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Stanleybet is a leading sportsbook operating out of Liverpool, the UK, with outlets spread across different countries. Stanleybet International is present in Cyprus, Romania, Italy, Malta, Belgium, Denmark, etc. Stanleybet Liverpool coordinates its UK services and international expansion. It also has a B2B arrangement in Germany, Nigeria, and Croatia, where it has licensed other parties to offer its services.

Its key services include sports, events, and casino betting, and it is known for offering a wide variety of bonuses, attractive odds, and a highly responsive platform. However, unlike other sportsbooks, it prioritizes being close to its users and thus operates a physical agency model alongside being available online.

This Stanleybet review will look at its account information, services, transaction channels and details, bonuses, betting offerings, etc.

Stanleybet Website & Account Info

Stanleybet is both an online and offline sportsbook, and you can use Stanleybet online mainly via its websites. However, Stanleybet is an international broker with operations in different countries. It means there are various domain details for each country. For instance, the website for Stanleybet Italy differs from that of Stanleybet UK.

Stanleybet Review

Nonetheless, there is a Stanleybet international betting website from which you can access the various domains for each country. If you’re visiting the website via a PC, you will find the list of websites under the “Countries” tab at the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

If you use Stanleybet mobile, click the triple-dash sign at the top right-hand corner. There will be a drop-down; go down the list and click “Countries” to find your country.

You can make pregame and live bets on each country’s website and view various sporting tournament information, including league tables, statistics, and live scores.

How to Open a Stanleybet Account

To open a Stanleybet, visit your country’s Stanleybet online betting website. While the registration progress is standard across countries, there exist some differences. Here, we will use the Romanian registration process as an example of what to expect.

At the top right-hand corner of the Stanley bet page, you should find a green “Register” button, which will lead you to a series of registration forms.

  1. The first form is “Account Information,” where you enter your username, password, email, and phone number.
  2. The next form is for “Personal Information,” which asks for your name, birth date, gender, and personal ID document number. Also, the company will check your ID number to confirm your identity. You won’t be allowed to bet in most countries if you have not clocked 18 years old. Ensure that whatever information you provide is accurate.
  3. The last page requires your address and citizenship.

How to Close Your Stanleybet Account

If you wish to close your Stanleybet betting account, there are 2 major channels to get that done:

  1. You can send an email to the customer service email for your country requesting to close the account.

    Note that your data with Stanley bet doesn’t get deleted immediately, as authorities mostly require that the company holds them until a particular deadline.

  2. If you don’t conduct transactions on the account for at least 12 months, the company will automatically close the account. But, again, the data may not get deleted until after the deadline set by the country’s authorities.

Stanleybet Quick Facts

📅 Year Established 1958
🤑 Welcome bonus Lei40 free bet
📱 Mobile application Android, iOS
💵 Minimum Bet L0.10
🔝 Maximum Profit Unlimited
↩️ Payout Percentage 95%
🖱️ Live (In-Play Mode)
📺 Live streaming
💸 Cash Out
🎰 Other Products Casino, lottery

Banking Options

Stanleybet’s deposit and withdrawal options are typical of what you find with other sportsbooks.

Min. deposit L20
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal L20
Withdrawal time Up to 5 working days
Payout 95%

But, then, they are highly accessible to many people. If you are an exception and need the ability to play with cryptocurrencies — pay attention to the Pinnacle review.

Deposit Methods

These are points to note about depositing into your Stanleybet betting account:

Payment Channel

You can deposit into your Stanleybet online betting account using bank deposits, bank transfers, credit and debit cards, E-wallets, and the physical Stanleybet agency.

Note that not all these channels are available in all countries. For instance, Neteller doesn’t operate in some countries, so you can’t deposit into your Stanleybet live betting account using that platform.

Deposit Charges

Depositing into your Stanleybet account is free as it doesn’t charge fees. However, the bank or financial institution you use will likely levy fees on your deposits, so expect some reduction in the amount you deposit.

Transaction Period

The specific payment channel you choose will determine the transaction speed and how fast the funds will reflect in your account. For instance, card payments are instant, but bank deposits may take several hours.

Minimum Deposit

The lowest amount you can deposit into your Stanleybet account varies across countries. For instance, if you use Stanleybet Romania, the minimum allowed is 20 lei. But if you are in the Eurozone, you should expect to deposit at least €10. It will apply to wagers who use Stanleybet, Italy or Germany.

Withdrawal Methods

Take note of the following to get your funds out of the Stanley bet account:

Withdrawal Channel

The withdrawal methods are the same as those used for deposits. So you can get your money through the bank, E-wallets, or the agency.

Withdrawal Charges

Stanleybet also doesn’t levy any charges on your withdrawals. However, expect the payment platform to take some cuts from your withdrawals.

Transaction Period

There is no fixed time, as the transaction speed will depend on the payment service. For instance, withdrawals through e-wallets typically go through quickly. Also, getting paid at the agency or outlet means getting your payouts instantly.

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum amount you can withdraw depends on several factors, including your country and the payment channel through which you wish to withdraw your funds.

Withdrawal Rules

There are rules that Stanleybet has outlined guiding your withdrawal. Failure to comply with them may cause unpalatable issues. They include:

  • You must make bets on your deposit funds before withdrawing them. Failure to place any bets means you can’t get the money out.
  • The channel through which you deposited the funds is also used for withdrawals. However, note that this doesn’t apply to payments via the physical outlet. You can use any deposit channel and get your money through the outlet. While you can switch channels later, it may become complicated.
  • You have to get verified by presenting a valid ID before requesting withdrawals.

Stanleybet Bonuses

Stanleybet offers wagers various bonuses and promotional offers to boost their winning chances.

These include free bets, spins, percentage bonuses, cashback, etc. In addition, some of these promotions are “no-deposit,” which means you don’t need to fund your account beforehand.

Stanleybet Free Bets

Stanleybet offers traders free bets to wager on sporting and other events without using their funds. These free bets exist in various forms and have widely different terms and conditions depending on the country. The most popular ones include the following:

  • No-deposit-Free Bets: This free bet offer is available to everyone and doesn’t require you to put funds in your Stanleybet betting account. You need to open an account and undergo email and phone number validation. It qualifies you to get 50% of the free bet offer. Verifying your account and identity gets you the other 50%.

Your specific amount from this no-deposit free bet depends on your country. For instance, for Stanleybet Romania, you get a 40 lei no-deposit offer. In addition, you get 20 lei for the email and number validation and the other 20 lei upon full verification.

  • Initial-Deposit Free Bets: Stanleybet also offers free bets for the first series of deposits you make into your account. So, we have free bet bonuses covering the first to the fourth deposits. Again, the specific figures differ across countries, but some general standard terms are. You get 50% of your deposit amount for free betting from the first to the third deposit. So, for instance, depositing £100 earns you £50 worth of free bets.

Meanwhile, you get 100% of the deposit on the fourth deposit. So, a £100 deposit means £100 for free bets.

  • Tournament Free Bets: If there is a popular tournament ongoing, Stanleybet often offers free bets to wager on games in those tournaments. For instance, a Champions League Tuesday free bet offer for bettors.

There is the need to make some deposits, although the details will differ in every country.

  • Weekend Free Bets: These pertain only to weekend games and can reach up to a quarter (25%) of your deposit.

Stanleybet Welcome Bonus

There are various welcome bonuses for new players on the platform. For instance, the No-deposit Free Bets offer is a form of a welcome bonus, likewise the Initial-Deposit Free Bets.


There is also a No-deposit 100 free spins that may result in you winning amazing prizes. As with the free bets, your number and email validation earn you the first 50 free spins, while you get the rest 50 when you verify your identity.

Then there are country-specific welcome bonus offers, such as in Stanleybet Italy, where new clients get up to 260% of their first deposits.

Other Types of Stanleybet Bonuses

Several other Stanleybet bonus types include:

  • Free Spins: These spins set you up to win cool prizes. There are no-deposit spins, initial-deposit spins, occasional, and weekend spins.
  • Birthday Bonus: You get this Stanleybet bonus on your birthday. You can choose between the casino or sports bonus, not tied to a deposit.
  • Cash out Bonuses: Cash-out bonuses enable you to get back part or the whole of losses on a bet. For Stanleybet Romania, a 10% cash-out allows you to get back 10% of the losses. There is another 100% that enables recovery of your losses, but this is only available when you make pre-match bets and if there are no changes to the bet’s odds.

What to Bet On

Stanley bet features many betting options, with several events to wager on.

Number of Sport Games 33
Number of Sport Events 255
Live Events Daily 311
Live Events Monthly 9330
Pre-match Events per Month 9000

We discuss some of its offerings below:

Sports Betting

Sports betting is the most popular option globally, and when people hear about gambling, they often think about sporting events. Stanleybet recognises this and provides a full range of betting options, events, and tournaments to make wagers.

Available Sports

If there is any known type of sporting activity, you can be assured that you will find it on Stanleybet. Of course, you have the most popular ones, including football, tennis, basketball, handball, Esports, baseball, boxing, Formula One and motorsports, handball, hockey (both field and ice), American football, boxing, cricket, UFC/MMA, and volleyball.

However, Stanleybet takes it further by offering sports that you’d rarely find in another sportsbook. These include golf, chess, beach volley, darts, snooker, trotting, cycling, netball, winter sports, water polo, etc. So, in this case, there is no need to search for other betting sites.

Sporting Events

Across these sports, Stanleybet enables wagering on their most prominent tournaments. For instance, Stanleybet football offerings include wagering in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and Serie A. You also have all UEFA competitions, World Cup, and Cup qualifiers.

Basketball features America’s NBA and leagues globally. In tennis, you have ITF competitions and various Grand Slams. Finally, there is the NHL and World Championship in ice hockey and several others across the different sports.

Special Events

Stanleybet recognises that people have other interests apart from sports, enabling wagering in the outcomes of special events in politics and entertainment.

For instance, it enables betting on various US elections, including congressional, gubernatorial and presidential. You can bet on events such as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award in the entertainment section.

Esports Betting

Stanley bet has a robust Esports betting platform that enables wagering on virtual/computer games.

You can place bets on virtual teams across various games with top-notch odds. Games include Call Of Duty, Dota, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, StarCraft, etc.

Stanleybet Live Betting

The typical bet or wager often involves staking before the game or event begins. However, Stanleybet understands that not everyone can make a bet before the event for various reasons. Other persons may make bets only after the event or game begins. It does provide Stanleybet live betting to enable players to enter wagers when games have started.

Stanleybet Live Betting

All you need to do is follow the steps below when next you wish to bet after the game has started:

  1. Visit the Stanleybet website for your country. At the top bar, you should find the menu bar; click on “Live.”
  2. On that page, you will find games that are currently ongoing at that particular time.
  3. You can click on anyone on which to wager and select your preferred betting direction.

When the game ends, you will know if you were right or wrong. Note that the odds with live games are not always as robust as those found in pregame betting.

Live Streaming

Sportsbooks often provide live streams of ongoing events and matches for players who bet on those events to follow them in real time.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that option with Stanleybet. Instead, users will have to seek access to the games elsewhere. However, if you bet on Esports, Stanleybet occasionally live-streams ongoing events via various YouTube channels.

Mobile Betting

For a good reason, the most common channel through which people access the internet is the mobile device (involving either a smartphone or tablet/iPad). Thus, any internet service must be optimized for mobile, including betting.

The perks of mobile betting are numerous. For one, mobile wagers are truly “mobile” as they can take their devices and access the betting platform from anywhere.

Then, most betting platforms often feature highly attractive interfaces for mobile. The primary way to access Stanleybet mobile betting is the Stanleybet website for each country.

Stanleybet App

The best channel for providing mobile betting is sports betting apps with real money. However, Stanleybet doesn’t feature a mobile app for betting and other transactions.

Nonetheless, there are APKs that you can access from third-party sources, but we strongly recommend that you avoid them.

Stanleybet Pros and Cons

Stanleybet is a leading wagering platform with top-notch offers. But there are also inadequacies.

  • Wide Variety of Options.
    Only a few sportsbooks in the sporting category will offer you as much variety and depth of options as you get with Stanleybet. It makes it possible to bet on even seemingly unpopular sports and leagues.
    For instance, Stanleybet football can bet on top-flight and second-tier leagues in more than 40 countries. It will be one of the highest you can get from any sportsbook.
  • Bonuses and Promotions.
    Stanleybet is committed to helping its users win and supports them with bonuses and promotions to improve their betting conditions. Every wager has a bonus to boost their betting capital, from free bets to occasional offers.
  • Quick and User-friendly Platform.
    The website — the primary channel for Stanleybet services — is highly responsive, with ample speed to power any activity.
    Also, transactions on the platform, such as deposits, withdrawals, live betting, and others, go through quickly.
  • Efficient Service Delivery.
    Stanleybet delivers well on all other services attached to its main sportsbook service. For instance, customer service is highly responsive, professional, and helpful.
  • Lack of Variety in the Offerings.
    While you get lots of options in the sporting category, there is not much to do if you’re not interested in sports. There is little to no offering for popular entertainment events such as the Oscars, and the political events are only limited to the US elections.
  • No Mobile App.
    In a mobile-first world, one would expect every sportsbook to offer a mobile app, but Stanleybet is unfortunately different. Wagers are therefore limited to logging in through websites, which can be cumbersome.
  • Cumbersome Platform.
    While the platform is super-fast, it becomes less enjoyable because it can be loaded and cumbersome. Navigating through the various events and other transactions can be tasking.
  • No Live Streams.
    This is a necessity for bettors that Stanleybet doesn’t provide.

Cash Out

Stanleybet only provides limited cash-out offerings for closing bets when games are live. You can get as much as 100% of your staked amount in limited cases.

Stanleybet Odds

Stanleybet offers quite attractive odds across its events and sports, and it is one of the best you will find around.

Sports Historical Odds
⚽ Football 93.98 %
🏀 Basketball 92.11 %
🎾 Tennis 92.46 %
🏏 Cricket 92.10 %
👍 Overall 92.53 %

However, they can significantly differ based on when you place the bets. For instance, pregame betting presents higher odds than live betting. Note that the odds for a particular game can change before and even during the game.

Other Products

Stanleybet services don’t end with sports and event betting. It has a top-rated online casino service where you can make bets.

Stanleybet Casino

Games available include slots, roulettes, blackjack, video poker, Baccarat, live games, etc. You need to open a casino account and start making bets.

Payouts are decent and fast. There have almost been no complaints surrounding payout issues in Stanleybet casino. Additionally, as you find with sports betting, there are several bonuses for the casino.

Contacts & Customer Support

The Stanleybet review wouldn’t be complete without discussing customer support. We can say it is decent, and the customer service professionals are courteous and highly helpful. The channels include:

Support email
Support Phone Number +4021 9082
Live chat Yes

Only Live Support is available 24/7, and chatbots often power it. Nonetheless, you should expect quick responses using the other channels during normal working hours.

Then the physical outlet is also some customer service centre.

Stanleybet Verdict

Stanleybet provides top-notch sportsbook services, and from betting offerings to bonuses and responsive platforms, you get a sportsbook worth doing business with. You can’t go wrong gambling on its platform.

Click on the website to register and start betting on your favourite sports and events, it`s your key to betting excellence.

Open Acc at Stanleybet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my Stanleybet account validated?
    If you complete the registration, you should receive instructions to activate your email by clicking the validation link and providing a scanned copy of a valid ID document. In a few days, you should receive an email confirming verification.
  • Which bonuses are available on Stanleybet?
    These bonuses differ and sometimes depend on your account usage. But generally, you can expect free bets, spins, birthday bonuses, and casino bonuses.
  • Can I use my Stanleybet account in another country?
    If you have registered on Stanleybet in one country, say, Italy, you can’t go to another country using the same account. If Stanleybet offers services in the new country, you may need to register a new account. If not, you can’t access its service.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts

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