Best Sports Bettors in the World

Best Sports Bettor in the World

The world of sports betting is a wild one. While many of us struggle to get a single or double right, some people place sky-high wagers and constantly get fantastic returns.

Who is the best sports bettor in the world? That’s what this article is about. The list includes plenty of celebrities and mysterious bettors who have managed to win money we can only dream of. In the paragraphs below, we’ll discuss the best sports bettor of all time.

Billy Walters

Widely regarded as the best bettor in Vegas, Billy Walters has been on a hot streak for over 30 years. He’s retired now, but we think he’d win millions even at 76, considering his history. His net worth is just over $100 million, and while he made much of that money in business ventures, most came from sports betting.

Walters started gambling at 9 and stopped in 1987. He only had one losing year in 39 years of gambling and sports betting. In 2007, Billy won a whopping $2.2 million at the University of Southern California, beating Michigan State. In his own words, he could win $50-$60 million in a year.

Bob Vougaris

An active bettor, Bob—real name Haralabos—Vougaris is a Greek-Canadian sports bettor with some incredible feats behind his name. He’s been called the best NBA bettor by many and is also a significant poker enthusiast. While he likes to keep things close to his chest, many reports have revealed that he has won multiple NBA bets worth millions. He was also the Dallas Mavericks’ Director of Quantitative Research and Development until his controversial 2021 release regarding conflicts in the front office.

Ashton Kutcher

Did you know that Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher is a passionate sports bettor? Get this – he’s not a thrill-seeker who bets for the sake of it. Ashton only puts money into bets where he’s got data broken down with algorithms and sports betting strategies. In short, he only bets in an almost sure market. Kutcher has always been a business-oriented person. He reportedly uses a lot of math to get the advantage and uses his love for numbers to make legit sports betting decisions. His reported IQ is 160, and he was rumoured to be a one-time errand boy for Billy Walters. If that’s true, we know where he got his love for sports betting. While his betting aliases are unknown, Kutcher is considered one of the top bettors in Hollywood.

James Holzhauer

A former game show contestant, Holzhauer is the third highest-earning American contestant on Jeopardy! He has set multiple records on the show, including a 32-game winning streak. He made a name for himself as a successful bettor too. His legendary 2006 World Baseball Classic performance included betting on every team heavily except the USA and the Dominican Republic. He believed the odds were skewed, and his bet paid off. He moved to Vegas in 2008 and has since built predictive models for NFL, baseball, and college basketball betting. When it comes to baseball betting, he is most likely the best sports bettor in the world.

Floyd Mayweather

If you check Money’s Instagram page, you’ll regularly see stacks of cash (millions of it) he proudly displays having won on sports bets. Mayweather is a champ in the ring and in Vegas too, where he often bets millions on basketball and boxing. In 2012, he won over $3 million in college football. Floyd posts tweets of his bet slips which have grown over time. Many call him the best bettor in America, and while we think that’s an overstatement, he may be the most accurate bettor among sportspeople.

50 Cent

50 Cent doesn’t need the money from sports betting, considering his HOF rap career, but he has posted some outrageous bets over the years. In 2014, he won half a million on the Giants heading to the Superbowl. His next wager was on the Giants in the big game, splashing a whopping $1 million. Of course, he won it, resulting in incredible profit. And that’s not the only big bet he’s placed.

50 Cent never stops betting on sports, and he’s been almost as successful as Money Mayweather.

Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom is a British sports bettor and poker player. He also owns Premier League, Brighton & Hove and Belgian First Division, and Royale Union Saint-Gilloise. There’s no question that he got the money for both clubs through sports betting, prompting many to call him the best bettor in the world.

That title certainly fits him well. Nicknamed The Lizard, he heads a private betting syndicate which has been successful year after year. He’s believed to rely heavily on stats and data he collected through his trust to make successful and lucrative bets that have made him a fortune.

Pete Rose

The controversial Charlie Hustle was a pro baseball player and manager who was disgracefully banned from baseball in 1989 for his role in betting on baseball games that involved his team, the Cincinnati Reds. In 2015 after a lengthy investigation, he was found guilty of the ‘crime’, with federal authorities seizing all of his betting records. That also snapped his chances for a Hall of Fame career.

He came clean about it later and has won a lot of money while betting on his team. This is against the rules, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was pretty successful at the time.

Jaromir Jagr

Jagr is called the best NHL bettor, although he denied ever betting on sports or having a gambling problem. He is one of the legends in the rink but had a lot of trouble with betting and the IRS of it. Luckily, Jagr never bet on his teams, and unlike Rose, he went on to have a stellar career. However, the fact that he owed more than a million in betting debts puts a damp mark on his excellent resume.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, but he also had another successful ‘career’ besides it. He lived as one of the biggest NBA superstars and had the money to spend without feeling guilty about it. He can regularly be seen playing high-roller blackjack or betting on sports in Vegas. His Airness spends millions on sports betting and doesn’t even hide it.

His exploits include losing vast amounts of money, but he’ll never back down like in his basketball days.

Parlay Patz

Parlay Patz is the world’s most significant sports betting phenomenon right now. Real name Ben Patz, the 23-year-old made the headlines who amassed over $1.1 million in gross winnings via parlays – hence the nickname. He can often be seen betting at the FanDuel sportsbook in Meadowlands, planning his next record-breaking parlay.

He first found love for betting in 2015, when he won a +100 bet on Roger Federer, breaking his opponent’s serve on the next play. His father bet horses but never talked with Ben about it. After winning his first bet, he went to college and stopped until 2022. He won a $1,800 15-game parlay, then continued his fantastic streak over the next 7 weeks, winning four parlays worth over $100,000. He then won $183,892 and $116,620 on back-to-back days to make himself the king of parlays. When he lays his career to rest, he may become the best sports bettor in the world.

Steve Fezzik

If there’s one person who can be called the best sports bettor for NFL matches, it would be Steve Fezzik. He studied actuarial science at university and worked as a statistician in an insurance firm. That kind of experience proved invaluable when he applied it to NFL matches which have brought him millions. He’s not just another bettor. He’s now a famous NFL betting expert who offers consultations via text.

You can text Fezzik about upcoming picks and packages he offers with a stunning conversion rate. He still bets on games and is a high-roller who’s not afraid to splash over $100K on each bet.

So Money

He is a renowned bettor and—as he says—tortured Canucks fans so that money may be one of the best hockey bettors in the world. He made a lot of money betting on the NHL, although you won’t find much info about it online. He has a Twitter profile, though, where he shares his opinions, recommends bets, and voices his thoughts about the Canucks.

Marco D’Angelo

Marco D’Angelo is your favorite bettor’s bettor. He’s one of the good guys in the business, always open to sharing his opinions, unlike others. He’s not the sharp who never talks about his gambling ways. D’Angelo has shared his views on ESPN and Sports Overnight America, where he’s almost a resident betting expert.

He made money on horse racing, betting, and other sports. Many consider him the best bettor in America, thanks to his incredible wins and openness. D’Angelo never recommends betting more than 5% of your bankroll – he never bets more. He values discipline as the key to his success and now offers services and packages that help others turn great.

Bill Benter

Benter is a sports betting icon who reportedly earned over $1 billion in his career—not directly via sports betting but by developing one of the best horse racing betting analysis computer software. He occasionally lectures university students on math and statistics, which have undoubtedly helped him get the most out of his bets. Together with Alan Woods, they relied on math skills and advanced sports betting strategies that made the pair a fortune in the days.

Zeljko Ranogajec

The man, the myth, the legend. While his private life and real name are a myth, Ranogajec’s exploits make him probably the best sports bettor of all time. He’s known for creating and leading the ‘Punters Club’ syndicate of high-profile gamblers raking in billions in sports betting yearly. His alias is John Wilson, and after leaving Australia due to tax audit controversies, he co-founded Colossus Betting in the UK, a company specializing in pool betting.

Ranogajec’s net worth is reportedly over $600 million, although he denies these reports. Not much is known about his whereabouts, but one thing’s for sure – he most likely is the best sports bettor in the world.

Jimmy Snyder

You may know Snyder by his iconic nickname – Jimmy the Greek. When betting was illegal, he was a sports bettor, and while he may not have made millions, he remains one of the most influential sports betting figures in the USA. While he was entangled in many controversies due to his time as a sports commentator, he correctly predicted NFL scores all the time, which sports bettors used to get an idea of the spread.

What Do All Famous Sports Bettors Have in Common?

If you look at what each successful bettor does, you’ll see that they all use strategies. Not just techniques but statistical and math models too. These factors can make a real difference between losing and winning. If you want to be successful, too, you must learn how to use them with practice to raise the efficiency of your bets. You may start your journey with professional online betting guides that will set your successful direction.

Final Words

Who’s the best sports bettor of all time? With so many names on this list, it’s tough to say. They were all great back in the day or are still doing incredible feats, winning millions every year and making a living. Sports betting can be profitable if you connect with BetZillion now, apply a good strategy and follow a great math and stats model. That’s the way to your success, and if you’re patient and willing, your name may be on this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the best sports bettor in the world?
    Many would say Zeljko Ranogajec, especially regarding horse betting. Of course, the other names on this list fit that category too, so it’s a thing of personal preference.
  • Who is the wealthiest sports bettor?
    According to some reports, Ranogajec’s net worth in 2021 was $610 million, which makes him the wealthiest bettor in the world. He said that it’s an exaggeration, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
  • Who are the best sports handicappers in the world?
    The best sports handicappers in the world are Jack Jones, Kyle Hunter, and Kevin Young (among others).
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