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theScore Bet is a Canada-based sports betting website that aims to empower the experience of online bettors in different regions. The website launched its sportsbook when the U.S. legalized sports betting and started with four leading states in the U.S.

The platform has grown into a widespread handle for bettors and gamblers from all over the country. Many readers may find the name quite popular if they are not new to sports betting.

However, some may not have much exposure to sports betting platforms. We will mention the sportsbook in this detailed theScore Bet review ahead.

theScore Bet Website & Account Info

theScore Bet website is one of the most popular handles for sports bettors around the U.S. and Canadian regions. It is owned by a sports and media company in Toronto that specializes in sports news and information.

theScore Bet Review

The platform is the perfect fit for players who want to participate in online betting because it provides complete information.

theScore Bet app launched in New Jersey after the legalization of digital sports betting in the U.S. and currently operates under the Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) license. It also started operations in other states, such as Colorado and Indiana.

These features have allowed the theScore Bet app to be one of the highest-rated sports betting apps in the world. A wide range of exciting features like quick cash out, outstanding bonuses, good welcome prizes, etc., make the platform so popular in the region.

The company has worked a lot on its brand identity, and even theScore Bet logo is quite popular among the sports bettors in the region.

TheScore Bet Quick Facts

📅 Year Established 2012
🤑 Welcome bonus Up to $1000
📱 Mobile application iOS
💵 Minimum Bet $1
🔝 Maximum Profit Unlimited
↩️ Payout Percentage 94%
🖱️ Live (In-Play Mode)
📺 Live streaming
💸 Cash Out

Banking Options

Banking options are a must for online bettors, and leading platforms like theScore recognize this for a fact. They have the most versatile banking options for deposits and withdrawals, making the website popular for bettors around the U.S.

Min. deposit $10
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal $10
Withdrawal time Up to 5 working days
Payout 94%

Online bettors participate in the platforms because they want the ease of playing. Let’s talk about the various banking options available for players on theScore Bet app.

Deposit Methods

There are various theScore Bet modes that you can play, but all of these modes support different deposit and withdrawal methods. The deposit methods allow bettors to place their bets using real money, regardless of where they are. If you are looking to bet in cryptocurrency, use our list of litecoin sportsbooks, check it out, and choose a different bookmaker.

Most bettors enjoy playing on theScore Bet platform because these deposit methods allow ease of playing. Some of the most popular deposit methods on the platform include Visa and MasterCard.

All players must do is choose the deposit amount they want and the deposit methods most suitable for them and complete the transaction.

The deposits are immediate, and players can start playing on theScore sports betting platform. You can view the complete list of deposit methods available in the table below.

Withdrawal Methods

A wide range of withdrawal methods can help you cash out your wins on the site, but the most popular one includes bank transfer and cash withdrawal, which may take an average of 3-5 working days. Looking for a quick withdrawal to credit cards, check out best credit card betting sites list.

All players have to do is meet the terms of withdrawal and choose the withdrawal methods of their choice before cashing out their wins.

The minimum transaction amount available for players is $10, which you can receive. You can learn the complete withdrawal methods below:

theScore Bet Bonuses

One-betting bonuses are one of the best attractions for players, which is why theScore Bet sportsbook offers its players the most comprehensive range of rewards.

We’ll mention some of the most common bonuses you can choose from. Have a look.

Sign Up Bonus

The sign-up bonus is the most prestigious bonus for players. Online players get bonuses as a reward for signing up.

It is also called the welcome bonus in some places, but you can easily claim this reward by creating an account online. The general sign-up bonus includes:

  • $1,000 Deposit Match + $500 Risk-Free Bet (Terms & conditions apply)

Promotions and other Bonuses

theScore Bet mobile platform also has several players operating for quick wins and large cashouts. Thus, the website offers fantastic promotions and bonuses for players. For example, players can choose between various game modes.

The exact terms, conditions, and requirements for these games vary for each user. Thus, you can easily use theScore betting platform to win more and maximize your cash-outs online.

Players looking for more information and details on these platforms can easily find it on the website online and start winning right away.

theScore Bet Free Bets

theScore Bet mobile app offers some of the best free bet options for its players. Players can use the bet free on their bet slip while placing a wager on the platform Players can either save the free bets for later use or try these free bets right away and maximize earnings.

Players should choose the “Free Bets” button on their screens, and view the available free bets from the drop-down menu that shows Once you find a free wager you like, choose the desired amount, confirm it and check if it’s in your bet slip.

Proceed and place your wager on whichever game you want, and it should appear in Green with a “Free” marker.

Players wagering on the games with this method will not face any deductions on their accounts. Look at this simple table explaining the benefit of a free bet.

Type Bet To Win Total Return
Free Bet $30.00 $50.00 $50.00
Cash $30.00 $50.00 $80.00

theScore Bet Welcome Bonus

theScore Bet offers are one of the most well-reputed ones in the industry. The company is known to provide amazing prizes to players, new and old. However, the site’s welcome bonus is by far the most popular one for users around the U.S.


All players receive a first deposit match of up to $1,000. The online platform provides a 100% match for a small deposit of $10. It is one of the best offers for players that want to win more with a smaller amount.

What to Bet On

Knowing the suitable options while playing on theScore Bet sportsbook app is essential because there’s a huge online game variety available for players. Knowing the fair games increases your chances of winning online and getting larger cash-outs.

Number of Sport Games 16
Number of Sport Events 194
Live Events Daily 138
Live Events Monthly 4140
Pre-match Events per Month 7120

Players can choose from various betting options such as sports betting, special events, and e-sports betting to maximize game options and chances of winnings. You can experiment with multiple game types and get higher bonuses.

Sports Betting

theScore Bet website is best known for versatile gaming options for players who want to participate in sports betting games. These games include popular games like NFL, NBA, Football, etc.

However, what makes sports betting options popular is their popularity. Players love betting on their favourite sports events and following rules they fully understand. They can monitor the live games and place bets.

Available Sports

theScore Bet sports betting platform has a long-running history with various sports games. Several sports game options are available for players who like watching their favourite games. It allows them to make money from these sports games as they tend to the outcome.

It is still one of the most popular game modes available for players. Popular choices for players include football, soccer, golf, boxing, MMA, etc.

Sport Competitions

theScore Bet sports betting website understands the larger audience it has to cater to. Several bettors love placing their money on sports competitions and specific leagues rather than generic sports types.

Thus, theScore Bet app provides players with the most significant game options. Some popular picks for the players include:

  • Champions League
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Premier League
  • World Cup, etc.

Players can choose any sports competition and start wagering their desired amounts online. The complete list of sports competitions available for players is mentioned in this table.

Special Events

People who love to wager their money on outcomes like playing various games are not limited to sports events or other standard betting options on online betting websites.

Therefore, theScore Bet platform allows players to bet on special events. These events are not related to sports but other national or international events that might have various outcomes.

The players can wager their money and win if they make the right choice. Some special events offered by the website include the Oscars, U.S. presidential elections, Eurovision, etc.

The special events are unique betting options players may not get through other online platforms.

Esports Betting

theScore Bet sportsbook review includes some of the betting options on the website. However, the world of digital betting has transformed, and bettors love having more gaming options.

Esports or video game sports are an increasingly popular event, allowing players to wager amounts on digital games online.

These betting options include individual games and complete tournaments that might vary for each game type. These competitions focus on the leading AAA game titles that bettors enjoy globally, including the Tekken series, Mortal Kombat, FIFA, etc.

Different game franchises have become recognized for their Esports events, making them a favourite for bettors.

theScore Bet Live Betting

Readers now understand that many members are participating on the theScore Bet website through different game modes and options.

However, not all players have the temperament to wait through long games, and they need instant wins and real-time updates on the games.

Thus, the platform provides these players with the broadest range of live betting games. The live betting events include various sporting events, special events, and live streaming options.

The platform combines some of the best sports betting websites like Bet365 and Skybet, allowing players the most immersive experiences online.

Live Streaming

theScore media app has a long-running reputation in the industry. It allows players to watch sports games through their live streaming services. It is one of the most fruitful options for online bettors that want to stay consistently updated with their wins.

It shows specific game types, participating teams, and live session streaming times for live sessions. Players can use the essential information to watch these games and place their bets.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is a popular choice for bettors in the U.S. theScore Bet website has a dedicated mobile application allowing members to participate in these live games online.

Designers have focused on creating the most interactive mobile betting experiences with well-designed UX, and U.I. Let’s talk about theScore Bet app in detail.

theScore Bet App

Websites like theScore Bet have operated in the U.S. for several years, and we understand that players have a wide range of needs.

Therefore, it has dedicated mobile applications for both Android and iOS users. They can download the apps from Google Play Store and the App Store. Respectively, the apps are fully secure because the player’s financial well-being is a significant concern for users online.

theScore Bet Pros & Cons

Like other betting websites, theScore Bet platform also has pros and cons that players should consider.

  • Allows betting for players via theScore sports app
  • customer service includes various methods, such as live chat, phone, and email
  • Specific mobile betting apps for iOS and Android
  • The platform has multiple bet types.
  • Wide range of pre-game and in-play betting for players
  • Limited range of sports games and markets available
  • Not available on desktop
  • Withdrawals are usually complete within but might extend to 72 hours in some cases.

Cash Out

Apps like theScore Bet have the best cash-out options for their players, allowing them to choose from broader alternatives, making their winnings easier to claim.

The cash-outs are among the highest on the platform Here’s how players can cash out their wins online.

  1. Players must access the “Player Wallet” options from the “My Account Page.”
  2. Select the “Withdraw” option and check your total balance on the website.
  3. There is a minimum $10 limit for players that want to withdraw their money online.

theScore Bet Odds

Betting websites like theScore Bet allow users to get the highest-paying odds online, and it has one of the best odds for players in New Jersey, Colorado, and Indiana.

Sports Historical Odds
⚽ Football 92.28 %
🏀 Basketball 93.13 %
🎾 Tennis 92.26 %
🏏 Cricket 92.15 %
👍 Overall 93.73 %

Many NFL game enthusiasts also believe theScore Bet odds are some of the best-paying ones in the U.S.

Other Products

Apps such as theScore Bet also provide some of the best conventional gambling options for players who want to win more in a shorter period.

These include poker, casino games, card games, table games, Esports events, and special events to help players get the best betting experiences online.

Contacts & Support

Contact and support options play a vital role in making up the experience for players. It can be challenging for new players to participate in online betting platforms without the proper guidelines.

Support email
Support Phone Number 1 855 916 0077
Live chat Yes

Platforms like theScore Bet have world-class applications, but there’s still a chance that players might experience some glitches and errors in their applications. Players need to have customer support options to resolve any issues they might have on the online website.

theScore Bet Verdict

theScore Bet is a Canada-based website best known for its bonuses, incredible odds, and exciting payouts.

We have discussed all the main details of the websites, including contact support, betting odds, game modes, banking options, etc. It should give the reader enough idea about the reliability and worth of the platform online.

It has incredible licensing and security measures, making it one o the safest platforms for players worried about a data breach or financial loss. The creators of theScore Bet app have focused on the user requirements and have tried to make the platform as interactive and immersive for players as possible.

Those who still need more information about the platform can check the details with customer support and post queries related to their concerns online. It is a quick way to make the experience more enjoyable and straightforward.

Open Acc at TheScore Bet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you place bets on theScore app?
    Yes, theScore Bet application allows players to make real-time bets on the platform and win large amounts. You can play any game, meet the wagering requirements before cashing out, and have a more enjoyable online experience.
  • Which is better: theScore Bet or William hill?
    Both William Hill and theScore Bet websites have dedicated betting platforms. However, the latter is a better option because of the cons mentioned in this piece. It provides more gaming and banking options, making online betting enjoyable. It also has a dedicated iOS and Android application, making it a better alternative.
  • Where is theScore Bet in Colorado?
    theScore Bet is available online for players in Colorado to make the games more accessible and reliable.
  • Where is theScore Bet located in Ontario, Canada?
    The app, theScore Bet, has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, and launched its sports betting option on April 4th, 2022.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts

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