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ICCWIN started operations in 2019 when its founders saw the need for an international sportsbook focused on the necessity of Indian players. The bookmaker has since become a full-service betting company providing access to wagering in everything from sports, Esports, casinos and lottery. In line with its innovative approach, the sportsbook also introduced wagering in special events, especially in the financial markets.

ICCWIN possesses a license from the Curacao Gaming Commission, with which it can operate in several countries. However, the sportsbook has still mainly concentrated its growth plans on India and Bangladesh but is working on expanding to other places.

This ICCWIN review presents a rundown of preliminary information you need before opening an account with the sportsbook.

ICCWIN Website & Account Info

ICCWIN is an online sportsbook, meaning its customers use its services through digital platforms, accessible to desktop and mobile devices. The principal medium is the website.

You can perform all sorts of activities on this website, including opening an ICCWIN sportsbook account, undergoing the required verification process, making deposits and requesting withdrawals, making pregame and live sports bets, and playing virtual games.


The website is also the primary avenue for getting information about ICCWIN products, including bonuses and promotional offers, the affiliate program and the terms and conditions that apply to using an ICCWIN bookmaker account.

In addition to the website, a mobile application is available for Android and iOS-powered smartphones.

How to Register at ICCWIN

The ICCWIN account registration process will require visiting any of its platforms – website or mobile app. However, we recommend you use the website for your registration. You can then download the app and use it for subsequent betting activities.

  • You will find an orange “Sign Up” button in the website’s top right-hand corner. Clicking the button will reveal a pop-up where you can fill in basic information, including your desired username for your ICCWIN bookie account and a preferred password.
  • The other information required for completing the registration process is your contact details, including your full name, phone number, email address and the country in which you’re located.

Clicking the “Join Now” sign after filling in these details is all you need to open an account.

ICCWIN Quick Facts

📅 Year Established 2021
🤑 Welcome bonus
📱 Mobile application
💵 Minimum Bet ₹50
🔝 Maximum Profit Unlimited
↩️ Payout Percentage 94%
🖱️ Live (In-Play Mode)
📺 Live streaming
💸 Cash Out
🎰 Other Products Casino, lottery, lotto, keno

Payment Methods

ICCWIN has partnered with multiple payment platforms to ensure users get the best experience when committing and getting out their funds.

Min. deposit ₹500
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal ₹2000
Withdrawal time Up to 24 hours
Payout 94%

ICCWIN Deposit Methods

ICCWIN has designed its deposit process to enable as many users seamlessly get their funds into their betting accounts.

ICCWIN Deposit Channels

The channels for depositing into your ICCWIN sports betting account include the following ones:

Traditional cryptocurrencies are unavailable on ICCWIN as the sportsbook only permits stablecoins, particularly Tether (USDT). Stablecoins are less prone to the volatility and instability for which crypto is known.

ICCWIN is an INR betting site, as the funds in your account are usually quoted in rupees.

ICCWIN Minimum and Maximum Deposit

The lowest amount you can commit to your ICCWIN mobile betting account is INR 200. The sportsbook did not stipulate any maximum figure, but the specific payment channel may impose transaction limits.

ICCWIN Deposit Fees

ICCWIN doesn’t levy fees when you deposit on its platform. However, your chosen payment platform may charge for processing your deposits. While the charges levied vary, the traditional banking channels typically charge the highest set of funds. E-wallets and stablecoins generally don’t attract high fees when you use them to process your payments.

ICCWIN Deposit Duration

Generally, the deposits at ICCWIN should be processed instantly. However, the specific time when the funds will reflect in your betting account will be determined by the payment you choose.

ICCWIN Withdrawal Methods

After making bets on your account and recording winnings, ICCWIN has made getting the funds out as seamless as possible. Nonetheless, note the following:

ICCWIN Withdrawal Channels

ICCWIN provides for using the same platforms for deposits and withdrawals.

ICCWIN Minimum and Maximum Withdrawals

INR 1,000 is the least amount you can request when withdrawing funds from your ICCWIN bookie account. On the other hand, an upper limit of INR 99,000 per single transaction applies, although the amount you can withdraw daily is unlimited.

ICCWIN Withdrawal Fees

From our ICCWIN betting review, we discovered that all the payment platforms charge minimal fees, with some setting no charges. On their part, ICCWIN won’t take any cuts from your funds when you withdraw from your betting account. However, most payment channels will levy fees for processing the withdrawal transaction.

ICCWIN Withdrawal Duration

ICCWIN generally fulfils withdrawal requests in 2 to 6 working hours. However, the specific time the funds land in your account will depend on the payment channel. The typically faster methods are e-wallets and crypto coins, but bank transactions also don’t take much time.

ICCWIN Bonuses

The aim of ICCWIN, when it sets out to provide users with bonuses, is to attract new players while retaining the already active ones.

Since it has different player types, it has designed varying packages to apply to them.


Sportsbooks offer the free bet to offer users extra betting balances without attaching any strict conditions. Understanding that betting is risky and involves losing funds, the free bet provides additional credits for players to make risk-free bets.

The ICCWIN free bet is a weekly cash-back deal where you get 5% of the amount you staked the previous week for betting in the current week. However, the highest amount you can get under this package is INR 5,000,000.

ICCWIN Welcome Bonus

Understanding that new bettors need more support, ICCWIN designed the welcome bonus to provide them with funds to make wagers.

The ICCWIN bonus package for new customers is unique. Usually, sportsbooks design their welcome bonus to be a betting credit offered as a percentage of the amount that each bettor deposits for the first time.


The ICCWIN welcome bonus is a free bet package where all new bettors get a one-time credit of INR 200. They don’t need to make deposits to enjoy this deal. All they need to do is open a new ICCWIN account and undergo the verification process.

What to Bet On

ICCWIN has a rich collection of sporting types, events and tournaments, alongside eSports and other betting options of which wagerers can take advantage.

Number of Sport Games 25
Number of Sport Events 414
Live Events Daily 279
Live Events Monthly 8370
Pre-match Events per Month 15560

Sports Betting

One good thing you note about ICCWIN is the international outlook on their various sports and tournaments.

Available Sports

The bookmaker includes sports that seem to have little popularity in India, including tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc.

Nonetheless, it still gives much coverage to games that appeal to Indian sports lovers, like cricket, Kabaddi and saba sports.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is India’s most popular sport, and the country’s wagers want to express their sporting interests by wagering on their favourite teams and tournaments. ICCWIN is helping them achieve their desire to bet on cricket by providing access to the top games and events in the sport.

However, note that the cricket games you will find on ICCWIN are mostly those played in India, with minimal coverage for what happens elsewhere.

Sports Competitions, Leagues, and Events

Apart from cricket and other India-focused sports, ICCWIN has good international coverage for all sporting types.

For instance, in soccer, you can access the most famous European leagues and tournaments in other less-known places.

Special Events

Wagering is becoming more sophisticated, with people looking to apply the principles of staking to as many areas/events of life as possible where there can be multiple outcomes. Thus, apart from sports, you can bet on the results of events like politics (e.g. elections) and entertainment (e.g. awards and contests).

ICCWIN focuses on betting in finance, where users get to wager on outcomes of the financial markets. One of its leading packages is making it possible to bet on the results of the stock market daily – whether it will close or go down.

Esports Games

Bettors also want to explore staking in virtual environments and have such designed betting on outcomes of video game tournaments.

Punters can select video game events globally and bet on potential results.

The particular games covered by ICCWIN include Dota 2, Valorant, CS: GO, King of Glory, etc.

Live Betting with ICCWIN

It is where live betting comes in. Bettors don’t want to make bets only before their desired game is scheduled to start. They want to take advantage of the betting opportunities anytime, provided the game/event has not ended.

Users can log on to their sportsbook platform and place wagers on ongoing games with the feature.

ICCWIN has a fully functional live betting product where players get attractive odds to wager on different events, from sports to Esports and special events.

Live Streaming

Rather than subscribing to multiple sports broadcasting platforms, the live streaming feature allows you to watch games directly from the ICCWIN bet app. The live streaming service goes alongside live betting, making it possible for bettors to follow matches as they happen. However, note that you don’t get to live stream each game.

Mobile Betting

Since we all do everything on mobile, it only makes sense that our betting is also accessible via our smartphones. Perceptive sportsbooks understand the trend and customize their services to focus on mobile bettors.

ICCWIN is one of those sportsbooks, as its mobile website is highly responsive, adequately built and valuable for all betting-related functions. All you need to do is log in and access all ICCWIN mobile services.


In furtherance of their commitment to presenting the best mobile betting experience, ICCWIN released a mobile application. The ICCWIN betting app is feature-rich, consisting of every betting-related function you need. More importantly, the interface is correctly designed, as the various parts are easy to navigate. You can’t go wrong with the ICCWIN app.

ICCWIN Pros & Cons

Using the ICCWIN bookie platform can introduce you to particular upsides but still has a few pitfalls to watch out for.

    • Generous Bonus Deal

The key term that describes ICCWIN bonus packages is “generous”, as the sportsbook offers promos “freely” without strict conditions. For instance, the welcome bonus is a free bonus that you get without making any deposits.

    • Mobile App

It is worth commending any sportsbook that releases an app because only a few bookmakers bother about building one. Moreover, the ICCWIN app is well-built, designed, and possesses the appropriate features for a great betting application.

    • Banking and Payments

Moving funds into and out of your betting account is frequently done when you sign up with ICCWIN. The sportsbook understands the need for convenience and speed when conducting these transactions and consistently works to eliminate any challenges users may face.

For instance, you can use as many payment platforms as you desire, including USDT and several e-wallet services.

Another commendable feature of ICCWIN payments is the unlimited transactions. Although the highest amount you can withdraw at once is INR 99,000, you can go on to take out as much as possible in one day.

    • Indian-focused Betting Service

For Indian wagerers, having a betting platform built around their needs is excellent. It means there is a sportsbook that offers payment channels they are familiar with, like Paytm, UPI, and PhoneOe. They can deposit and withdraw in rupees, indicating no exchange rate trouble.

Betting with an India-friendly platform also reflects in the games and the events users access.

All of these are reflected in ICCWIN. For instance, the sportsbook heavily features Kabaddi and cricket events.

    • Special Events Betting

Several bettors want to experience wagering opportunities in other event types, and ICCWIN is one of the sportsbooks satisfying that demand. It provides access to betting on the direction of a few international stock markets.

    • Limited Sporting Options

While ICCWIN has a diversified portfolio of betting options in sports, eSports, special events, lottery, etc., the sportsbook doesn’t offer sufficient depth.

For instance, its sporting coverage appears weak. You only get major sporting types. Then, only a few international events get featured.

These insufficient sporting options deprive users of variety and opportunities to generate winnings.

    • Unsatisfactory Licencing

Betting enthusiasts are now paying attention to the regulatory agency providing a sportsbook with licenses. Regulatory permits from Curacao may not be sufficient, so it is best to seek legal authority from more credible regulators globally.

    • Limited Mobile App Provision

ICCWIN has provided an Android app, which is highly commendable. However, it falls short of releasing an ICCWIN mobile version for iOS devices. It means that many users with iPhones and iPads won’t have access to the great perks of the ICCWIN apps.

    • Poor Website Experience

Our ICCWIN reviews involved checking out its various platforms and our verdict from the website is that it features an overall less-than-decent experience. First, the interface is too crowded, with several icons and sections on one page. Then, loading the page can be difficult due to noticeable lags. For example, it takes time to get the sports section running.

Cash Out

The cash-out feature enables wagers to close their betting positions even before the end of the game. They can secure their wins early and avoid or minimize potential losses. Unfortunately, you don’t get the cash-out option from ICCWIN.


This sportsbook offers some decently attractive odds, especially in the events betting category. Then, its cricket and Kabaddi odds are also high.

Sports Historical Odds
⚽ Football 94.28 %
🏀 Basketball 92.13 %
🎾 Tennis 93.18 %
🏏 Cricket 95.15 %
👍 Overall 94.13 %

However, the odds you will find with other sporting types are most typical.

Other Products

In addition to sports betting, ICCWIN also runs an online casino where users can wager on digital versions of popular casino games.


Then it also has a lottery service alongside slots and table betting, all done online across its digital platforms.

Contacts & Support

You can reach ICCWIN customer service via:

Support email
Support Phone Number No
Live chat Yes

It would be best if you got replies within a few hours. The service is available mainly 24/7.

ICCWIN Verdict

Although the sportsbook has hardly operated for 3 years, it has made remarkable strides in establishing a market presence using a combination of generous bonuses, betting options and a commitment to the Indian wagerer.

However, the sportsbook needs to expand its product coverage and work on more credible licensing.

Nonetheless, our ICCWIN review shows that you can’t go wrong with this sportsbook, especially if you’re in India or Bangladesh.

Open Acc at ICCWIN

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is ICCWIN safe and legit?
    Yes. The sportsbook has demonstrated that it is legit. It also has regulatory demands to meet due to the licensing it secured.
  • How to register at ICCWIN?
    Visit the website, and navigate to the top-right-hand corner, where you will find the “Sign Up” button. The registration page requires entering your desired username for your ICCWIN bookie account and password. Other details are mostly contact information like your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Does ICCWIN have mobile apps available?
    Yes. You can download the ICCWIN app for Android devices here. Unfortunately, there is no iOS version yet.
  • Still have questions?
    Ask our experts

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