The Best Betting Sites in Africa (July 2024)

Read through our article to find the best betting sites and learn everything there is to know about online sports betting in Africa.

Top 3 Bookmakers in Africa

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Sports betting in Africa has been growing faster than ever, creating a perfect environment for the continent to blossom into the betting capital of the world. If you want to know more about the state of betting in Africa in 2024, read our guide, in which we will cover:
  1. Where to find the best betting sites in Africa?
  2. How to wager in Africa?
  3. How to choose a betting site in Africa?
  4. What is the current state and the future of betting in Africa?

Full List of the Best Africa Betting Sites

Online sports betting is readily available across most of Africa. The country has implemented fairly lenient laws to compensate for the great demand for online sports betting sites, which opened up the African market to most international bookmakers.

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As a result, it's not difficult to find a sportsbook to bet with, no matter which sport you want to wager on. However, with a large selection comes the time-consuming task of finding a good, legal, and safe betting site.

Best Betting Bonus Deals & Offers

More than enough online sportsbooks are available for African bettors, each with its strengths and weaknesses. For example, some offer better African bets on football; others have a much better offer on athletics or basketball. But even though sportsbooks differ in the quality of the odds and the market depth, there are also clear differences in their offer of betting bonuses.

As long as you're using a reputable and well-known bookmaker, you can rest assured that it will have some betting bonuses available. Still, it's wise to check which bookies have the best offer and what kind of promotions they have – free bets, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and more.

100% up to $500
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New customers only! Get 125% bonus up to $1250 on your First Deposit! Full T&Cs apply
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Some will have special promotions for football, and others will offer bonuses on basketball, so it all comes down to which sport you want to bet on the most. So if you're wondering which bookie has the best free bet offers in Africa, there is no clear answer. It all comes down to what bonuses you're after and which will offer the most value to you.

Any betting bonus is welcome. Just check the terms and conditions to determine whether you're eligible for the promotions.

Choose Your Bet of the Day in Africa

Africa is no different to any European, Asian, or American country regarding what you can bet on. But you can expect much better offers on domestic leagues, the country's most popular sports, and special bets on known African athletes.


So not only won't you be deprived of the option to bet on any sport you wish, but you will also see special offers on African teams, athletes, and the country's top sports.

Bet On Sport


Sports betting is as popular in Africa as in other parts of the world. But when we talk about the most popular sports, nothing compares to athletics and football.

That isn't too shocking, knowing that many of the world's top athletes and football players hail from Africa, making the 2 sports extremely popular among the African people. Bookies took notice of that and started providing better betting opportunities in all football leagues while providing excellent coverage of athletic events.

Know that you can still bet on ski jumping or ice hockey in Africa, but don't expect the less-popular sports to be covered as well on the online bookies as football.

Bet on Competitions

We mentioned how African bookies work hard to provide good football and athletic events coverage. And the same principle applies to the country's most popular competition offer.

Africa is home to many big football and athletics competitions, which are very popular among people and online sports bettors. The popularity is also clearly evident in the online bookies' offer of markets and betting bonuses on the country's most famous competitions, so if you're looking to wager on the Africa Cup of Nations, you won't find a better gambling offer than on Africa betting sites.

Bet on Tournaments

Africa is home to 54 countries, and most have domestic sports tournaments, mainly for football, as the most popular sport on the continent. For example, Algeria has Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1, Angola has Girabola as its top-division football league, and the list continues.

You might have never heard of African football leagues before, but those are very popular in Africa amongst fans of the sport and bettors alike. Then there is also Basketball Africa League (BAL), Africa's premier men's basketball league and numerous other leagues across various sports.

Bet on Teams

Just like you will find betting markets on African leagues and competitions, you will also be able to bet on African sports teams. That might not sound too exciting, but we must note that African bookies regularly offer special bonuses and promotions on African teams. That includes football teams (El Ahly Cairo), basketball teams (Zamalek SC Basketball), etc.

Bet on Players

Africa is home to many exceptional athletes who compete in various sports. As a country that is exceptionally proud of its achievements, many people closely follow their player's sports careers, and there is no shortage of those who bet on them.

African betting sites also provide special markets that allow you to bet on African players to deliver what the customers want. These include football and basketball betting markets, and they also accept bets on African athletes in individual sports such as the MMA.

Admittedly, African bookies are not the only ones that accept bets on African players. But if you want to wager on an African athlete, you can be sure that betting sites in Africa will have the most extensive and the best offer on that betting market.

How to Choose the Best Bookmakers in Africa

Africa is home to many online bookmakers, meaning you will be spoiled for choice when picking the best African betting site for you. However, due to the massive selection, you must be careful when choosing a bookmaker and know where to look to find the best one.

Here we will look at a few crucial things you need to look out for when picking a website where you'll be playing African bets on sports.

  • Find a legal, regulated, and licenced bookmaker, as only this way you can ensure the safety of your personal information and your money.
  • If you're a mobile bettor, it's advisable to pick between bookies that offer the best African betting app.
  • Decide what you want to wager on, and pick a sportsbook that offers solid coverage of the sport/tournaments.
  • Check the odds quality, and make sure that the bookmaker has enough market depth to allow you to bet on whatever you desire.
  • Keep an eye out for any sign-up promotions, bet bonuses and other goodies the bookies can provide you with.

Which African Bookmaker Has the Best Odds?

Every bettor should always strive to bet with the best available odds, so it's only fair to ask the question of which African bookmaker has the best odds. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that.

Most bookies set their odds, leading to price discrepancies between betting sites. So while MyBookie could offer 4/5 on Zamalek SC Basketball to win the next match, xBet could have the club priced at 3/4. It shows that if you want to bet with the best odds, you must have access to several bookies and check which offers the best.

Moreover, it's important to note that some bookies will offer better sports offers. So one bookmaker can have deeper markets and better prices on basketball, while another sportsbook might have worse basketball odds but a much better football offer.

In the end, if you want to find African bookmakers with the best odds, you need to know what you're looking for. Still, a few African betting sites offer competitive odds on all sports and are generally considered the best sportsbooks in Africa. You can find some of them on our list, alongside our honest reviews of the gambling sites.

Payment Methods at African Bookies

You will see different payment methods depending on which sportsbooks you use. Some might offer options that others won't, but there is a general list of payment methods available on most betting sites, and they are widely considered the best and safest to use.

All sportsbooks will accept payments via a bank transfer, the oldest and most trusted form of payment. But in the current day and age, no shortage of bookies also welcomes E-wallet payments and even mobile payments, providing you with more variety when picking your prefered method. Either way, plenty of payment methods are available, ensuring you can deposit and withdraw money with whichever option you desire.

Best African Mobile Betting Apps

Online sports betting has been booming in Africa over the last few decades, largely thanks to the advancements in technology and accessibility of the internet across the continent. But most of all, the most significant factor that helped online betting in Africa grow is the availability of mobile betting.

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Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone, a small pocket-sized computer that allows you to access any website. And that includes African betting sites.

Mobile betting is prevalent worldwide, and Africa is no exception. And it's not hard to see why. By betting via a mobile device, you can wager anytime and anywhere without needing a computer, so there are many positives to betting on mobile.

Sports betting sites took notice of that and improved the mobile betting experience by introducing mobile betting apps that are available on all of the best betting sites in Africa. Some even offer special betting bonuses for mobile bettors, which is another reason mobile betting is a huge driving force in the growth of sports betting in Africa.

If you're wondering which is the best African betting app, there is no clear answer. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, but as long as you register on a reputable bookie, you can be sure it will have a solid mobile betting app for you to use.

Live Betting & Streaming in Africa

Live betting is an exciting and alternative way to approach betting on sports. It is also trendy since it offers excellent betting opportunities for those who know where to look, which explains why all sportsbooks offer in-play betting markets.

And you shouldn't be surprised that in-play betting is also a huge hit among African punters. And knowing that the African online betting world includes most of the biggest international sportsbooks, you can rest assured that live betting is accessible across all African countries where online gambling is legal.

So if you want to place an in-play bet, you will be able to do it without much hassle, but it's wise to pick the best sportsbooks for the job. Those are not that hard to spot, as you need to find one that offers in-play markets and has a live streaming option.

The latter is crucial for anyone looking to start betting on live markets. But luckily, most African wagering sites will have live streaming available. Check out our list to know which is the best African betting site for live wagering and which sportsbooks you should check!

Africa is a fascinating country when it comes to betting. No matter their religion, political views, race, or status, all people across Africa have one thing in common – they love sports. With a population of over 1.3 billion, a nice portion also doesn't shy away from sports betting.

Admittedly, sports betting is not accessible in all African countries, but for most, betting sites with bonuses in Africa are readily available. And not only that, but online sports betting is also well regulated, ensuring a safe and legal space for people to wager on athletics, football, or any sport they desire.

While safe, the sports betting laws in Africa are fairly lenient, allowing European bookmakers and most international bookies to operate, which enabled a fast expansion of online sports betting across most countries. Still, it's worth noting that South Africa is the only country that has properly regulated its gambling market with the National Gambling Act of 2004, and therefore we have prepared a separate listing of the best betting sites in South Africa.

African Gambling Licenses for Betting Sites

Many sub-Saharan African countries don't regulate online gambling, meaning a local licencing process is available. Still, foreign operators are free to offer their services to local players even though there is currently no way for them to obtain country-specific licences.

But there are exceptions. Kenya, Zambia, and Uganda issue betting licences, regulate mainly land-based gambling and offer the same licences to online betting operators. It creates some confusion and a situation that new laws need to address.

As a result, most operators choose to get a land-based licence. Many international companies select not to offer their services to avoid any controversy. Nevertheless, such situations are limited to only a handful of countries, and it doesn't necessarily affect those who live in Africa and bet online.

As long as you pick betting sites for African football or any known gambling operator, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a secure and safe bet finding experience. But it's advisable to pick a known brand. Many of the top international bookmakers – with British Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority licences – deserve the tag as top betting sites in Africa.

How to Win at Betting in Africa

Anyone can start betting on sports in Africa, but not everyone will be successful and profit from it. However, even the least experienced bettors can set themselves up for success with the right approach and follow the proper steps.

  • Before placing your first wager, the most important thing you need to do is find an online sports betting site that offers competitive gambling odds, enough market depth, and betting bonuses.
  • While deciding which one to sign up with, make sure you only pick between legal, regulated and safe bookies.
  • After you set up your account, check if the bookie has any deposit bonuses you can take advantage of before you put your money on the site.
  • Bet on only sports and leagues you're familiar with, and take your time familiarizing yourself with the players and teams.
  • Find an online site that can offer valuable information, stats, and data on the sports you want to wager on, including betting previews and predictions.
  • Find a betting strategy that suits you and stick to it. But know that there is no such thing as a strategy that will guarantee you profits.
  • Learn about the basics of sports betting, what odds mean, how to read them, and bankroll management.

The Most Active Betting Countries in Africa

As the second-largest continent, Africa has a rich heritage and history, but it's also a gambling Mecca for betting enthusiasts. Admittedly, gambling is not available across the whole country, and there are some clear differences in the gambling offer between the states, but a few stand out as the most active betting countries.

If you're wondering which is the best African country to be in if you're wagering on sports, there is no right answer. But you can't go wrong with either of the 6 countries we will touch on below, as they have the most developed betting scene, offering European bookies and international wagering sites to their citizens.


Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa, which explains why it generates over $2 billion in sports betting revenue annually. And that is only possible because Nigeria has a well-developed online gambling scene.

South Africa

As a country with the third-highest GDP, South Africa is inviting various investors, including gambling operators, which helped it become the continent's largest wagering market. Almost half of African gambling gross revenue comes from South Africa, which is a perfect sign that South Africa is the place for sports betting.


Kenya is easily one of the most active countries in Africa. According to a pool from 2024, 37.64% of people from Kenya bet at least once a week, while nearly 16% admitted they place a wager more than once a day.


Senegal is home to some of the most successful African athletes, so it should be no surprise that sports are big in this country. And as a result, so is online sports betting, making Senegal one of the African countries with the highest sports wagering activity on the continent.


Tanzania offers online sports betting and has one of the capital's largest brick-and-mortar Le Grande Casino. As a result, Tanzania offers something for everyone – whether you like to gamble online or in person.


It might not be the biggest betting country, but Zambia has one of the largest selections of top betting sites and a healthy amount of regulations.


Uganda is one of the best countries for online betting in Africa. Even though the gambling world is still developing, Uganda is growing its wagering scene exponentially, mainly because online betting is prevalent among its residents.


Ghana has the most regulated betting sphere on the continent, thanks to the local government working on introducing gambling laws for over 6 decades. As such, sports betting in Ghana is safe, but it also welcomes all African betting sites.


Online sports betting in Cameroon is as popular as ever, largely thanks to the introduction of international and local bookmakers to the industry over the last decade.

Other Countries

The countries in the list above are not the only ones to be popular gambling destinations. Lately, sports betting in Namibia has become popular. Botswana is another country that deserves to be on any top-10 list of the best African countries to bet in. It has a well-regulated gambling market and accepts bets online, via phone, and even at physical providers.

Despite being very religious, Morocco welcomes sports betting and is easily on the list of the top-rated countries that gamble the most. It is home to some of the biggest betting companies in Africa, including luxurious casinos and many online bookmakers. If you want to win big from a single bet Togo also has an array of options suitable for you.

Which Currencies Do African Bookmakers Accept

You will see different banking options depending on which African betting sites you're using. But while other bookmakers accept various currencies, bookmakers in Africa are very welcoming when accepting multiple currencies.

That is mainly because most African countries also accept European bookies and a handful of international bookmakers, which take local currencies, the Euro, British Pound, Dollar, and even cryptocurrencies. So if you're wondering which currencies you can use to fund your betting accounts, you can rest assured that there are more than enough options.

African Betting Tips & Predictions

You should always choose what to bet on, but sometimes, even the best punters aren't sure what to pick. It is where betting tips and predictions from experts come in handy, providing you with extra information and stats to use when making your selections.

Finding a website that can offer you expert tips and betting previews will be essential to your long-term success as a bettor, as those can serve as an excellent way to get as much information on the games as possible.

What Makes African Betting Market Special

Africa is one of the continents experiencing sporadic growth in online betting. Numerous legal and trusted betting sites operate across the continent, thanks to the flexible legislative acts of many of its countries. It creates a betting scene where each betting brand provides excellent betting products, much to the excitement of the bettors.

Another factor that makes betting special is the many popular sports in Africa. People are invested in sports like football, basketball, and even rugby, and they have local and international sports teams they follow religiously. It makes betting on these sports more popular among many people of legal betting age.

Finally, there's a high interest in betting not only for passion but also because of the economic situation of many countries within the continent. Many people leverage their passion to create an alternative way to make money. The potential this offers increases many people's interest in betting.

  • There are flexible legislative acts guiding betting operations in Africa, allowing a healthy betting scene, unlike in continents like Asia, where it's rigid, allowing unhealthy betting operations.
  • Africa has a very active sports scene with millions of people supporting different local and international teams, unlike other continents where sports interest is minimal and less active.

Africa Overview

Before we conclude our article, here are some interesting facts about Africa and online sports betting in Africa.

  • Africa's most active gambling sites are presented in Benin, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, Cameroon, and there are also many profitable Guinea bet platforms.
  • Africa is home to many languages, but French, English, and Swahili are the most popular and widely used.
  • African bookmakers accept currencies, including Euro, British Pound, Dollar, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The most popular online payment methods on African betting sites include Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, bank transfers, and mobile payments.
  • Football, athletics, basketball, MMA, and rugby are 4 of the most popular sports in Africa.

Bottom Line

That concludes our guide, where we covered everything you need about sports wagering in Africa. Equipped with all that information, you're ready to register on the best betting sites in Africa and start placing your bets!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which betting sites are legal in Africa?
    Due to very lenient betting laws, there are few restrictions on which online sports betting sites can operate in Africa. As a result, Africa is the home of one of the largest selections of international and European bookies and local bookmakers.
  • Which country gambles the most in Africa?
    Although sports betting is prevalent across the whole continent, South Africa is the country that gambles the most. That is largely thanks to its large GDP, which invited investors and helped develop the betting scene.
  • Which is the richest betting site in Africa?
    If we don't include major international bookies, Nairabet is Africa's largest and most popular betting site. It is also the first, oldest, and most financially stable betting provider, regarded by many as one of the best betting sites in Africa.
  • What is the biggest betting company in Africa?
    Nairabet is the richest and biggest betting company in Africa, formed by a Nigerian politician and entrepreneur, Oloye Akin Alabi. Nairabet has been officially operating since 2009 and has emerged as the most trusted betting company on the continent.
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