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Betting on AFL is a big deal in Australia, and it’s also popular across Europe, America, and Asia, where it boasts a large following of punters who place their bets. But before starting your betting journey, you must learn how to choose the best AFL betting sites, which we’ll cover in this article.

Full List of the Best AFL Betting Sites

Australian football might not be a known sport for people outside Australia; however, AFL premiership betting is prevalent worldwide. People from Europe, America, and Asia regularly bet on the AFL, which explains why there are so many AFL betting sites.

check iconVIP program
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Finding a sportsbook where you can place your AFL best bets is easy, but knowing how to recognize good AFL betting sites is essential. That’s pretty simple if you know what to look for.

The safety of the sportsbook is the most important thing to look for when deciding which AFL bookmakers you will register on. Only by using a legit, safe, and licensed bookmaker can you ensure that your money and personal information are safe, and that should be any bettor’s number one priority.

A good AFL sports betting site will have features like live betting odds and live streaming. Even if you don’t plan to live bet, it’s advisable to bet on the AFL live betting sportsbooks, as it never hurts to have that option available.

And lastly, picking AFL betting sites with AFL betting promos and an online AFL betting app is advisable. Those added features might not seem important, but they are essential for all of the best AFL betting sites.

How Our Experts Rank the Best AFL Betting Sites

We must help punters find the best AFL betting odds; a big part is showing them the best AFL betting sites.

As noted, we must recommend only legit and safe AFL betting sites, as you should never, under no circumstance, trust a shady bookmaker. It puts you at risk of losing your money, which is counterproductive to what you want to achieve when betting on AFL.

The odds quality and the market offers are also a big part when picking the best AFL betting sites since you want to have the best prices available to be able to place AFL best bets, and there should be enough AFL sports betting markets, so you can bet on whatever you like.

Other features like the availability of an AFL betting app, AFL betting promotions, and enough deposit methods are equally important, so we ensure to include all criteria when recommending AFL sports betting sites.

AFL Bonus Bets & Promotions

Betting bonuses and promotions are nowadays a standard feature on all bookmakers, so even if you register on an Aussie sportsbook to bet on AFL, you can rest assured that it will have some offers available.

The most common promotion is the welcome bonus, readily available on all betting sites. It often comes in the form of AFL free bets, but even more commonly, the welcome bonus is a matched deposit offer, where the bookmakers give you free wagering cash of the same size as your initial deposit.

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Welcome bonuses are available only to new customers of AFL betting sites, but even existing users will have similar promotions in reload bonuses. It is just one of many AFL betting promotions bettors will have access to, besides Acca boosts, insurance, odds boosts, and special promotions during more significant events.

For most promotions, a bettor doesn’t need to do anything special besides the deposit-related bonuses, where you’ll have to make a minimum qualifying deposit. Most other promotions are automatically added to your account or require you to opt-in.

AFL Odds

Besides ensuring that you use only safe betting sites in Australia or elsewhere, it’s essential to check the quality of AFL betting odds and market availability, ensuring that it has enough AFL betting types. You must first understand how to read AFL sports betting odds to bet on AFL. That’s very straightforward, especially if you’ve ever bet on sports and understand how odds work.

But while understanding AFL odds is simple, you must understand one essential thing – AFL betting sites rarely offer the same odds on any match. That is because even the best AFL betting site sometimes makes a mistake when pricing the game, or it’s slow to adjust the odds.

As bettors, we must look for those price discrepancies and check all AFL betting sites to place the best AFL bets with the best available odds. Also known as price shopping, it’s searching through all AFL betting sites to find the best available odds and place bets with them.

Although often taken for granted, price shopping is the most vital tool professional bettors have to find value bets and make money betting on AFL.

AFL Historical Odds & Results

Season Premiership Team & Odds Score Runner-up & Odds Bookmakers Surveyed
2012 Sydney Swans (2.53) 14.7 (91) – 11.15 (81) Hawthorn (1.52) 12
2013 Hawthorn (1.61) 11.11 (77) d. 8.14 (62) Fremantle Dockers (2.31) 16
2014 Hawthorn (2.41) 21.11 (137) d. 11.8 (74) Sydney Swans (1.57) 13
2015 Hawthorn (1.58) 16.11 (107) d. 8.13 (61) West Coast (2.39) 14
2016 Western Bulldogs (2.6) 13.11 (89) d. 10.7 (67) Sydney Swans (1.51) 14
2017 Richmond (2.26) 16.12 (108) d. 8.12 (60) Adelaide (1.64) 14
2018 West Coast (2.24) 11.13 (79) d. 11.8 (74) Collingwood (1.67) 11
2019 Richmond (1.39) 17.12 (114) d 3.7 (25) GWS Giants (3.02) 10
2020 Richmond (1.83) 12.9 (81) d 7.8 (50) Geelong (1.97) 10
2021 Melbourne (1.66) 21.14 (140) d 10.6 (66) Western Bulldogs (2.2) 13
2022 Geelong Cats (1.47) 20.13 (133) to 8.4 (52) Sydney Swans (2.57) 15

Online AFL betting can be fun and exciting, and that’s because you have enough AFL betting types to create an AFL betting system and bet on games however you like. Form straight bets or specials; there are enough ways to find the best AFL bets.

Most Disposals

A disposal in the AFL is passing the ball (legally) via kick or a handball, and not only is this a statistic in the game but also a popular market to bet on. You can bet on the most disposals in the AFL match. In the same way, you can bet on which player will score the most goals in a football game.

First Goalscorer

The first goalscorer is a prevalent AFL betting type, which is self-explanatory. With it, you can bet on which player or a team will score the first goals in a game. As a specials market, the first goalscorer is often accompanied by generous betting odds.


A head-to-head bet in AFL is a futures bet most AFL betting sites offer. With this bet type, you can predict which of the two teams will perform better in a season, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the team you picked has to win the championship. The team only needs to finish the season higher than the opponents.

Line Betting

Line betting in AFL is the same as handicap betting, where bookmakers give the teams an imaginary advantage or disadvantage (of goals) based on their perceived strength. The favourites will always have a negative handicap, whereas the underdogs will always have a positive handicap.

Total Points Betting (Over/Under)

Total points, or over/under, is a prevalent AFL bet type used to predict whether a particular statistic in a game will exceed the predetermined number, in this case, points or goals. A bookmaker will set a line of, for example, 12 goals, and then you can predict whether the game will end with more or fewer than 12 goals.

Winning Margin Betting

A winning margin bet is one of the particular bet types allowing you to predict the winning margin at the end of the game. Bookmakers offer this market in sections, for example, 0-2 points, 3-5 points, or 5-7 points.

1st Quarter Winning Margin

The first-quarter winning margin bet works the same way as the standard winning margin bet, which costs only for the first quarter of the game.

1st Half Winning Margins

Like the first-quarter winning margin, the first-half winning margin AFL bet is the same as the full-time winning margin, but it only counts for the first half. So if you pick a 3-5 winning margin and Team A leads Team B by four points at halftime, your bet will hit, no matter the final score.

Medal Winner

Besides betting on the AFL games, there are particular markets where you can bet on medal winners. It’s a futures bet, allowing you to predict whether a specific player will win an AFL award, such as the Brownlow Medal or Coleman Medal.

Futures Betting

Futures betting is a set of AFL bets that allow you to predict an outcome that will happen in the future. Many wagers fall under this category, including medal winners, outright winners, the season’s top scorers, AFL first coach sacked betting, the next AFL CEO, and more.

The most notable characteristic of futures bets is that they’re not settled until the season ends and often come with higher AFL betting odds.

AFL Grand Final/Premiership Betting

The AFL premiership betting is available once the final two remaining teams square off in the grand finals, and it often offers more betting opportunities and wider betting markets. However, some AFL betting sites will have AFL grand final betting markets available in advance, letting you predict which two teams will reach the grand finals.

AFL Wooden Spoon Betting

Betting on AFL wooden spoon is the opposite of betting on which team will win the championship. A wooden spoon is an imaginary award given to the team that finishes an AFL season last, so while it has an exciting name and is available mainly when AFL sports betting, it’s the same as a bet on the worst-performing team.

AFL Multi Betting

AFL multi bets allow bettors to win bigger payouts with smaller stakes, so it’s hardly shocking to learn that multis are highly popular. But if you decide to place multis, you need to know that they require you to hit all your selections, so keeping the number of bets low is advisable.

Same Games Multis

Another type of AFL multis that has become very popular lately is the same game multi. Unlike regular multis, where you place bets on several games, the same game multi involves predicting several outcomes in the same game, including the winning margin, the first team to score, and a moneyline bet.

Handicap Bet

AFL handicap betting, or line betting, is when a bookmaker handicaps – gives an advantage or disadvantage – teams based on their perceived strength. The favorites will always have a negative handicap (-x points), while the underdogs will be given an imaginary advantage of x points.

For example, if Team A is expected to win, a bookmaker will set the betting line (handicap) at -5.5 points. At the same time, their opponents, Team B, will be given a handicap of +5.5 points. It allows you to predict whether Team A will win by 6 or more points or whether Team B will succeed or not lose by more than five points.

With that, we have AFL line betting explained, as there is nothing more to know about it besides understanding what the betting line means and how it’s used.

Double Result

A double result in AFL betting is offered on the final score at halftime and final time. With this bet type, you can bet on which team will lead the game at half time and which team will win the match, so for example, you can place a bet on Team A leading at half time but Team B winning the game or any other combination.

Round Betting

Round betting is available on all the best AFL betting sites, but it’s only offered during the playoffs, when you can bet on which team will win a specific round.

Betting on AFL Awards

Not only can you place AFL bets on the regular marketers, but most AFL betting sites will also offer outright betting markets on player rewards, adding more future betting opportunities.

Brownlow Medal

You can also bet on who will win the Brownlow medal, an annual award to the best and fairest player in the AFL. It’s widely regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the AFL, and most AFL betting sites will offer markets on it.

Coleman Medal

You can also bet on which player will win the Coleman Medal, an annual award given to the AFL player who kicks the most goals in a season. The award is named after John Coleman, one of AFL’s most prolific goalkickers.

AFL Rising Star

The AFL Rising Star is a player award handed out to the player considered the best young player in the AFL. It’s similar to the Rookie of the Year award handed out in the NBA, and as a punter, you can bet on which player will claim it before or midway through the season.

New AFL Betting Sites

AFL betting is prevalent, and many AFL betting sites exist. Moreover, more and more bookmakers started offering AFL betting markets due to the league’s popularity. Since it can be hard to keep track of all new betting sites that provide solid AFL betting opportunities. We have created a list with the newest AFL bookmakers any AFL punter should check out, at the very least, to take advantage of the generous AFL betting promotions.

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AFL Premiership Betting

You must prioritize registering with and using a solid AFL betting site to get the most out of AFL Premiership betting. It must be safe and secure, offering competitive odds and enough betting markets.

Good betting odds and enough betting options are 2 critical things that will dictate your long-term success, and the good odds are especially important if you’re betting on the outright betting markets – on who will win the AFL Premiership.

Sometimes it’s even worth waiting until a day or a few before the season starts to get the best AFL Championship odds. There’s also an added benefit of waiting for the last few days to place bets as more information becomes available, and it helps you find solid predictions.

AFL Fantasy Betting

AFL fantasy betting is one of the latest forms of AFL betting available to Aussie online punters, and it has quickly caught the attention of the online betting world. It’s an exciting new way to bet on the AFL, offering generous rewards, which can often exceed payouts you would get simply betting on the league.

If you’re into fantasy betting and want to try AFL fantasy betting, you should check out AFL SuperCoach. This online fantasy football league is one of the most popular among AFL fantasy bettors.

With fantasy betting, you’re not placing bets like on sportsbooks but instead pay an entry fee to a fantasy league, where you pick your team and compete against other players. Then the team which earns the most points wins, and you get paid according to your placements.

AFL fantasy betting works the same way as any other form of fantasy betting, so if you have a basic understanding of its system, it should appeal to you. But even if you’ve never tried it, fantasy betting is straightforward to understand, and any AFL fan should check it out.

AFL Football Clubs

As of 2024, 18 clubs are competing in the AFL, including Adelaide, Brisbane Lions, Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, Geelong, Gold Coast, Greater Western Sydney, Hawthorn, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, Richmond Tigers, St Kilda, Sydney, West Coast, and Western Bulldogs.

Of the 18 teams, a few standout, namely Essendon and Carlton, the most successful AFL clubs, with 16 titles. Collingwood is close behind at 15, while Hawton, Melbourne, and Richmond all won 13 titles.

Best AFL Betting Apps

Since you can’t bet on AFL in-play without a phone, it’s even more important to register with AFL betting sites offering the best app. Luckily, due to the rules which require you to place in-play bets from your mobile phone, all AFL betting sites will have a way for you to bet from your phone.

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Unfortunately, not all will have an app, but all of the best AFL bookmakers will. So even if you’re not a mobile bettor or someone who wants to bet in-play, you should consider registering with a sportsbook with a mobile app.

There are many advantages to using an app, including the ability to bet in-play, wherever you want, and, most importantly, the access to more AFL betting promotions – some bookmakers will offer exclusive bonuses for mobile app users.

How to Bet on AFL

Anyone can bet on AFL, but not everyone knows how to do it and how to make a profit. So here we’ll touch on some of the most important things you need to know and do to succeed at AFL betting.

  • The most crucial step when betting on AFL is to register with a solid betting site that is safe, legit, and has good odds and enough betting markets.
  • Before placing your first AFL bets, you must learn the basics, including understanding the AFL odds, bet types, and how to read betting markets.
  • You must also learn how to find solid bets. That mainly includes knowing where to find valuable information and stats (outside of that will help you with your predictions. For those just starting, following pro tipsters and tipping services can help you with that.
  • Once confident with your AFL betting knowledge, you should try live betting. It is a more exciting way to bet on AFL, often offering better betting opportunities with greater odds.
  • It would help if you also took advantage of any bonuses and AFL promotions. Most betting sites will have some offers available, and if you’re eligible to collect them, you should, as they offer excellent value for your money.

AFL Live (In-play) Betting

To start AFL live betting, you must first register with the best AFL betting site that offers live wagering markets and competitive in-play odds. Luckily, many online AFL betting sites can provide you with both.

However, before you consider live betting on AFL, you must know it’s only possible if you have a phone, as stated in the Interactive Gambling Act. AFL betting sites can only offer live betting online from phones; however, you can still check odds on a desktop – as you would look for AFL handicap betting opportunities – but you must place bets from your phone.

Despite the restrictions, AFL live betting is very popular, and it’s easy to see why. It’s an alternative, exciting way to bet on AFL, which often offers excellent betting opportunities, mainly because AFL betting sites struggle to set live AFL line bets and odds. They often misprice live games, offering tipsters plenty of choices to place value bets.

AFL Live Streaming Betting Sites

Most AFL betting sites that offer live betting will also have live streaming options, but some won’t. So if you’re after the best AFL betting sites for live betting, you should double-check whether it has live streaming of professional matches.

Alternatively, you can watch AFL on your TV or via streaming platforms, but having that option on the sportsbook is far more convenient, allowing you to place bets more quicker. And since speed is essential with in-play betting, the availability of live streams on the bookmakers where you live wager is highly advantageous.

AFL Tips and Predictions

If you’re new to AFL betting, you should consider following professional AFL tipsters who can offer previews and predictions. Although you should eventually learn how to do your research and bet on what you feel is right, following tipsters is an excellent starting point.

Reading AFL betting previews will help you better understand what AFL betting statistics to look for, how to reach any chart, and where to find valuable information. And once you get a firm grasp of the basics, you can start doing all the research independently.

But even if you’re confident in making solid betting predictions and picks, checking any online betting preview will help you. A second opinion can be highly advantageous when determining the best AFL bets.

AFL Betting Strategies

There is no secret AFL betting strategy that will guarantee you profits, but there are a few things that you can implement to the betting strategy that will help you succeed. And here are our top three tips for anyone who wants to bet on AFL.

  • It’s important to consider where the game is played when betting on Aussie football. Consider the venue – like any sport played on home-away turf. Some teams perform better at home, while others shine on the road, which can heavily affect their performance in the next match.
  • Follow the latest news – following the latest news and developments in the AFL will significantly help you decide on your bets. In addition, researching the news and following the players’ social media can lead to you discovering key information – such as a player injury – which will aid you when deciding on your bets.
  • Take advantage of betting bonuses – most new bettors will overlook this, but taking advantage of AFL promotions is one of the best ways to get ahead when betting on the game. Free bets, reload bonuses, insurance, and odds boosts are all extremely valuable, and using them consistently will lead to greater returns.

AFL Bet of the Day

Now that you know which betting strategies and popular bet types to bet on AFL, all that is left is to find what to bet on. As far as finding the right bet can be tedious, we have made it easier for you with our AFL Bet of the Day feature.


This bonus provides you with our expert’s best AFL predictions of the day.

Online AFL Betting Payment Methods

All good AFL betting sites should have a solid banking department. Although most sportsbooks nowadays check that mark, you should make sure that you double-check what payment and withdrawal methods a bookmaker has.

You must only use bookmakers with the payment/withdrawal methods that suit you and that the transactions are fast and with little or no fees. Of course, security plays a significant role here as well; however, as long as you’re using a licensed bookmaker, you shouldn’t worry about losing money or getting scammed.

Australian bookmakers must use the most popular payment methods: PayPal, Apple Pay, Neteller, Skrill, BPay, and Poli. Some AFL betting sites will also accept crypto, but that payment method is not as accessible as other options, even though it’s gaining popularity.

AFL History and Quick Facts

The Aussie Rules was formed in 1896 as the VFL (Victoria Football League). Four years later, in 1960, the game expanded from Victoria and vent national, eventually leading to the creation of the Australian Football League (AFL). Nowadays, the AFL features teams from every Australian state except for Tasmania.

The AFL also uses a draft system, which allows teams who finished last in the previous season to draft first. The Father-Son rule is an exciting addition to the AFL draft system, which enables the team to draft a player if the father has played +100 games for the club. The teams are also allowed to recruit players from Ireland.

Throughout the history of the AFL, two teams have stood out as the most successful. Essendon and Carlton have won 16 AFL titles, followed by Collingwood (15), Richmond (13), and Hawton and Melbourne, who won just as many.

League Format

AFL season usually starts in March and runs on a 23-round, double-robin format. With it, each AFL team plays 22 games throughout the regular season and receives one bye during the year.

The team that wins the regular season is awarded the Minor Premiers title and the McClelland Trophy.

The top 4 teams from the regular season advance into the qualifying final, where the first team plays the fourth and the runners-up play the third-placed team. The top 8 teams from the regular season then proceed into the playoffs, also known as the Finals Series, a four-week tournament starting with the qualifying round. The winners of those series advance straight into the Preliminary Final.

The teams which finished the season 5th-eighth play in the Elimination Finals, where the winners advance to play the losers of the Qualifying Finals in the semis, while the losers get eliminated. Also known as the Preliminary Final, this round sees 2 winners advance to the Grand Finals, held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where they face off for the AFL championship title.

AFL Overview

Before we conclude our article, we’ll touch on a few exciting facts about AFL betting and the league you might not know about.

  • Essendon and Carlton are the most successful AFL clubs with 16 AFL titles, followed by Collingwood (15), Richmond (13), and Hawton and Melbourne, who won 13 apiece.
  • Some famous and best AFL players include Lance Franklin, Patrick Dangerfield, Dustin Martin, Toby Greene, Nic Naitanui, and Wayne Carey.
  • Toney Lockett is the all-time leading AFL scorer with 1360 goals, followed by Gordon Coventry (1299), Jason Dunstall (1254), Doug Wade (1057), and Lance Franklin (1047).
  • Besides the AFL, some of the most popular Australian rules football competitions are the Victorian Football League, AFL Women’s, South Australian National Football League, and the Ballarat Football League.
  • The AFL is held all over Australia, including Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales.
  • The most popular and legal online bookmakers for AFL betting include Betfair, William Hill, Crown bet, Bet365 sportsbook, Ladbrokes, and Neds.
  • AFL betting is most prevalent in Australia but has a large following in Europe, America, and Asia.
  • A losing team in the AFL is given an imaginary Wooden Spoon award.

Bottom Line

That concludes our AFL betting article, where we taught you everything you need to know about the best AFL betting sites and how to bet on Australian football. So now you’re ready to find the best AFL betting sites and start betting, but remember to never gamble with more than you can afford to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bet on AFL internationally?
    Yes, you can bet on AFL from anywhere worldwide, as long as you have access to a bookmaker that offers AFL betting markets. That’s pretty simple, though, because AFL is a popular league globally, and most international bookmakers cover it.
  • What is the best AFL betting site?
    Many great AFL betting sites exist, but no sportsbook is the best. No bookmaker can regularly guarantee the best odds for any given market, so you must ship around and find the best odds for every match you want to bet on.
  • Which bookie has the best AFL odds?
    Even though no single AFL bookmaker will always have the best AFL betting odds, you can easily find solid sportsbooks that regularly offer competitive prices. The only way to always bet with the best odds is to have accounts with multiple bookmakers and price shops.
  • What is the best AFL betting app?
    There is no single best AFL betting app; there are many great mobile betting apps where you can bet on AFL. Some of the most notable include Bet365, Unibet, Crown Bet, and William Hill.
  • What is Line Betting in AFL?
    Line betting is when a bookmaker handicaps the match by giving teams an imaginary advantage or disadvantage based on their perceived strength to level the playing field. Also known as handicap betting, line betting is prevalent among AFL punters.
  • Do any Australian bookies have live betting on AFL?
    Most Australian bookmakers will have AFL betting markets, and most will offer in-play betting. Not all bookmakers will also have live streaming, but live markets are readily available.
  • How can I live stream AFL in Australia?
    You can find AFL live streams on most betting and online streaming websites. Alternatively, you can even watch AFL matches from your TV if you can access the proper channels.
  • Where can I get AFL betting tips?
    You can find AFL betting tips on various online tipping websites or even by following some content creators. But even though there are many ways to find AFL tips and predictions, it’s usually better to make your own choices when placing bets.
  • Still have questions?
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