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In the world of sports betting, there are 2 ways you can approach placing your bets – either you are a regular bettor, or you are one of the few high stakes punters who wager large sums of cash at one time. Although the approaches aren’t that much different, there are a few things you should know about high stakes betting, which we will touch on in this article, namely:
  1. How to find the best high stakes betting sites?
  2. What does high stakes sports betting look like?
  3. What are pros & cons of high roller sports betting?

Full List of High Stakes Bookmakers

This high stakes sports gambling article will cover everything you need to know about how high roller sports betting works, but most importantly, where you can do it. Although you can bet on sports on any sports gambling website, not all are considered high stakes betting sites.

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That is because most sportsbooks have limits for either deposits or withdrawals or do not accept big bets. For example, someone who engages in high stakes football betting will place bets of several thousand on a single match, which is far too large for most sportsbooks to accept. Even reputable bookmakers like Bet365 won’t accept such big bets, so if you are looking for high stakes betting sites, your best bet is no limit bookies or those with very high limits.

Besides being able to place the biggest bet possible, a sportsbook also needs to check other marks, including solid betting odds, enough wagering markets, and that it holds a valid gambling licence. Luckily, while there aren’t as many high stakes sports betting sites, there is still plenty for you to choose from, and you can find a few on our list!

Top Betting Offers

High stakes betting sites, just like any sportsbook, will offer betting bonuses and promotions, and even though the 2 usually provide the same thing in free bets, Acca boosts, reload bonuses, and odds boosts, the bonuses on high stakes online sports betting sites are naturally far more rewarding.

If a high stakes sports betting website offers a 50% deposit bonus and has very high limits on deposits, you can grab a lot of extra wagering cash with a high deposit. For example, a $100,000 deposit on high stakes betting sites with a 50% deposit bonus would net you $50,000 in wagering cash, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Cash Rebate Bonus: Enjoy up to 25% Cash
100% up to $500
New customers only! Please bet responsibly, 18+. Full T&Cs apply.

High roller sports betting sites don’t have as generous welcome bonuses as your usual sportsbooks, which makes sense, given how much free cash you can get. Still, some VIP bookmakers offer exceptional rewards to their highest paying customers, including anything from exclusive trips to special discounts at various hotels and much more.

So while high stakes betting might not be for everyone, it has its perks, especially if you can find a bookmaker with great bonuses.

What to Look for in a High Stakes Betting Website

The best high stakes betting sites are very similar to traditional sportsbooks in terms of what they should offer to customers. So if you want to find the best bookmaker with high limits, it should check similar marks as a good traditional bookie.

But there are some added features great high roller betting sites should have, which you don’t have to worry about when searching for a regular bookie. So here are nine things you should look for in a high stakes betting website.


When looking for high stakes betting sites, you must pick a trustworthy bookie, which is particularly important if you intend to place big bets and risk high amounts of money. Admittedly, trustworthiness is important for any bookmaker where you bet money, but it’s much less painful to lose a couple hundred $ than $100,000 or more on a shady bookmaker.

There are many ways to make sure you’re using a legit and safe bookmaker. For one, you should check updated online reviews, or reputable online betting forums, which aren’t hard to find in 2024. But while you should consider what users online have to say about their experience with the bookmaker, you should also check whether the bookie has a valid gambling license.

You can do that by either checking if the bookie has a seal of approval displayed on the site or via any online licence validators. Don’t take security and trustworthiness for granted – especially if you plan to bet with large sums of money.

Payment Methods

Payment methods are an essential part of any bookmaker and are one of the things you should look for when picking your high stakes bookie. There isn’t much that goes into picking a bookie with the proper payment methods, as you only need to choose one with the right options.

If you prefer to make your deposits with credit/debit cards, picking a bookmaker with those options will make sense. You should look for a sportsbook with crypto deposit options if you prefer crypto deposits.

Luckily, finding a bookmaker with suitable payment options is hardly an issue in 2024, knowing how good bookmakers have become in offering as many payment methods as possible. Still, you should stick with trusted payment providers to ensure all transactions are safe and fast.

It’s also worth noting that if you decide to make deposits via a bank transfer or credit/debit cards, you will need to contact your bank and let them know that you intend to make large deposits. All banks have safety features that prevent large amounts of money without special authorisation, so if you want to move money from and into your bank from the bookmaker, contact your bank and make sure the transactions will be smooth.

High Deposit Limits

If you’re looking for a high roller sports betting experience, you need to have access to a bookmaker that will accept big bets and one with high deposit limits. Luckily, the 2 go hand-in-hand, as there are no high stakes betting sites with low deposit limits, which would contradict what they want to achieve.

Still, it helps if you check whether the bookie you chose has high limits for deposits to avoid any issues in the future.

High Betting Limits

Just like you need high deposit limits, high stakes betting sites should also have high betting limits. Obviously, most do, since accepting big bets is their primary job, but know that you won’t be able to always place the biggest bet, or better said, you won’t be able to do it on all markets.

To amplify excitement with BetZillion bets, we can state that the betting limits are usually set by liquidity in the market, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to place a $100,000 single wager on a third-division football league. Nevertheless, all high stakes betting sites have extremely high limits on all bigger tournaments and matches.

High Payout Limits

High payout limits might be taken for granted, but it’s critical to know that there’s a difference between the maximum bet limit and the payout limits. While no limit bookmakers will accept the biggest bet, you might not be able to cash out the full winnings if it has a payout limit.

Even traditional bookmakers like Bet365 have a payout limit, which caps out at €2,300,200, so even if you had placed a 300,000 wager at 100/1 odds, you wouldn’t get paid out in full. This example shows why checking the payout limit on the high stakes bookmakers you intend to use is essential.

High Withdrawal Limits

High withdrawal limits are another essential part of any suitable high stakes sports betting site and a prominent feature they should all have. If you’re able to deposit and bet with tens of thousands of dollars, it makes sense to also be able to withdraw large sums of money.

Notably, though, some high stakes bookmakers will have some limitations on withdrawals, either set daily, weekly or monthly, so make sure that you check the terms and conditions so you can see whether the bookie’s limits are good enough for you.

Competitive Lines

Competitive lines are an extremely important feature all bookmakers should have, including traditional bookies and high stakes betting sites. It is essential that a bookie you pick can offer you competitive lines, as it will dictate your long-term success. And just like a good high stakes bookie needs to have competitive lines, it also has to have solid betting odds.

Great Odds

You should always strive to bet with a bookmaker that can offer you the highest odds, and even though there is no one bookie with the best odds, there are many great sports gambling sites with competitive odds. Solid odds are a key tool you’ll need to succeed as a bettor and one of the most important things you should check when picking a bookmaker where you intend to bet.

Know that you will not find a bookmaker always offering the best betting odds, mainly because that’s unrealistic to expect. Instead, look for bookmakers that regularly offer above-average odds, and preferably register with many of them, so you can price shop and always bet with the best prices on the market.

Bonuses and Promotions

Although not as important as quality odds, competitive lines, and security, betting bonuses and promotions are not to be taken for granted, especially on high stakes bookmakers. Most sportsbooks will have some prizes ready, so finding one that does isn’t hard. The trick is to find sportsbooks with the best bonuses.

With high stakes gambling, taking advantage of any bonuses is even more important since even a 10% higher deposit bonus can translate into a lot of money if you intend to deposit $10,000 or more. And besides the deposit bonuses, free bets, odds boosts, and other bonuses are significantly better on high limits sportsbooks.

How to Set Up a High Stakes Sports Betting Account

With traditional bookmakers, you find a website, create an account, and start betting. But things are slightly different with high stakes gambling, where you have to take additional steps when setting up your account. In this part of our article, we will guide you through all the steps to help you start using a high stakes betting site on the right track.


As already alluded to, it’s important that you take your time and find a solid high stakes betting site; the only way to do so is to do some research. Read through online reviews and betting forums, and see what other users say about the bookmaker.

Besides that, you also have to do some research on your own, check the bookie’s limits, payout options, whether it has a valid betting license, and if it is the right choice for you. It might be a time-consuming task, but it’s a worthwhile investment, as betting on anything less than on the best bookmaker will not net you the results you’re looking for.

Notify Your Bank

Since high stakes gambling involves large sums of money, you must take an additional step and contact your bank to inform them about future transactions. All banks have security measures, which prevent transfers of large sums of money without you being personally present at the bank, so you must inform your bank that you will be making large deposits onto the bookmaker of choice.

By doing this, you’ll avoid long processing times or other issues that might come up with large sums of money transfers.

Set Your Terms

Most high stakes betting sites will allow you to set your terms with the bookmaker, mainly because high stakes bettors are treated as VIP users and enjoy extra care and benefits. And while that might sound like a big advantage – which it is – it also requires you to contact customer support and set the terms of your account.

You must establish your deposit, payout, withdrawal, and bet limits. Notably, if you’re prepared to make a large deposit, anything is up for discussion, and if you’re a high roller, it won’t be hard to settle on advantageous terms for your betting account.

Establish VIP Status

While discussing terms, you might also want to work with customer support to set up a VIP status, which you will easily obtain if you intend to make a large deposit. Players who come onto a bookmaker with a massive deposit can immediately get a higher VIP status, depending on the VIP bookie you choose. It can earn you great rewards, from all-inclusive trips, odds boosts, free stays at some of the world’s biggest casinos and hotels, and much more.

Establish a Direct Line of Communication

Lastly, you should make sure that you have a direct line of communication with the high stakes bookmaker you intend to use. You should ask for a dedicated phone line where you’ll have access to customer support 24/7 in case something goes wrong.

As a high roller, you’re a VIP member of a bookmaker, and you should expect the bookie to treat you as such. So don’t hesitate to ask about a direct phone line to a dedicated account rep.

Overview of High Limit Sports Betting

High-limit sports betting is the Pinnacle of the online betting world, reserved for only the select few who can afford to place several thousand dollars on a single bet. So even though it’s not available to everyone, plenty of bettors still do it. Some of them have started their betting journey as small bettors and have built up their bankroll with the help of wagering tips or sophisticated betting models to allow them to place big bets.

But is high stakes betting something you should consider? At the end of the day, it comes to personal preference, as it has pros and cons.

Pros of High Stakes Bookies

High stakes betting has its advantages, some of which are fairly straightforward, while others might not be as obvious.

The biggest and most obvious advantage of high stakes betting and using high stakes bookies is that it can earn you a lot of money. Again, it depends on how big bets you’re using, but on average, a single win can make you upwards of $50,000, which is not a small sum by any means.

Another advantage of using high stakes betting sites as a high stakes punter is that you will be treated as a VIP. So not only will you have access to features usual customers won’t, but you will also be treated with exclusive bonuses, promotions, and other rewards.

Cons of High Limit Sportsbooks

Like there are advantages to using high stakes sportsbooks, there are also some downsides. Although betting can be thrilling and exciting, especially when you hit that big win, you must acknowledge that not everything is as great as it may seem. As quickly as you can make money with sports betting, you can also lose it – as they say, easy come, easy go.

While winning a lot of money with high stakes betting is an advantage, it can also work the other way around – you can also lose a lot of money very quickly. If you’re betting with $10,000 per wager, you can easily lose several hundred thousand dollars in weeks.

The other big con of high stakes betting is that it’s not available for everyone. Even if you have money to spend, you are competing with extremely wealthy bettors, so don’t expect every high stakes bookie to accept you – unless you have a couple of million to spend on the site.

Responsible Gaming

Sports betting can be fun, it can be exciting, and in some cases, it can also be highly profitable. But all that can also work the other way around. As quickly as you can earn money with betting, you can also lose it all, so you must have a balanced view.

Any form of betting involves risk, so it’s essential that you never risk more than you can afford to lose. Don’t be persuaded by promises of unlimited wealth and approach sports betting with the right mindset; most importantly, you should always bet only with the money you can afford to lose.

Even though betting can have detrimental effects, it can be an enjoyable experience as long as you approach it the right way.

Bottom Line

That concludes our in-depth article on high stakes betting sites, teaching you everything you need to know about how high stakes betting works, how to approach it, and where to find the best bookmakers. So now you’re ready to register with the best high stakes betting bookmaker and enjoy high stakes and low-risk betting!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I place big bets?
    If you want to place big bets and enjoy high stakes betting, you can access high roller betting sites. Unlike traditional bookies, high stakes betting sites offer high limits for deposits, withdrawals, payouts, and bets.
  • Which is the best high stakes betting site?
    There are no best high stakes betting sites, but there are many great online high stakes bookmakers, including BetCris, Pinnacle, ISN, and 5Dimes.
  • Can betting make you rich?
    You can become rich by betting on sports, but don’t approach betting with this mindset. Even though wagering can be profitable, it can also lose you money – it depends on how efficiently you find solid bets and your strategy.
  • What does betting high stakes mean?
    High stakes betting involves placing large wagers, which can easily reach thousands of dollars per bet. Notably, not all bookmakers will allow high-limits betting, but many high-stakes betting sites do, including BetCris, 5Dimes, and Pinnacle.
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