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Easybet is a leading sportsbook offering excellent betting products and services to players from South Africa. The sportsbook has an impressive selection of sports and games that suit thousands of players’ interests. The quality of their betting offerings has attracted many punters over the last few years.

With unrelenting efforts to improve their service delivery, you’ll be making an excellent decision to choose them as your favorite bookie. But before registering with them, read this Easybet review to get insights into what betting is like on the platform. Doing this will help you determine whether the sportsbook is suitable for your betting needs.

To that end, this article will attempt a detailed review of this sportsbook. The discussion here will center around the quality of their betting products and service delivery. You’ll also discover the type of bonuses available and the general pros and cons of betting on the site.

The Easybet Website & Account Info

The platform has become a one-stop destination for many South African bettors for several reasons, one of which is its website. The website is immersive, with its fantastic curation of design colors, simple layout, and quick selection tab. Browsing through the website is easy, requiring no learning curve.

Easybet Review

Opening an account on the Easybet bookmaker is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. Additionally, if you need to observe self-exclusion from betting, you can contact customer support to guide you through the account closing processes. You can close it permanently or for a temporary period.

Registering with Easybet

The registration process is simple and requires a few steps, which we will briefly highlight below:

Steps Instructions
Go to the Easybet Website Registering an account starts with visiting the sportsbook’s official website. Once there, look to the far right of your screen to identify the ‘join’ option.
Click ‘Join’, then Add Your Mobile Number to Verify Click ‘join’ to see a fresh page where you must enter your mobile number to verify your identity. Once you do that, you’ll get a verification SMS immediately to proceed to the next step to sign up with Easybet.
Complete the Easybet Form After the SMS verification, you’ll see a form that requires you to enter all personal details. Complete the form, check the terms and conditions box, and click the ‘create account’ option below the form.
Start Betting After creating an account, you must log in with your account details, deposit in your wallet, and start betting. You can select from the various options available on the website.

Easybet Security and License

The Easybet sportsbook is a licensed betting products and service provider focused on offering bettors fantastic wagering experience on their platform. With an understanding of the importance of data security, the sportsbook goes the extra length to ensure that all bettor’s information is safe while betting.

For this purpose, the bookie uses SSL encryption – a high-end technology that encrypts data to prevent access from malicious individuals. This technology is crucial because sportsbooks must use the best tools to safeguard customers’ data.

Easybet Quick Facts

📅 Year Established 2023
🤑 Welcome bonus R50
📱 Mobile application
💵 Minimum Bet R1
🔝 Maximum Profit R500000
↩️ Payout Percentage 94%
🖱️ Live (In-Play Mode)
📺 Live streaming
💸 Cash Out
🎰 Other Products Casino, lucky numbers

Payment Options

Online betting requires that bettors make deposits and withdrawal transactions using preferred payment options. To bet with Easybet, you have a couple of options to explore, and we will mention them below:

Min. deposit R20
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal R50
Withdrawal time Up to 3 working days
Payout 94%

Deposit Methods

You must fund your bet wallet with some funds to wager on your predictions on this platform. There are different deposit methods to choose from to achieve this. They include the following:

There’s a limit to the deposit amount every bettor can make on Easybet. The minimum deposit amount on the platform is R20, while the maximum amount depends on the deposit method you choose.

Withdrawal Methods

Every bettor can win if their selections come back correct on the Easybet website. When this happens, there’s a need to withdraw the funds into a personal account using any of the following withdrawal methods:

Withdrawal Method Description
Visa Visa is one of the most popular options among online bettors because of its universal nature. Irrespective of where you are, you can make payments using a Visa card. It also offers a considerable level of security.
MasterCard MasterCard is a card payment option that offers an excellent payment service. It’s a popular option because of its availability in many countries. Many bank card payments are powered by Mastercard, making it an ideal option for sports bettors.
Instant Eft Instant Eft is a popular selection among bettors after the Easybet registration. The payment method is integrated with notable banks in South Africa, allowing bettors to make easy and swift payments from their bank.
Ott Ott is one of the revolutionary payment options across several online merchants, including betting sites. It has outstanding security because of its unique QR code payment system, making it a great option for bettors.
Bluvoucher Bluvoucher is a prepaid voucher payment system making exploits in South Africa. The way the payment system works allows users to enjoy anonymous payments. It is ideal for bettors who want to bet privately.

Easybet Bonuses and Promotions

There are arrays of betting bonuses and promotions. For example, bettors can enjoy Easybet sign-up offers, no-deposit bonus, and many other attractive promotions and deals.

Below is how it plays out:

Easybet Free Bets

Free bet is a promotional offer that allows bettors to wager on their predictions without using real personal cash. It comes in different forms like welcome bonus, loyalty bonus, and cashback, all to incentivize bettors using the sportsbook. Easybet offers this in abundance to allow its customers an excellent betting experience beyond what their monies can offer.

If you’re lucky to win a bet using the bonus, the possibility of a payout depends on the T&Cs of the bookmaker. For example, your winnings don’t include the free bet amount. So, review the T&Cs of all free bet offers before using them.

The Easybet Welcome Bonus

The Easybet welcome bonus is an excellent offer many new bettors on a betting site enjoy on a betting site. It’s the most attractive proposal for many bookmakers. Every new punter gets up to a R50 welcome offer that doesn’t necessarily require a deposit.

Sign up and your bonus wallet will be loaded with R50. Full T&Cs apply

To get this bonus, all you have to do is to complete your account registration process. Fulfill all the requirements, and you’ll get the no-deposit bonus on Easybet. Please, remember that all bonuses have unique T&Cs. So ensure you check for the welcome offer to enjoy using it entirely.

No-Deposit Bonus

As its name goes, the no-deposit bonus is a proposal offer available for bettors without depositing funds in their bet wallet. It’s a brilliant offer that allows bettors to try out different betting types without the pressure of losing personal funds. Additionally, it creates a safe environment for bettors to find games that interest them.

The no-deposit bonus is one of the many Easybet bonuses. Bettors get 10 free spins to get them started on the casino options on the bookmaker. Getting the bonus is easy because all you need is to complete your account registration process, and it’s credited to your account.

Loyalty Programs for Bettors

Loyalty programs are reward programs sportsbooks create for their most loyal customers. It’s an incentive to appreciate consistent betting and explore different betting types on the platform. It’s also a program that enhances the fun of the sportsbook as bettors are paired with other punters to compete for prizes.

Unfortunately, the loyalty program isn’t available among a list of Easybet promotions. Bettors on the platform are left with many other attractive offers they find on banners on the site. For example, there’s Lucky Streak Bonus, Pick Six Bonus, 15% Weekly Cashback, and Payday Boost, among other promotional offers.

What to Bet on

Once you visit the betting platform, you’ll realize that the sportsbook has numerous betting options. There are many fun engagements, from sports to casinos; pick your choice.

Number of Sport Games 28
Number of Sport Events 507
Live Events Daily 196
Live Events Monthly 5880
Pre-match Events per Month 19160

The following is how the options play out with the betting site:

Sports Betting

Sports betting is the most fun engagement on Easybet for sports lovers and enthusiasts. The best thing is that it’s one everybody can bet on, and there are numerous options.

Available Sports

As a sports bettor, you can access numerous sports after completing your Easybet registration. Some sports command more interest in the bookie than others. Below is a list of the most selected options players bet on:

Sports Description
Football Betting
Football is arguably the most entertaining sport, given the number of followers it commands worldwide. The sport has numerous teams participating in different competitions across the world. The range of events, betting markets, and quality odds available in the sport make it a popular option for betting.
Cricket Betting
Cricket betting is also fun because each event has many wagering opportunities. The sport also has different top tournaments bettors can explore to try their luck. The rules of play in the game are also easy, so you don’t have to be a pro cricket bettor to enjoy betting on the sport.
Rugby Betting
Rugby betting is popular because it’s one of the highest-scoring sports available. There’s hardly a game that ends a stalemate in the sport, and there are fantastic rugby betting offers on Easybet. So the combination of these factors is the reason.
Horse Racing Betting
Horse racing is most suitable for bettors hoping to derive so much entertainment in a sport. It offers plenty of that due to its unpredictable nature, and it’s a popular option for betting because it provides the opportunity to wager on multiple possible outcomes in a single race.
Tennis Betting
Tennis is an individual game that gathers a significant number of watchers across the world. These high-performing athletes compete for a grand prize in a series of matches. It is a popular betting option because it doesn’t need a deeper knowledge of the sport for a bettor to wager on it.
Golf Betting
Golf wagering is an excellent option to explore Easybet online sports betting. It’s popular among punters due to the quality of odds available on each event.
Boxing Betting
Boxing is a competitive sport that draws global attention when two boxers head-to-head. It’s a great betting option because boxing bettors don’t have to wait for significant events to wager.


Sports Competitions, Leagues, and Events

There are numerous sports events in different competitions and leagues worldwide. But some competitions and leagues are more popular than others on Easybet sports betting platform. They include the following:

Special Events

Many sportsbooks provide betting on special events. Some of these events include:

These events are excellent choices for online betting because they are easily predictable and have decent betting markets. Many Easybet reviews reveal that it’s a betting type many bettors look out for before choosing a wagering site today. This bookmaker currently has different betting markets on politics and entertainment for bettors to explore.

Esports Betting

Esports has gained so much popularity because of its competitive structure, which offers a comprehensive range of betting opportunities. Below are some of the most popular Esports games people bet on:

Easybet Live Betting

Live betting is also known as in-play betting, and it allows players to wager on events that have started. Like pre-match events with different betting markets, live wagering also has betting markets that are curated by sportsbooks based on how the event unfolds.

Easybet Live Betting

Once you register with Easybet, you get access to all betting products and features like live betting. To use it, you must visit the platform, click the ‘live sport’ option at the top of the page, explore events in the sports you want, evaluate the game by available data, and then predict and wager on subsequent events.

Live Streaming

Whenever bettors wager on an event, they typically want to follow the event as it unfolds. It is what the live-streaming feature does. It offers a real-time update of betting events as they develop. It improves the betting experience as bettors enjoy all the thrills of following their selections.

Unfortunately, this option is currently unavailable with the bookmaker.

Easybet Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is the new cool today for all the right reasons. It offers a more efficient way to bet as players can easily access wagering products using their mobile phones wherever and whenever they want.

Easybet mobile betting is available through the official site. It fits a mobile screen automatically, offering comfortable and easy-to-use betting activities regardless of the mobile device.

The Easybet Betting App

A mobile application makes betting easier for bettors. It reflects the sportsbook’s identity and features their best products concerning punter’s demands and industry standards. Betting apps offer a better wagering experience compared to desktop versions of sportsbook’s platform, and we can confirm that through the Easybet app available for Android and iOS devices.

The Easybet APK for Android

The APK for Android devices is a responsive application efficient for all betting needs on the sportsbook. It retains all the design and features of the website in tune with the features of the Android device. Getting the APK is easy; you only have to visit the website to see the ‘Get Our App’ banner. Click it to find the download option on the next page.

The iOS Easybet Mobile App

Unfortunately, the iOS version of the Easybet applications isn’t available at the moment.

Easybet Pros & Cons

The platform is an excellent betting site that ticks all the boxes for many bettors in South Africa. Despite this, there are some drawbacks to the sportsbook’s product and features. Below is a highlight of the pros and cons:

  • Easybet has a responsive and well-designed website and APK version for Android users
  • There’s a wide selection of betting markets across many sports
  • The bonus and promotional offers are excellent
  • Withdrawals on Easybet are capped at 10x the bettor’s deposit
  • Cashout is only available when one leg of bettor’s elections are won

Cash Out

Cash out allows players to get part or some of the expected returns after wagering on a selection of games. The money offered depends on the maturity of the odds for the selections in a ticket. The cash-out offer comes in two variants – partial or complete cash-out.

Bettors should note that there are terms and conditions for cash out with Easybet. The sportsbook offers the option only when a leg of the bettor’s selections is won. To use this feature, all you have to do is observe your selections as they unfold. Doing this allows you to determine the right time to explore the cash-out feature in alignment with the sportsbook’s rules.

Easybet Odds

The quality of odds a sportsbook offers determines how many bettors bet with them. In most cases, the higher the odds, the more attractive the sportsbook is to bettors. Unsurprisingly, Easybet offers lucrative odds distribution on betting markets available on all sports.

Sports Historical Odds
⚽ Football 93.38 %
🏀 Basketball 94.13 %
🎾 Tennis 93.21 %
🏏 Cricket 94.15 %
👍 Overall 94.63 %

Bettors on the bookie only need a few selections to gather enough odds to wager on. The odds are standard compared to what the best bookmakers in South Africa offer. The benefit is that bettors have a higher chance of winning with few selections than multiple ones.

Other Products

While sports and casino betting are the most popular options on Easybet, there are other wagering products to consider. Bettors can try poker, lucky numbers, and Vegas games.

Easybet Casino

There’s so much fun on the betting site with its comprehensive range of engaging activities.

Contacts & Customer Support

One cannot underrate the importance of customer support service in the smooth running of a betting site. That is why betting sites must prioritize offering their bettors unparalleled support whenever they request. In case bettors encounter issues while betting, depositing, or trying to use bonuses on Easybet, there’s customer support on standby to help.

Support email
Support Phone Number 072 549 0731
Live chat Yes

They are accessible through several channels, including live chat, email, and WhatsApp. In rare instances, a bettor needs to visit the physical address: the sportsbook is on the 3rd Floor, 186A Loop Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

The Easybet Verdict

The platform ranks high among the best betting sites in South Africa based on the quality of bet offerings. As this post reviews the betting sites, consider choosing them as your preferred option. If you’re ready, visit the official website, register an account, get and enter your Easybet sign-up bonus code, deposit in your wallet, and start betting.

Open Acc at Easybet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a welcome bonus at Easybet sportsbook?
    Yes, it offers all new customers a gift through its attractive welcome bonus. New customers get a 150% welcome bonus up to R1,000 for a minimum deposit of R20, which must be used in the first 30 days after registration. 
  • Is my information safe when I use Easybet?
    Bettors play on this sitet peacefully because the sportsbook prioritizes data security and offers excellent betting products. They use SSL encryption to safeguard customer data whenever they bet on the Easybet bookie. 
  • Is Easybet legal and safe in South Africa?
    It is a legitimate and safe betting site in Africa operating under the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board regulation. This body guides all of Easybet’s betting activities.
  • How can I deposit funds into my Easybet account? 
    Depositing funds in your account is easy. Log in to your account and navigate to the cashier page, where you’ll see the deposit option. Click it to see a list of deposit methods available. Select your preferred choice, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and authorize the transaction. 
  • How long does it take to withdraw money from Easybet?
    There’s a short period in which Easybet processes bettors’ withdrawal requests. Generally, it takes one to two working days before the money drops in bettors’ accounts. Any additional day would depend on the withdrawal method bettors use. 
  • Do I need to FICA my Easybet account? 
    Yes, you need to FICA your account to start betting. It’s a verification process that requires each bettor to upload documents, including a picture ID, utility bill, driver’s license, and proof of address. 
  • How user-friendly is the Easybet platform? 
    Customers don’t need to have a particular knowledge of betting sites to use and navigate the platform. It is easy and friendly to use for all betting needs. 
  • Is Easybet available on mobile? 
    Yes, it is available on mobile through its website, which is compatible with mobile use, and its APK is available for download.
  • Does Easybet have an app?
    Yes, the bookie has a mobile app that allows bettors to get a better betting experience. However, the app is only available for Android users as the sportsbook is yet to be created for iOS devices.
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