BetPawa Review

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Payment options
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Betting variety
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Live betting
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Esports Background
BetPawa is one of Africa’s fastest-growing, safest, and most convenient betting sites. They are fully licensed and available in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania.

We will review everything you need to open an account with BetPawa. It includes opening an account, their sign-up bonus, depositing and withdrawing money, mobile apps, betting odds, live betting, available features, and how to close your sportsbook account.

BetPawa currently only offers football, basketball, and tennis. However, within those sports, they offer hundreds of fun and safe betting options. Once you have registered with BetPawa sportsbook, you’ll see they offer some of the best odds available for football, tennis, and basketball.

BetPawa Webisite and Account Information

BetPawa is one of the friendliest websites to use in Africa and Tanzania.

BetPawa Review

Its easy-to-use interface makes website navigation a breeze, and you’ll be able to get an account set up with this sportsbook in no time.

  • Opening an account with BetPawa is simple:
    • Hit ‘Join Now’ in the top right corner
    • Enter your mobile phone number
    • Create a password (minimum 4 characters)
    • Agree with terms and conditions
    • Press ‘Join Now’
  • To cancel an account with BetPawa, you must contact a BetPawa agent directly:
    • Under ‘Menu” in the top right corner, press help, then select speak to an agent
    • Or, email [email protected]

Banking Options

BetPawa sportsbook offers many convenient options to deposit and withdraw your money, including M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel, and Halo Pesa.

Min. deposit ₦100
Deposit Charge Free of charge
Min. Withdrawal ₦1000
Withdrawal time Up to 24 hours
Payout 95%

Looking for cryptocurrencies? This bookmaker doesn’t have any. Pay attention to our Everygame review.

Deposit Methods

Deposit with M-Pesa:

  • Minimum Deposit: 100 TZS (Tanzanian Shilling)
  • Telco Fee: 30 TZS (for deposits up to 999 TZS)
  • Dial *150*00#
  1. Select 4 – Pay by M-Pesa
  2. Then pick 4 – Enter Business Number
  3. Input 122122 then 60124815
  4. Enter your deposit amount and PIN
  5. Bet once you’ve received your SMS confirmation

Deposit with Tigo Pesa:

  • Minimum Deposit: 100 TZS
  • Telco Fee: 30 TZS (for deposits up to 999 TZS)
  • Dial *150*01#
  1. Pick 4 – Pay Bill then 3 – Enter Business No
  2. Input 122122 then 60124815
  3. Enter your deposit amount and PIN
  4. Bet once you’ve received your SMS confirmation

Deposit with Airtel:

  • Minimum Deposit: 100 TZS
  • No Telco Fee
  • Dial *150*60#
  1. Select 5 – Make Payments
  2. Then press 1 – Merchant Payments
  3. Pick 1 – Pay with Mastercard QR
  4. Enter a deposit amount, the number 60124815 and your PIN
  5. Bet once you’ve received your SMS confirmation

Deposit with Halo Pesa

  • Minimum Deposit: 100 TZS
  • No Telco Fee
  • Dial *150*88#
  1. Select 5 – Make Merchant
  2. Then press 3 – Selcom Pay/Masterpass
  3. Input 60124815
  4. Enter your deposit amount and PIN
  5. Bet once you’ve received your SMS confirmation

Withdraw Methods

  • Go to the withdraw page
  • Enter the amount you’d like to withdraw from your account (min. 1000 TZS)
  • Press’ Request Withdraw’

BetPawa Bonuses

Unfortunately, BetPawa does not offer free sign-up or deposit bonuses. Pay attention to our lists of bookmakers with these bonuses:

BetPawa does provide an amazing free contest called the PAWA6, or an incredible reward of up to 500% on any parlay with a minimum of 3 legs.

BetPawa Free Bets

BetPawa offers an incredible free contest called the PAWA6 every week.

Entering the contest is fast and easy:

  • Register with BetPawa
  • Select PAWA6 on the left menu
  • Predict the correct scores of all 6 matches listed
  • Win up to 70 Million TZS

You can play the PAWA6 every week for free, and even if you don’t guess all 6 games correctly, the top 20 scores will win cash prizes.

BetPawa Welcome Bonus

Unlike other gambling websites, BetPawa does not offer a welcome bonus. This oversight puts them significantly behind their competition. Almost any betting website you go to offers a welcome bonus or deposit bonus just for signing up.

3.6out of 5

BetPawa Win Bonus Parlay

  • Any parlay with at least 3 legs is eligible for a Win Bonus on top of the regular payout; this goes for any parlay of any payout with at least 3 legs.
  • A 3-leg parlay will result in a 3% Win Bonus on top of your winnings, while a 45-leg parlay will result in a 500% Win Bonus on top of your winnings.
  • The Win Bonus percentages increase incrementally with every added leg between 3 and 45.

BetPawa Jackpot

BetPawa offers a Jackpot game where you can win a large cash prize bonus if you correctly select the required number of football matches. You can choose the result of all the football matches yourself or use their Lucky Dip option to make all the match selections for you. Ticket prices for these Jackpots are typically 100 TZS.

What to Bet on

BetPawa offers many betting options. UEFA Champions League, the World Cup, European Basketball, the ATP Tour, NBA, and countless more options are available, with events from all over the world being added all the time.

Number of Sport Games 4
Number of Sport Events 147
Live Events Daily 198
Live Events Monthly 5940
Pre-match Events per Month 5760

So whether you want to bet small or win big, there are endless options at your fingertips.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is among the popular and fun ways to win money. Nothing beats the thrill of not only watching your team win but collecting money afterwards as well. Everyone of legal gambling age and who has the funds to gamble safely can join in on the action.

Available Sports

BetPawa only offers basketball, tennis, and football at the moment. While it would be nice to see more sports and categories on their website, many options are still offered within those 3 sports on the BetPawa website.

On a website with many available leagues for the sports they offer, it would be nice to see them expand the number of competitions in the future for variety.

Sport Competitions

BetPawa offers to bet on the most popular football and basketball leagues from all over the world.

At BetPawa, you can place bets on competitions as big as the NBA, Premier League, and Champions League, or more niche leagues such as the Spain ACB, Italy Lega 1, Brazil Series A, or Argentina Primera Division. In addition, there’s an almost endless supply of professional basketball and football competitions available on betPawa for you to win big.

They also offer to bet on the ATP, WTA, World Cup, Wimbledon, and tons of other major basketball, football, and tennis competitions.

Special Events

BetPawa does not offer special events or other products. It is another example of BetPawa being a limited betting website compared to its competitors.

You cannot bet on the Oscars, elections, or other public events with BetPawa.

Esports Betting

Another area in which BetPawa is far behind its competition is that Esports betting is unavailable at BetPawa. Hopefully, along with special events, more sports competitions, and a welcome bonus, this will improve in the future.

BetPawa Live Betting

Live betting is great for users who want a view of how the action will unfold before putting their money down.

BetPawa Live Betting

BetPawa offers some of the most extensive live betting options and is ahead of its competitors. If you’re on BetPawa, there’s never a shortage of live basketball, football, and tennis events to make money on.

Live Streaming

Currently, live streaming is unavailable at BetPawa. No word on whether or not this is a tool they’re planning on adding in the future.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is available on BetPawa! Their mobile site offers betting functions in a clean, easy-to-use format on your mobile device.

Mobile App for Android

If you have an Android and want less data while placing bets, getting the APK app is easy. Go to their website on your mobile phone, log in, and download the app.

BetPawa Pros and Cons

  • Some of the most comprehensive live betting available! Get in on the action even after the game starts.
  • Quick and easy sign-up. If you have a local phone number, betting with BetPawa is easy.
  • No withdrawal fees! Unlike their competitors, your winnings are yours.
  • Clean user interface. One of the most straightforward betting websites to navigate.
  • Up to 500% win bonus. No other websites offer this kind of max bonus on top of their wins.
  • Free contests. The PAWA6 is a free contest available to join every week.
  • Above-average odds. BetPawa gives some better margins as long as you’re willing to dig.
  • Only 3 sports are currently available. Not offering competitions beyond basketball, tennis, and football is a downside.
  • No future betting options. You’re limited to just betting on games instead of season-long team outcomes.
  • Deposit fees. Most of their deposit options require a fee for the user to pay.
  • Only available in some African countries. BetPawa has limited reach as they’re only available in many African countries.
  • No sign-up bonus, welcome bonus, or deposit bonus. It puts BetPawa behind almost all of its competitors.

Cash Out

Cash-out option is available at BetPawa. Go to your betting slip and request a cashout. Depending on the event’s circumstances, this option may not always be available.

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BetPawa Odds

BetPawa offers competitive odds when compared to most other gambling websites. BetPawa’s margins are typically between 5% to 8% which is average compared to other similar betting websites. There are many instances where BetPawa showed a sizable edge compared to their competitors, but like most betting websites, you’ll need to comb through them. One of the available features of betting with BetPawa is they offer alternate lines on many of their events.

Other Products

BetPawa remains behind its competition when it comes to other products. Their website does not offer access to a live casino, poker, slots, or table games. If you are looking for a bookmaker with a great internal casino, check out BetRegal review.

BetPawa Casino

It is another area they can improve by providing special events, welcome bonuses, and adding more available sports competitions.

Contact and Support

They also offer 24/7 support on their website, type in your phone number and then select “call me,” and they’ll have a representative get a hold of you.

Support email [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Support Phone Number 88002050 (CM);+243830003003 (DRC); +243852206221 (DRC); 070 0238 7292 (NG), +263 787 527 480, +263 787 527 481 (ZW), 800 207 292 (UG), +255 768 141904, +255 622 004681 (TZ), +260 963 943 515, +260 976 835 249, +260 979 725 130 (ZM), +233 59 6921 009 (GH)
Live chat No

BetPawa Verdict

Until BetPawa overhauls what they offer, it will remain behind many of its competitors. The PAWA6, Jackpot, and Win Bonus on parlays are nice perks, but I’m not sure they make up for the lack of total sports, Esports, casino games, or welcome bonuses. They will suffer for as long as they lack the variety of many other betting websites.

The website is easy to navigate, signing up is simple if you’re in Africa, and their live betting remains second to none. Every basketball, football, and tennis match they list is also available for live betting, which isn’t always the case at many other sports betting websites.

It would be nice if they offered a welcome or deposit bonus; however, if you love competitive odds and live betting on football, basketball, and tennis in Africa, then is the site. For you!

Open Acc at BetPawa

Frequently Asked Questions

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