Best Sports Betting Documentaries

Best Sports Betting Documentaries - Watch the Greatest Must-See Docs

Even if you’re not a particular sports fan, there’s a great chance you watched The Last Dance. The last Chicago Bulls run, narrated by Michael Jordan, offers incredible insight into what happened in those previous Bulls’ Glory days. It may not be a Netflix sport betting documentary, but it put sports documentaries on the map.

We all know how big of an impact betting can have on sports. They go hand in hand – even though illegal in many parts of the world – which makes the best sports gambling movies so popular. In recent years, we’ve seen more than one documentary on sports betting. Punters and casual sports fans love to check out how legendary gambling feats happened, which is why there are so many sports betting documentaries on air.

In the paragraphs below, we’ll tell you more about the best you can watch on Netflix, HBO, and other channels.

60 Minutes Sports Betting: Billy Walters

William Walters – Billy for short – is one of the iconic sports bettors in the USA. In his prime, he was one of the most successful gamblers in Vegas, with a winning streak lasting over 30 years. While he has retired and donated most of his winnings, his legend lives on in the form of a sports gambling documentary.

Produced by CBS, every punter was put on notice when the show announced it has Walters in its sights. It was a candid interview with great advice from the man himself, and many call it the best documentary about sports betting. Considering how successful Walters and his Computer Group were, we do not doubt it. If you’re a serious bettor looking to make it in Vegas, this is one of the first documentaries you should watch.


This popular 4-part gambling documentary takes us into the lives of some of the biggest sports bettors. Now available on Showtime, Action tells the story of everything from iconic betting shops to how sports betting sites make their money. It also explores the legalization of sports betting in the USA and how big of an impact it has on the gambling industry.

It’s a fantastic rundown of the popular industry and one of the best sports betting documentaries not based on a gambler.

30 for 30: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek

30 for 30 is a series of documentary films on CBS and its sister sites. The series launched in 2009 and has aired 157 episodes, none more prominent than the one dedicated to Jimmy the Greek. It showcases the site of Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder, a legendary Las Vegas bookmaker who made his name known on the NFL Today until his firing in 1988. The Greek brought gambling and odds into the mainstream through his appearances on NFL Today, smartly telling viewers what spreads to bet on.

30 for 30: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek

This documentary on betting sports remains one of the best. If you’re intrigued about learning more about Jimmy Snyder and his status as a folk hero among punters, this would be the documentary to check out.

Now Place Your Bets: The History of Sports Betting in America

Sports betting in the USA is booming due to the raging emergence of online betting sites. How did it all start? Was Vegas behind it? The answer to these questions is detailed in Amazon’s excellent documentary Now Place Your Bets: The History of Sports Betting in America.

Hovering just over 90 minutes, this 2017 sports gambling documentary is a must for every new bettor. As the name suggests, it tells the story of how it all began. It is narrated by Pete Mitchell and features appearances from Pete Rose, Dennis Tobler, Jessica Davis, and other prominent sports betting figures.

The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting

Gambling and the Mafia often go hand in hand. That’s what this action documentary sports betting film is about. It is more specifically focused on international football, with annual estimates putting its revenue at around $200 billion. Everyone wants a piece of that cake, incredibly organized crime, and that’s the well this documentary taps in.

There’s quite a great insight into organized crime sports betting syndicates involved in everything from youth leagues to top-tier competitions such as the Champions League. It tells the story of the Mafia’s ties to organized crime rings in Asia, America, and Europe. It further explores how wise guys manipulate every aspect of football and football betting, with no league or tournament safe from the Mafia’s influence.

Don’t believe it? Watch this documentary about sports betting and football betting, and you’ll instantly think of it.

The Fantasy Sports Gamble by Frontline

This documentary, made in collaboration with the New York Times, tells the story of the origins of fantasy sports betting. It’s a booming industry that still hasn’t reached its peak. With the authorities cracking down on it, the film traces it back for years to where it all started and how it became such a booming business. It goes in-depth into bookie operations at home and abroad, looking at how they organized fantasy sports betting and why it’s such a dominant market.

Directed by Frank Koughan, the documentary talks with various fantasy sports bettors who spend thousands of dollars on it every day. While those sums are impossible to imagine for the regular Joe, fantasy sports bettors spend it regularly. This lucrative market has grown popular, and on a global scale, it may even overtake popular sports in the following years and decades.

Life on the Line

How’s life on the sports betting line? It’s living on the edge, as this documentary tells us. Released in 2013, it talks about the sports betting scene in Vegas and which methods pro sports bettors use to bet on the Super Bowl and other significant events. In this popular sports gambling documentary, some bettors include Teddy Covers, Steve Fezzik, and legendary oddsmaker Jay Kornegay. It’s a fantastic insight into the life of pro-Vegas bettors and how they prepare themselves for mythical bets on the most prominent events.

Director Isaac Feder masterfully separates sports bettors who bet smart and win from the weekend losers who bet dumb and lose big. If you’re trying to make a living off it on the big stage, this is the documentary to watch.

The Best of It

Gambling debts and losses are a big part of the game, but so win. The best of it takes an – as it says – unflinching look into the lives of professional gamblers. A unique character-driven documentary, it focuses on the lives of several people who have chosen to make a living out of sports betting. These people have chosen this life even if it often chews up and spits out the best among them.

Directed by Scott Pearson Eberly, it’s one of the best sports documentaries ever made. More importantly, it tells how a gambler’s life is as unpredictable as their bets. It isn’t sports betting documentary HBO film, so don’t look for it on streaming platforms. You can still buy it digitally or rent it on several services. It’s worth a few looks.

Final Words

The life of a gambler is not easy, but many choose it regardless. If you want to make a living out of sports betting, you should look at the documentaries on this list. Whether it’s a Showtime sports betting documentary or one you can watch on Netflix, they give us a unique insight into what makes pro sports bettors what they are.

The documentaries are an excellent book for pro sports betting, whether on the Super Bowl or anything else. Give them a watch – you’ll find plenty of great advice. We also recommend to discover top 10 betting exchange sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best sports betting documentaries?
    It depends on what you prefer. Watch the sports documentaries on Hulu, and you’ll find one to like or those on Netflix if you prefer a bit more drama.
  • Where to watch sports betting documentaries?
    You can watch sports documentaries on streaming services such as HBO, Hulu, and Netflix or online on Youtube. We’re sure you can catch many on popular sports channels.
  • What is the most popular sports betting documentary?
    Jimmy, the Greek episode on 30 For 30, seems to be the most popular sports betting documentary. He’s a legend in these circles, so that shouldn’t be a surprise.
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