support.

Bovada vs MyBookie: Available Sports

MyBookie and Bovada both offer an extensive range of sports. The traditional sports available on both platforms include:

However, MyBookie’s sports categories are mostly limited to the mainstream sports listed above. In contrast, Bovada offers a broader range of sports categories, including exotic sports such as snooker, cricket, darts, and beach volleyball.

Variety of Betting Markets

Bovada and MyBookie offer an exciting range of sports betting markets. The typical markets at both platforms include spreads, moneylines, and futures. However, Bovada goes a step further when it comes to niche props. Bovada players can wager on the following props:

  • Pre-game props 
  • Straight props 
  • Special props 
  • Teasers 
  • Parlays 
  • Pleases 

In contrast, MyBookie’s niche props markets are considerably limited. Inarguably, Bovada wins the Bovada vs MyBookie comparison in this category.

Live Betting & Streaming

Live betting involves wagering on ongoing matches after they start, while live streaming involves watching endless games in real-time directly through the bookie’s website. Live betting is convenient because it expands the range of sports betting markets – most live betting markets also usually offer higher odds than conventional markets. Live streaming is also convenient because you can enjoy your favourite matches.

Both Bovada and MyBookie offer robust live betting pages. Both platforms also provide a substantial range of live betting sports categories. However, Bovada offers more live betting sports and markets than MyBookie.

Bovada vs MyBookie Live Betting

Bovada also comes out on top regarding live streaming. It broadcasts a wide range of matches in HD quality. In contrast, MyBookie doesn’t have a live-streaming feature yet. Overall, Bovada wins the Bovada sportsbook vs MyBookie comparison in this category.

Betting Odds & Lines

The race between Bovada and MyBookie is close, considering the available odds and lines. Both offer excellent odds in various sports betting markets. However, the odds vary from one market to another. Both platforms also offer their odds in all three formats to suit different players’ preferences: odds, fractions, and the American format.

MyBookie offers higher odds on more sports betting markets than Bovada – it even ranks among the top high-limit sportsbooks. The bookie provides excellent odds on the NHL and props such as parlays and teasers. Players can also edit their betting slips and buy points to increase their odds.

Bovada offers excellent odds on spread lines and live betting markets. However, players cannot edit their betting slips or buy extra odds. Overall, MyBookie wins this Bovada or MyBookie comparison in this category.

Mobile Apps

Most bettors prefer betting on the go through their mobile devices, making sports betting apps an added advantage. Unfortunately, not all bookies offer dedicated mobile apps.

Bovada has dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. The apps contain all the sports betting markets on the desktop website. It is also loaded with all of the desktop website’s features, including bonuses, live streaming, and live betting. The desktop website is also mobile-responsive and compatible with most mobile devices and browsers.

Unfortunately, MyBookie doesn’t have dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS users. However, it has a mobile-responsive website that looks, feels, and functions like a mobile app. The mobile website offers all of the sports betting markets and features available on the desktop website. It is compatible with most mobile devices and browsers.

Bovada vs MyBookie: Deposits & Withdrawals

Bovada and MyBookie offer a diverse and convenient range of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. However, payment methods and other essential factors, such as withdrawal times and limits, vary from one bookie to another.

Bovada Payment Methods MyBookie Payment Methods
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Online wallets
  • Wire transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Credit and debit cards (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Online wallets
  • Wire transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple litecoin

To summarise this part of our MyBookie versus Bovada review, MyBookie offers a broader range of cryptocurrency payment methods than Bovada but has a considerably higher minimum deposit requirement. MyBookie and Bovada have minimum deposit requirements of $45 and $10, respectively. Depending on the payment method, withdrawal times vary from several minutes to three business days.

Customer Service

Having made a thorough MyBookie and Bovada comparison, we can say that they both have resourceful customer support departments equipped to handle all queries. Both platforms’ customer support desks support email and live chat communication channels. Both platforms also have informative FAQ pages with answers to common questions. Both customer care desks are open 24/7, and your customer care experience will depend on the nature of your query.

Bovada vs MyBookie: Safety & Regulation

Bovada and MyBookie are fully licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao. They are also compliant with international betting laws. Both sportsbooks are experienced – Bovada launched in 2011, while MyBookie launched in 2014. Reputable betting companies also own both platforms – Bovada is owned by a Canadian betting company called Mohawk Morris Gaming Group (MMBG), while BetonSports own

Both platforms also employ reliable cybersecurity solutions. For example, they both feature SSL sockets and data encryption. They also have strict privacy policies to protect their players’ data.

Pros & Cons

So, which is better: MyBookie vs Bovada? Let`s discover the advantages & disadvantages of both bookmakers below.

Bovada Pros & Cons MyBookie Pros & Cons
The notable pros of Bovada include the following: 
  • Numerous sports categories and betting markets.
  • Premium live betting and streaming features.
  • Many cryptocurrency payment methods.
  • Dedicated mobile apps.
  • Resourceful customer support.

Bovada has a few shortcomings:

  • Limited promotions for existing players
  • The live streaming feature is not available yet
MyBookie offers the following advantages:
  • Generous promotions for existing players.
  • Great odds on lines.
  • Provides a separate portal for horse racing betting
  • Accepts crypto payments
  • It offers a separate portal for live betting

Some drawbacks include the following:

  • No telephone support
  • Only one software provider for the casino

Main Differences Between Bovada & MyBookie

So, what is the difference between Bovada and MyBookie, and which is better? Here is an overview of four main differences between Bovada and MyBookie:

  • Experience – Bovada is more experienced than MyBookie because it launched three years earlier.
  • Sports betting markets – Bovada offers more niche props than MyBookie.
  • Mobile apps – Bovada has dedicated apps for Android and iOS users, while MyBookie doesn’t.
  • Live streaming – Bovada has a live streaming feature, while MyBookie doesn’t.

Final Words

So, which is better: MyBookie vs Bovada? Overall, Bovada is better than MyBookie regarding aspects such as sports categories, betting markets, mobile apps and live streaming features. However, MyBookie outshines Bovada when it comes to promotions for existing players. You can learn more about these sportsbooks by reading independent Bovada and MyBookie reviews.

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Interested in Mybookie?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is better: Bovada or MyBookie?
    Overall, Bovada is better than MyBookie. It offers a broader range of sports categories, betting markets, and betting features such as live betting and streaming. However, MyBookie shines regarding bonuses and promotions for new and existing players.
  • Are Bovada and MyBookie the same?
    No, MyBookie and Bovada are not the same. Both are online sportsbooks, but they are operated by different companies and offer varying sports betting markets and features.
  • Does Bovada own MyBookie?
    No, MyBookie is an independent sportsbook from Bovada. owns MyBookie, while Bovada is owned by Mohawk Morris Gaming Group (MMBG).
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