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Tim E
When the US Supreme Court repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), Tennessee didn’t readily join the list of states creating regulations to legalize wagering. It wasn’t until 2020 when the state ratified laws to regulate gambling.

The state’s laws are among the most attractive to wagerers nationwide. Several states prioritize physical betting at a retail location over online betting. However, TN sports betting took a different path as the state’s laws fully support online betting.

Another beautiful thing about the state’s laws is the absence of taxes. Tennessee doesn’t have such provisions, unlike other states where you must pay the Government a portion of your winnings. Online sports betting in TN is comparatively seamless.

Here, we cover everything there is to know about Tennessee mobile sports betting.

List of the Best Tennessee Betting Sites

Online sportsbooks in Tennessee are numerous, but not all are worth mentioning. The ones that make it into the best Tennessee sportsbook apps are recognised brands, trustworthy and active.

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TN Betting Deals & Bonus Offers

Top Tennessee sportsbooks offer players attractive deals and bonuses to reward regular customers and attract new ones. Depending on their purposes, the rewards come in varying forms, but the most popular ones include:

Deposit Bonus

Commonly, bettors don’t commit significant funds to their wagering accounts. It is partly due to the risky nature of gambling. Nonetheless, Tennessee bookmakers are assisting them by providing them with added funds when they make deposits. The bonus is often a percentage of the amount the bettor deposits, say between 10% to 200%.

Free Bet Bonuses

Tennessee mobile sports betting companies issue the free bet bonus without the need for bettors to commit any funds. You can see the free bet as the direct opposite of the deposit bonus. Here, wagers are not expected to meet any requirements to access the free bet.

Sign Up Bonus

This bonus type specifically attracts new wagerers to register with the sportsbook. The sign-up bonus facilitates a more palatable initial betting experience for new punters, giving them a bigger balance. With this, they can make more bets and potentially record more profits.

100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.
125% up to $1250
New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash

The sign-up bonus comes in different forms and has varying terms and conditions. For instance, this deposit bonus gives bettors extra funds on their initial deposits. These funds are usually a percentage of the deposited amount.

The sign-up bonus offered by TN online sports betting apps may also be a free bet bonus, where new players don’t have to commit funds to their account.

Reload Bonuses

Again, it seems like the opposite of the sign-up bonus. While sportsbooks design the welcome bonus to attract new users to their platforms, they also understand the need to retain existing customers through reward programs like reload bonuses.

Like the other betting types, the reload bonus comes in diverse forms. For instance, companies offering legal sports betting in Tennessee issue the reload deposit bonus, giving existing customers extra funds in addition to their deposited funds.

The reload deposit bonus can also be a free bet, where the sportsbook credits the wagerer without the need to fulfil any conditions.

Choose Your Bet of the Day in Tennessee

From football to baseball, most major sports are thriving in Tennessee. These games present Tennessee wagerers with top-notch betting opportunities, and the best TN sports betting apps are making it easy for them to take on these opportunities.


Bet on Sport

A decent majority of Tennesseeans are passionate sports lovers, and they express this passion by actively following their favourite sports, including football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.

However, studies show that football rules other sporting types in the state, as nearly 50% of the state’s residents regard it as their preferred sporting activity. Other popular games are hockey and basketball.

Bet on Competitions

When compared to states with similar population sizes, Tennessee is doing well in the sporting arena at the national level. For instance, the state has at least 3 major league sports teams, including the National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), and the National Basketball Association (NBA). These present Tennessee wagerers with ample staking opportunities.

Bet on Tournaments

If sports lovers want to diversify their wagering, Tennessee sports offer lots of space for them. For example, apart from the top major league franchises, several teams from the Midstate are active in the lower leagues. These include the American Football League (AFL), Southern League (baseball), Southern Professional Hockey League, and Minor League Baseball.

Thankfully, since they are national games, Tennessee’s best sports betting sites will offer seamless access to wagering on them.

The state is not excluded from collegiate-level sports, with nationally acclaimed teams in the NCAA Division I and other top college leagues.

Most Tennessee online sportsbooks focus on national games. Similarly, several local tournaments attract many sports followers. However, if you’re following them mainly for betting purposes, you may face difficulty accessing them across TN sports betting apps.

Bet on Teams

From the NHL to NBA, Tennessee has incubated teams that compete at the highest levels of major and minor leagues. The Memphis Grizzlies (basketball) are leaders in the NBA, clinching the first runner-up position in the Western Conference for the 2022/2023 season, ranking above supposed NBA giants like the Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Bulls.

Although they’ve not achieved any feats like the Grizzlies, The Nashville Predators (hockey) remain a force to reckon with in the NHL.

Nonetheless, the most successful of all teams must be the Tennessee Titans (football), with their impressive run in the NFL. They made it into the top 8 in NFL Power Ranking in 2022 and dominated the South Division of the American Football Conference.

Each of these teams provides you with top-notch betting opportunities every game week, and you don’t want to miss the account. All you need to do is register with top Tennessee sports betting apps and start wagering on your preferred teams.

Before 2018, sports betting was generally outlawed nationwide until the Supreme Court related to PASPA. The repeal left betting legislation to state governments, and Tennessee has joined other states to legalize wagering. The state finally launched legal sports betting in November 2020.

Tennessee takes a unique approach to sports wagering. Unlike others that focus their betting laws around retail sportsbooks, sports betting is mainly online in Tennessee, with no provisions for retail betting. In addition, the state is the first in the US to introduce mobile-only betting.

TN Sports Betting Bill

After the PASPA repeal, Tennessee state legislators started preparing a bill to oversee sports wagering. They approved the bill in April 2019, and the governor assented to it by mid-year, creating theSports Gaming Act.

The Act established the Sports Wagering Advisory Council (SWAC) to regulate betting activities in the state. SWAC is tasked with licensing companies wishing to offer online sports betting in TN. It also reviews betting laws and regularly issues new ones. In November 2020, the Act became operational, and the first set of sportsbooks, DraftKings, BetMGM and FanDuel, launched their services.

Sports Gambling Taxes in TN

Tennessee’s unique gambling laws are also reflected in its betting tax provisions. Unlike other states, the Tennessee government doesn’t tax your winnings, so you get to keep as much of it as possible.

However, there is a 24% federal tax on all gambling winnings.

What Is the Sports Gambling Age in Tennessee?

The minimum legal age requirement in Tennessee is 21 years. This law also extends to sports on which wagerers can place bets. High school sports are off-limits for wagering purposes. The same applies to any sports or tournaments where underage persons are contestants.

How to Choose the Best Bookmakers in Tennessee

There is no straightforward approach to selecting the best bookmakers in Tennessee. It is because no single feature sets apart the best TN sportsbooks. Instead, you can distinguish the top sports betting sites in the state through a combination of qualities. The most critical indicators of the best bookmakers include:

  • What Current Customers Say 

You can check several features of a sportsbook and make conclusions about it, but they don’t give a complete idea of how things work at the sportsbook.

For instance, a sportsbook can claim that they offer 24/7 customer service, but users have to go through strenuous processes to settle any complaints they may have.

To access these comments, you can check sites like Google Reviews, TrustPilot, and TrustRadius. The app stores where the sportsbook’s apps are listed are also great for sampling customer comments on a sportsbook’s services.

  • If the Government Regulates the Sportsbook 

Since the Supreme Court repealed the PASPA, state governments have had exclusive authority over sports betting. Most states require each betting company operating within their territory to be registered and acquire a license. When licensed, these firms will be expected to adhere to numerous regulations to protect customers.

It is best to register with only sportsbooks with licenses from your state authority. In Tennessee, that authority is the SWAC, which has so far issued licenses to more than 13 sportsbooks, now operational in the state.

  • Sporting Events and Types 

Several wagerers are ardent sports lovers, and their interests typically span different sporting types. If you fit this description, you should go for a sportsbook that boosts your trading experience by providing you with enough sporting options.

Typically, your bookie should give you access to popular and less-followed sporting types and enable you to place bets on leagues and competitions played globally and within the country.

  • Attractive Odds

Odds are one of the most critical determinants of how great your betting experience will be. The odds of each game will determine how many payouts punters get when their bets turn out correctly.

The best online sportsbooks in Tennessee want their customers to get as many rewards for their wagering. Therefore, they offer decent odds that give them higher returns on their winnings.

  • Bonuses and Promotional Offers

It is rare to find any top Tennessee sports betting sites that don’t offer quality bonus deals and offerings. Bonuses offer betting companies an opportunity to reward existing customers and help attract new customers.

However, bettors tend to misjudge by considering bonuses the most crucial factor in a sportsbook. You shouldn’t make that error.

  • Additional Top-notch Services and Features

If there is any factor common to all the best Tennessee sportsbook apps, it is the fact that they are committed to providing services that will improve the betting experience for customers. They do this by consistently introducing innovative features and products that will potentially help their customers make more wins.

One such product is the Cash Out service. In the past, when bettors placed wagers, they had to wait till the game ended before knowing their betting outcome.

With the cash-out service, companies offering online sports betting in Tennessee make it possible for bettors to close their bets even before the end of the game.

Additional services that boost wagerers’ experience includes responsive customer support systems (including a Live Chat feature) and seamless banking and transaction processing.

Which Tennessee Bookmaker Has the Best Odds?

You know by now that odds are an essential determinant of how much you make when you record winnings. The higher the odds, the larger funds wagerers get as rewards for winning bets.

However, it is not easy to know which sportsbooks will offer the best sets of odds and how consistent they will be with their odds.

For instance, some Tennessee sports betting sites have proprietary software that determines their odds in-house, while some outsource their odds policies. The challenge is that betting firms often change their odd-setting strategies. So, a company that previously used an external odds platform may switch to an in-house setting and vice versa.

This will directly affect the value of their odds.

Deposit Methods at TN Sportsbooks

There are no uniform deposit methods, as each sportsbook operating in Tennessee has its transaction channels. The deposit methods include:

  • Banking Channels

Companies offering online sports betting in Tennessee enable conducting bank-to-bank deposit transactions using online banking, physical and electronic cheques, wire transfers, etc.

Unfortunately, these channels tend to be slow and can attract huge charges.

  • Cards

The cards are in different forms, including debit, credit and prepaid cards. Our review reveals that Tennessee bookmakers accept cards powered by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, etc.

Each sportsbook also offers the Play+ prepaid card. Tennessee sports betting apps offering the Play+ card include Caesars, DraftKings, BetRivers, WynnBET, Barstool, etc.

Cards are much faster and cheaper than traditional banking options.

  • E-wallets

Many regard E-wallets as the cheapest and fastest transaction channel. They attract minimal charges, and you can process your deposit within a few minutes. The most popular ones include Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, etc.

There are other niche payment services like Vanilla Direct and PayNearMe.

Withdrawal Methods at TN Sportsbooks

In most cases, the method you used for deposits will also be the one for your withdrawal transactions. The available options for withdrawals include:

  • Banking Channels

Online banking, cheques (electronic and paper), and wire transfers are available for getting your winnings out of your betting account to your bank without any intermediary.

  • Cards

Cards are cheaper and faster methods of withdrawing your winnings. If you use any card to facilitate your deposits, the sportsbook will withdraw to the bank account attached to that card.

  • E-wallets

From PayPal to Skrill, you can get your funds out of your betting account to a wallet, from where you can send it to your bank or use it for any transactions.

Best TN Sports Betting Apps

No one can state categorically which sportsbook has the best app. However, there are a few characteristics that the best Tennessee sportsbook apps have in common, including intuitive designs, accessible sections and seamless navigation.

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Tennessean Live Betting & Streaming

Since the launch of betting in Tennessee, live betting has been available, allowing wagerers to place bets even when games have started. However, there are a few restrictions in the betting laws, including regulation in 2022 that states that live betting will only be available during the initial 3 rounds of the NFL Draft.

Additionally, there is a live streaming service where wagerers can watch games from the bookmaker’s platforms.

Local TN Bookmakers vs Online Betting Sites

In several other states, there are provisions for online and physical betting at retail outlets. However, Tennessee is unique, allowing only online sports betting. Thus, there is no competition between local TN bookmakers and online sites, as only online wagering exists.

Online betting is significantly better than retail wagering, providing convenience, ease, speed and potential for greater returns.

How to Win at Betting in Tennessee

While there is potential for huge winnings, betting is risky, and wagerers can record consistent losses. Nonetheless, there are strategies to stay winning. They include:

  • Amass Sufficient Information

Betting is a tactical activity; your information will show your ability to devise accurate tactics. The right knowledge will require consistently following the leagues and teams you want to place wagers on.

  • Get Rid of Your Emotions

Games and sporting events don’t care about what you wish happened. So focus less on hope and more on strategy.

  • Review Past Games

To achieve consistent success at wagering, you need to check your past performance to note where you made mistakes and aspects where you did well. These reviews tell you what strategies to sustain and avoid going forward.

  • Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promos

TN online sports betting companies provide customers with services and bonuses that boost their trading experience. These include the Cash Out option, which enables you to secure winnings early.

The Most Active Betting Cities in Tennessee

Although launched late in 2020, betting activities have quickly gained a foot in Tennessee, and some cities are already emerging as top wagering centres.

Unsurprisingly, these top cities are known for being vibrant sports centres.

Leading in this regard is Nashville, the state’s capital and the largest city by population. It is also a vibrant sporting location that hosts major league franchises like the Nashville Predators, Nashville Sounds and Tennessee Titans.

Memphis comes next, ranking as the state’s second most populous region and an equally active sporting arena. NBA top team, Memphis Grizzlies, call the city home.

Finally, there is Knoxville. Although it comes as a distant third population-wise, it is also a key sports hub. The rising baseball side, Tennessee Smokies, and the vibrant Tennessee Volunteers collegiate side are also based in the city.

TN Casinos with Sportsbooks

Many states across the US structured their betting laws so that casinos that operated retail betting locations could launch sportsbook services. However, Tennessee differs as there are no provisions for retail betting. So there are no casinos that also offer sportsbook services. Instead, you have sports betting companies providing their services entirely online.

TN Overview

Although it joined the sports betting arena quite late, Tennessee has developed innovative regulations that create an atmosphere supportive of wagering activities.

Some things to know about the state include:

  • Tennessee is located in the United States and takes the 16th position among states in terms of population.
  • The most popular and populous cities in the state include Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Clarksville.
  • The language spoken by most of the population is English, but a decent number also speak Spanish.
  • Since 2020, the state has issued licenses to leading nationwide sportsbooks that wish to operate. They include DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, WynnBET, Barstool, Caesars, etc.
  • However, the state laws are not designed to permit casinos to open in the state. Betting is exclusively done online.
  • The leading payment channels include wire transfers, online banking, cards (credit, debit and prepaid) and E-wallets.
  • Football is the most followed sport in the state, but baseball, basketball and hockey also attract a considerable following.
  • Tennesseeans mostly follow nationwide sporting events. Fortunately, they have at least 3 teams in the major leagues – NBA, NHL and NFL, and several others in minor leagues like the AFL and the NCAA Division I.
  • Across the top leagues, there are active teams, including the Memphis Grizzlies, Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Memphis Tigers, Tennessee Volunteers etc.
  • Top players from across teams in the state include Ja Morant (basketball), Derrick Henry (football), Roman Josi (hockey), Brice Turang (baseball), etc.
  • The state is one of the few relatively less-populated states with at least a team in a major league franchise.

Bottom Line

Tennessee is one of those states that makes wagerer-centred laws, giving punters a more enjoyable betting experience. Nonetheless, recording successes at betting in Tennessee requires having the right information. You can find everything you need to know here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is online sports betting legal in Tennessee?
    Yes. Tennessee is one of the few states that only permits online sports betting.
  • How many online sportsbooks are there in Tennessee?
    By September 2022, Tennessee had issued licenses to at least 13 sportsbooks, but plans are underway to get more bookmakers registered.
  • Is FanDuel sportsbook legal in TN?
    Yes. FanDuel was one of the earliest online sportsbooks in TN to get licensed and launch operations.
  • Is Barstool Sportsbook available in Tennessee?
    Yes. Barstool kicked off online sports betting in TN in September 2021.
  • Is TwinSpires legal in Tennessee?
    Yes. TwinSpires got the state’s legal backing to offer sportsbook services from March 2021.
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